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Seki Kagu Co., Ltd. “Fact-finding survey on interior selection and storage” by asking 500 people The crite ria for interior selection are comprehensive power of design, price, and size rather than brand About 2/3 of power coupl es who are dissatisfie

Seki Furniture Co., Ltd.
“Fact-finding survey on interior selection and storage” by asking 500 people. The criteria for interior selection are overall strength of design, price, and sense of size rather than brand. ing
~ Crash gate flexible storage “TONE” that can be arranged according to the occasional life ~

Seki Kagu Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, President: Tadashi Seki, hereinafter “Seki Kagu”), which develops crash gates, has conducted a “Fact-finding Survey on Interior Selection” for 500 men and women aged 25 to 44. We conducted a questionnaire.
[Table 3: ]
[Survey overview]
Survey method: WEB questionnaire
Survey target: Men and women aged 25 to 49 nationwide
Number of valid responses: 500
Survey implementation date: November 21-22, 2022
Survey subject: Seki Furniture Co., Ltd.
*When posting this survey data, please be sure to write “Crashgate Survey”.    Power couples* emphasize design first when choosing furniture, followed by cost and size.
    In addition, it is clear that the selection was made with consideration for ease of maintenance and long-term use.
・The most important point when choosing furniture is design (70.0%), the second is price (66.4%), and the third is size.
・ Contents related to usability such as storage capacity (38.2%) and ease of cleaning (33.2%), and whether it can be used for a long time (29.0%)
is also seen in more than 30%.
・ Only 20.6% of people choose by brand. 80% of people are looking for furniture that they like regardless of brand
go up.
[Image 1

70% of people are conscious of the design of the home appliance they own when choosing furniture.
・Combining 32.8% of “frequently” and 37.8% of “occasionally” gives 70.6%. More than 70% of respondents choose furniture considering the design of their home appliances.
[Image 2

・The most common answer was “compatibility with home appliances” at 81.3%, followed by “size” (whether or not the size fits home appliances) at 68.3%, and “usability” (ease of use when placing home appliances) at 60.3%.
[Image 3

         The most common dissatisfaction with storage in the living room, dining room, and kitchen is
        ”There is not enough storage space”, followed by “There are many things and it feels like life”.
・ As for the reasons for dissatisfaction, 65.7% of the respondents said that “there is not enough storage space” in first place, and the second reason was “too many things, and I feel like I am living.” 53.7% answered that they do. The 3rd place is “there are things that can’t be bought because the storage space is limited” (32.3%). [Image 4

⇒It is clear that many people are worried about how to store and clean up.   The number one item in the interior that I really want to replace but haven’t replaced is the sofa, followed by the dining table.              ················································          The most common hurdle for replacement is “not enough space”. ・Things that are not easily replaced in the living room / dining room 1st place is the sofa, 2nd place is the dining table,
Third place is the TV board.
・When combined with storage furniture (TV board + cupboard + shelf/cabinet), it reaches 50.6%.
・The most common reason for not replacing storage furniture is “not enough space for furniture”, followed by
“I don’t have time to choose furniture.”
[Image 5

[Image 6

expert opinion
[Image 7

Organizing storage advisor and interior stylist Naoko Murakami Organizing storage advisor, interior stylist. After being in charge of displays in the Afternoon Tea Living Division, he became independent. Currently working as a freelancer. Also involved in catalog styling and decorative arts. She is also the mother of two sons aged 20 and 16.
Instagram: @kikiuchireset
[Table 4: ]

Crash gate storage unit “TONE” series that can be flexibly combined according to lifestyle and purpose of use
The tone storage unit has a simple and stylish design, and is a storage unit furniture that goes well with home appliances. We are developing products jointly with Pamouna Co., Ltd., a major tableware manufacturer. We offer two types of coloring, matte gray and matte beige, which are easy to match with rooms with a wide range of tastes, such as natural, vintage, and modern.
With a wide variety of units, it can be used flexibly regardless of where it is used, such as the living room, study, dining room, or kitchen. Since there are multiple widths, you can use the space more comfortably by combining units together. In addition, it is easy to store to show or hide, and it is easy to use and can be used flexibly according to your purpose.
[Image 8d49478-91-962291b35b0594bac657-7.jpg&s3=49478-91-64f4bfcebab3240dd9b71dfb0d6896e2-3900x2602.jpg
Features of each unit in the TONE series
・W400 multi stocker
A hinged door type storage shelf. The door can be left or right. You can freely change the position of the shelf board, so you can store vertically long items such as ironing boards and stand-type vacuum cleaners. There is a cord hole on the back, so you can charge a vacuum cleaner while storing it.
[Image 9d49478-91-6f73a6c5658928b57b7a-11.png&s3=49478-91-853297f2caa27eff6dbd9eba1bbdb8ce-2598x1920.png
・W500 utility rack
A rack characterized by a large space in the lower part. If you match it with the dining board, it is convenient for placing home appliances and dust boxes. Match it with your TV board or desk, and it’s perfect for holding DVDs, documents, electronics, and a robotic vacuum station underneath. If you use it alone, it’s just the right size to fill the gaps in the cramped kitchen of a single person.
[Image 10d49478-91-876ce5455bce55b312bb-15.png&s3=49478-91-88e0b91b79a7c070f6fa394d9838f614-2609x1800.png
・Desk unit
Space-saving desk. If you store the keyboard in the shelf under the top plate when using the computer, you can pull it out and use it. Since there is a wiring hole at the bottom of the desk, stylish wiring is possible even if the desktop hard disk is placed on the floor. [Image 11d49478-91-9b500725bf75e7b80391-19.png&s3=49478-91-6bb22dbc37fb8f041d7a5e99bd35db02-2682x1604.png
・Dining board
A dining board with a compact size that even women can reach the top shelf. There are two sizes, width 900mm and width 1050mm. The shelf board of the hinged door is designed to be shallow, so it is possible to store tall items such as wine glasses and water bottles in the space in front. The drawers can be fully opened, making it easy to take out things from the back. The bottom drawer can hold a 1 liter PET bottle upright. (Width 900mm in photo)
[Image 12d49478-91-02f350defd53f041bb53-20.png&s3=49478-91-d86743c23d19e7478bd191b1b22491e3-3082x1787.png
・TV board
It is a TV board that can store a large capacity and comes in two sizes: 1200mm wide and 1500mm wide. There are many wiring holes, and all open parts can be installed with AV equipment, game consoles, etc. The front panel on the lower left is made of glass, so infrared rays from the remote control can pass through. There is a space under the storage shelf in the same position to store the cord, and the back is open so you can wire it stylishly. (Width 1200mm in the photo) [Image 13d49478-91-6960ee60902b1b18513d-21.png&s3=49478-91-1ea219ba705c0d7ed2a72cdb3de6b979-3045x1467.png

[Image 14d49478-91-15fb0a290a75836b26c4-22.png&s3=49478-91-17298fecfe465457a20873e5c51ccee5-2301x1782.png
Recommended units are the 40cm wide multi-stocker (left) and the 50cm wide utility rack (right). These two units are easy to use on their own in a small room where you live alone, and they are also easy to combine as additional storage for other units.
* The unit on the left side of each photo is the corresponding product.

Unit combination example
[Image 15d49478-91-a519f5abd6f6d93aca09-23.png&s3=49478-91-355e404c76fb50a6936178351c21746b-2825x1830.png

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Company Profile
We are a furniture general trading company located in Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, a furniture production area. In addition to wholesale sales of furniture for general households to furniture stores, interior shops, and mail-order companies nationwide, restaurants such as hotels and restaurants, house builders, building contractors, and offices, we provide furniture interiors and space design, as well as Seki Kagu. It also operates the Okawa main store, CRASHGATE, and Atelier Kiba stores. Based on our corporate philosophy of creating new life scenes and providing happiness and excitement to people, we focus on product planning and development and develop many original brands.
Company name Seki Furniture Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Tadashi Seki
Head office location: 201-1 Hatabo, Okawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture Established November 2, 1982
Business content Planning, wholesale, retail sales, and contract business for furniture, interior, and housing-related products Capital 150 million yen (including capital reserve)

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