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Sekwasha Co., Ltd. Pre-launch reprint!! Onmyoji Kyomei Hashimoto’s “Rei Kuyo 2” is now on sale! This is the second installment of the author’s “Correct Remembrance Method for Spirits” with over 440,000 YouTube channel subscribers!

Sekwasha Co., Ltd.
Pre-release reprint!! Kyomei Hashimoto’s “Rei Kuyo 2” is now on sale! This is the second installment of the author’s “Correct Remembrance Etiquette for Spirits” with over 440,000 YouTube subscribers! “Spirit is a person” Japan’s last onmyoji talks about “guardian spirit” memorial service and how to get along with spirits! Here are examples of spiritual experiences, such as suicide, psychic spots, accident properties, and out-of-body experiences. Also includes a “doll (hitogata)” for the memorial service and a spiritual amulet that the author performed!

In the spring of 2019, Sethwasha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Fumito Sakai) launched the quarterly “Fortune-telling & Life Magazine for Happiness 366 Days” “My Calendar”. In charge of editing the fortune-telling magazine “My Birthday” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha) from the first issue. Since then, we have produced a large number of practical books, general books, magazines, and website content centered on fortune-telling for many years. We will continue to provide useful suggestions and hints for happiness.
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(Left) “Reikuyo 2” / (Right) Amulets from this book
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The previous book “Reikyuyo” published in March 2021 has already been printed 19 times! Therefore, the long-awaited publication of the second volume, “Reikyuyo 2” has already been reprinted before its release.
“I think I have the most psychic appraisals in Japan, no, in the world. That’s why I feel the importance of spiritual memorial service every time I appraise.
The spirit is trying to tell us something.
Spirit memorial service is to fulfill that wish and make both spirits and people smile. ” (from the beginning)
In this book, in addition to the story of memorial services and guardian spirits, the spirit of suicide, the spirit of psychic spots, out-of-body/out-of-body experience, portraits of the deceased, mukasari ema, shrines, omikuji, Inari, hermits, gods, and smartphone voice assistants. We introduce episodes related to “spirits” such as ghost stories based on various appraisal examples.
Also, in addition to the talismans such as “the talisman of this book”, “ceremonies of memorial services using human figures” are introduced, and “human figures for memorial services” are also included.
* This book itself is a spiritual amulet that wards off evil spirits, removes spirits, and strengthens guardian spirits.
◆ The story of memorial services and guardian spirits
My training days / My failure story / The story at the Tokyo office / The story of me being possessed by a spirit / The story of Kubkari Shrine / The story of a disciple being possessed by a spirit / The reason why I took a disciple / Ancestors the importance of nourishment A story of suicide
A story about being bullied and committing suicide / A story about living in an accident property and committing suicide / A memorial service for the souls of those who died by suicide or an accident / A story about losing a close friend to suicide
◆ Haunted spots and stories of spirits
Out-of-body or out-of-body stories
The story of the spirit that possesses things
The story of a spirit possessing a stone / The story of a spirit possessing a book / The story of a Japanese doll spirit
The story of living spirits
◆Recent Ghost Stories
Story of smartphone voice assistant / Story of well water / Story of nightmare / How to exorcise with Kyomei style Shichigosan rope ◆ Ancestor memorial service story
A family history of a drowning accident / A family history of cerebral infarction / A family history of not being able to marry / A case of unmarried Buddha
The story of Mukasari Ema
◆The story of shrines, omikuji, and Inari
Shrines I recommend / Omikuji stories / Inari stories / How to visit graves The story of a hermit/god
The story of a real hermit / The story of hearing God’s voice A story of illness
Stories about sickness in the home / Stories about recovering from illness / Stories about when someone dies
◆The story of the deceased
◆ name story
◆ Talk about moving, money, and things
How to see the property / How to increase your fortune / How to increase your luck with things
◆ What I carry around
About the mystery hidden in the price of this book
◆ One Shinto altar in the family
How to live as an onmyoji, what I usually feel
★The charm of this book
Kyomei-style 90-in / Kyomei-style 9-character self-defense method / Amulet that wards off disasters / Amulet that calms evil spirits in the house / Ceremony of memorial service using dolls
[Recording Spirit Amulet]
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Amulet that protects this book (left) / Amulet that repels disaster (middle) / Amulet that calms evil spirits in the house (right) 【Product Summary】
-Title: Remembrance 2
– Author: Kyomei Hashimoto
Price: 2,445 yen (tax included)
-Appearance: 46 size, high quality / 192 pages
– ISBN code: 978-4-910924-01-4
● Publisher: Sekwasha Co., Ltd.
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Kyomei Hashimoto
Born in Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture. Born into a family of Shinto priests, she possesses mysterious powers such as clairvoyance and precognition from an early age. At the age of 8, he learned various divinations, including the four pillars of destiny. After that, he continued his training at Kinpusen-ji Temple and Mt. Active as a fortune teller while continuing to work as a company employee. In 2008, he opened the Keimei Hashimoto Office in his hometown of Koriyama. The amazing hit rate became a hot topic and was introduced in various media such as TV and magazines. Even after moving his base to Tokyo, he continues to provide individual appraisals and leads many troubled people to solutions. His YouTube channel has over 440,000 subscribers. His books include Koriyama’s Onmyoji Hashimoto Kyomei Tamashii no Kotoba, Spirit Memorial Service (all published by Setsuwasha), Onmyoji Kyomei Hashimoto’s Unobtrusive Way of Life (Yamato Shobo), and 55 Ways to Exorcise Curses. Takarajimasha), “How to seize good luck” (Yamato Shobo), and many others.
◆Hashimoto Kyomei Official Site
◆ Official YouTube channel “Onmyoji / Kyomei Hashimoto Channel” [Sekwasha official website]
☆ ……………………………………………………………… ☆
[Publisher company profile]
Trade name: Sethwasha Co., Ltd.
Representative: Fumito Sakai, President and CEO
Location: 1-1-6 Nishiwaseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8077
Established: October 24, 1977
◆Business description:
Starting with being fully involved in the editing of the monthly girls’ fortune-telling magazine “My Birthday” (Jitsugyo no Nihonsha) from the time it was first published, I have been involved in the editing and production of numerous magazines and books.
Since 1997, we have published publications such as “fortune-telling books”, “self-development books” and “spirit world books” as our own publisher. Furthermore, in the spring of 2019, the quarterly periodic magazine “My Calendar” was launched.
As an editorial production, we are working on practical and general books, mainly in the fields of women’s magazines, children’s reading materials, comics, fortune-telling, spiritual and self-development, and handicrafts. In addition, we are developing fortune-telling content production for websites, seminars and mail-order business. We are trying to create content that can deliver “peace of mind, excitement, and energy” in a wide range of fields.
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