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Selection and Variation Co., Ltd. New Year special lecture for 5 companies How is the personnel system changing in 2023?

Selection and Variation Co., Ltd.
[New Year special lecture limited to 5 companies] How is the personnel system changing in 2023?
Holding a one-hour lecture for each company (real & remote)

What kind of personnel systems are companies adopting that are growing in the face of the need to improve hiring capabilities, prevent job turnover, and deal with inflation?
A one-hour limited lecture will be held by a veteran personnel consultant who teaches at a graduate school of business.
Limited to 10 companies, we also respond to individual questions and answers as lectures for each company.
In the advance implementation at the end of 2022, a popular lecture that immediately filled the 5 company slots will be held only in January 2023.
Selection and Variation Co., Ltd., an organization and personnel consulting firm (hereinafter referred to as our company,
Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Nishi-ku, Nagoya / President: Yoshihiro Hirayasu / URL: .jp/) will hold a special individual company lecture in January 2023 for only 5 companies.
In the content titled “How will the personnel system change in 2023?”, we will explain the trend of personnel reform and answer questions from individual companies.
Please send your application to our representative e-mail address with the following information.
Title: 2023 New Year Special Lecture Application (held for 1 hour) Company name:
Contact name:
Position in charge:
Preferred lecture date and time (up to 5th choice):
Awareness of issues for which lectures are requested:
Lectures are available both real and remote.
Cost: 100,000 yen (+ consumption tax)
In addition, actual transportation expenses will be charged for real holdings in areas other than Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.
This campaign will end without notice when the number of applications reaches 5 companies.
Lecture summary
■ Basics of the evaluation system
Purpose of the personnel system itself
Money to increase motivation/Money to decrease
The irrational human psychology
Is it possible to make a “correct” evaluation?
The evaluation system is a mechanism for achieving business goals ■ Changes surrounding personnel affairs in Japan
 Generally referred to as membership type and job type
 The background to the development of the membership model
“Working styles will change, and so will the system.”
 Supporting equal pay for equal work
Changes in the background
■ Development of personnel affairs based on human limited rationality Failure example 1.: I tried to make a difference in rewards
Failure example 2.: I tried to change the shape
Failure example 3.: I tried to meet the employee’s request
“What kind of conditions do people need to move?”
 Approach from behavioral economics
Practical examples of Shikakeigaku
“In the end, what you’re looking for
■ Reform starting from visualization of human capital
 Recent response to disclosure of human capital information and future direction  Future personnel strategy starting from human capital
Reference 1.) Example of the relationship between corporate strengths and human capital
Reference 2.) Example of the relationship between corporate strengths and human capital

About Selection and Variation Co., Ltd.
A HR consulting firm with a high level of expertise specializing in “organizational and HR areas”. From companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange to small and medium-sized enterprises with dozens of employees, we support transformation that contributes to the realization of strategies and improvement of business performance for companies of various industries and sizes. We promote changes related to people and organizations, such as corporate personnel strategy formulation, personnel system design, personnel system operation, organizational culture improvement, and other management training.
■ Supporting reforms based on a track record of quickly responding to “job-based employment”
In the 1990s, when performance-based personnel systems were
widespread, the company’s representative, Hirayasu, was one of the first to introduce a personnel system that supports job-based employment at a major electronics manufacturer. Since then, he has supported the transformation of more than 200 companies while asking the questions “Can companies really grow?” I’ve been
Now, based on the changes in work styles and lifestyles due to the corona shock, we are supporting management reforms to extend the pinch as an opportunity.
■ Some of the companies that have received support since 2020 Pharmaceutical industry (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
IT Platformer (Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange) Specialized trading company (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
System development business (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Audit firm consulting firm
Communication construction business (listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)
Other unlisted companies (manufacturing industry, service industry, etc.) 【Company Profile】
Mission: Make company and individual growth the norm
Company name: Selection and Variation Co., Ltd.
Head office location: Wynn Aoyama 1403, 2-2-15 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Business description: Organizational and personnel consulting Established: Established as a limited company in March 2006 (became a joint-stock company in June 2011)
Company HP:
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