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Seminar Report Held on 12/15 Point seminar for training managers to overcome the 2024 problem|Funai Research Institute Logistics Co., Ltd.

Logistics Consultant Funai Soken Logi
[Seminar Report] Held on 12/15 Point seminar for training managers to overcome the 2024 problem|Funai Research Institute Logistics Co., Ltd.
Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Shigehiro Suga; hereinafter “Funai Soken Logistics”), which provides logistics and logistics consulting services, will start from 10:00 on Thursday, December 15, 2022. At 10:45, we held an online “Seminar on Training Managers to Overcome the 2024 Problem” for managers of logistics companies.
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Many logistics companies are now busy dealing with the 2024 problem. The impact of work style reform bills on the management of the transportation industry is enormous, and it is difficult for the president alone to solve the problem.
What are your managers lacking? For managers who have such concerns, we have explained in detail the skills and training methods required for management positions in logistics companies, with examples. Course content
In the transportation industry, which is a labor-intensive industry, there is a clear distinction between companies that can respond to the 2024 problem and those that cannot. In addition to introducing case studies of “in-house education and training systems for training managers,” detailed explanations were given on “the roles and skills of managers at logistics companies.”
“What are the skills and training methods required for management positions in logistics companies?”
Lecturer: Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd. Logistics Consulting Department Mr. Nobuaki Mimura, Team Leader, HR/Organizational Development Team What are you lacking in management positions in your company? ・ Roles and skills of logistics company managers required in the era of work style reform
・Common points of the presidents of logistics companies who are not successful in training managers
・Examples of in-house education and training curriculums for training managers ・Creating a system for managers to carry out their decisions For those who missed the seminar
“Logistics on Demand”
This is a video sales platform provided by Funai Soken Logi Co., Ltd., a logistics consulting company. We sell videos that explain the “problem-solving methods” that logistics consultants actually use in their daily support. We sell videos that solve the “worries” of everyone involved in logistics, from reviewing logistics strategies to solving minor problems on site.
We are selling a video of a similar seminar held on the same theme, “Points for training managers for managers of small and medium-sized transportation companies and logistics companies,” so if you are collecting information on training managers, please check it out. Please confirm.
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Management training academy now being held
“Manager Training Academy”
Funai Soken Logistics Co., Ltd. organizes this academy to train managers of logistics companies. Not only can you learn the know-how of managers who grow companies, but we will develop managers who can implement what they have learned.
The next meeting will be held on Friday, January 12th.
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[Theme] Learn basic marketing and sales strategies for logistics companies ・Basic strategies for marketing and sales
・Sales method for acquiring shippers
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us even in the middle of the term ≫
Click here for details≫ Other seminars currently being accepted
“Reducing accident rates and insurance premiums by utilizing accident and near-miss videos! Safety management DX seminar”
From April 2024, the upper limit of overtime work will also apply to drivers, so it is necessary to reduce the hours of work for drivers and implement high-quality safety education. Funai Soken Logistics and X Mile Co., Ltd. will share examples of DX in terms of safety to protect drivers from danger and improve employee retention rates and shipper bargaining power. If you feel that there are issues with safety education and labor management in your daily work, please join us at this opportunity.
Currently accepting seminars≫
About Funai Soken Logistics
One of Japan’s largest comprehensive logistics consulting companies that consistently supports from the formulation of strategies and tactics to their execution in the logistics field. Based on a wealth of experience in supporting both shippers and logistics companies, we provide practical consulting that solves customer issues at the essential level. We provide one-stop “logistics solutions” that customers need, based on four axes: consulting, community, network, and database.
Company Profile
Headquarters: 22nd Floor, Nippon Life Marunouchi Building, 1-6-6 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005 (Tokyo Headquarters)
Representative: Representative Director Shigehiro Suga
Established: May 10, 2000
Capital: 98 million yen
Phone: 0120-659-456

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