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Sensia Cosmetic December 20 New release of “Makeup Fix Mist” from botanical skin care brand cerXcer for dry and sensitive skin

sensia cosmetics
[December 20] New release of “Makeup Fix Mist” from botanical skin care brand cerXcer for dry and sensitive skin

Double blocks makeup smudges and sebum shine from the skin surface and stratum corneum, keeping your freshly applied makeup for a long time! On December 20, 2022, Sensia Cosmetic Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taito-ku, Tokyo) will launch a new makeup fix mist from the botanical skin care brand cerXcer for dry and sensitive skin.
◇ Pre-sale will begin on December 20th at the official EC shop and Shinjuku Mylord SINCERECOSME 1st store.
Overview of cerXcer Makeup Fix Mist
This make-up fix mist contains avocado oil*1 and avocado extract*1, known as the butter of the forest, and botanical extracts that are resistant to harsh environments, combined with sebum-controlling ingredients to prevent makeup from coming off. Quickly fixes makeup with a quick morning spray. Not only does it keep your makeup strong, but it also improves the gloss and transparency. Reduces dryness and adjusts skin moisture and oil content. The scent is woody floral. By using 100% original blended essential oils without using synthetic fragrances, we focused on the relaxation effect of the fragrance and the gentleness on the skin. By sprinkling a mist on your skin after applying makeup, you can achieve “moisturizing from the inside without being sticky”, and it is designed to keep a comfortable skin environment and beautiful makeup for a long time.
*1 Moisturizing
[Image 1

Capacity: 55ml
Price: 1,800 yen (excluding tax)
◆ 7 effects in 1
Keeps makeup / Controls sebum / Improves luster and transparency / Moisturizes / Tightens pores / Supports barrier function / Prevents rough skin
“W Block” to keep makeup from crumbling with the power of plants, keeping beautiful makeup all day long
The outer layer contains plant extracts to create a moisturizing film that adheres to make-up, while the inner layer contains
sebum-controlling ingredients to condition the skin.
An ultra-fine mist full of mist-like beauty ingredients
Adopting the smallest level mist spray pump in Japan, gentle mist on the skin forms a moisturizing film over the entire face.
◆Plant ingredients to prevent sebum from crumbling
Soybean seed extract, inositol, etc. maintain an appropriate amount of sebum and prevent excessive sebum secretion that causes makeup to collapse.
◆Make-up does not stick to the mask*
Prevents make-up from getting damp due to mask stuffiness, and keeps the foundation from crumbling even when wearing a mask, maintaining a beautiful finish.
Prevents dryness and keeps moisture, OK as a substitute for skin care Contains moisturizing ingredients such as natural plant ingredients and PCA-Na. Can also be used as a substitute for lotion when dryness is a concern
7 free formulations and 4 safety tests that are gentle on dry and sensitive skin Remove as much as possible ingredients that can irritate the skin, and conduct a long-term monitor use test
*In-house research: There are individual differences
Feature 1: “W Block” prescription to prevent makeup collapse and sebum shine The secret of “W Block” is “moisturizing film” & “sebum control” ◯ What is a moisturizing film?
Plant extracts such as avocado extract*1, avocado oil*1, and pineapple fruit extract*1 are combined with PCA-Na, a natural moisturizing ingredient that naturally exists in the skin. A delicate veil in which beauty ingredients are integrated to make your makeup stick. ◯ What is sebum control?
In the stratum corneum, soybean seed extract*2, hamamelis leaf extract*2, and rice-derived inositol*2 tighten pores, suppress sebum secretion if the skin is oily, and moderate sebum if the skin is dry. keep the quantity. By maintaining an appropriate amount of sebum for the skin, it suppresses excessive sebum secretion that causes makeup to collapse.
Without silicone ingredients, the “moisturizing film” protects the skin from irritation that can cause makeup to come off while adhering to the skin.
With this “W Block” formula, it is designed to keep makeup that tends to crumble over time, and to fully charge beauty ingredients that make your skin happy from powerful plant extracts.
*1 Moisturizing *2 Skin conditioning
[Image 2

Cercher Makeup Fix Mist W Block Formula
Feature 2: Ultra-fine mist as if wrapped in fog
Adopted a spray pump that can spray the smallest level of mist in Japan. Ultra-fine mist gently wraps the entire face, forming an even layer of moisture to prevent makeup from crumbling.
[Image 3

chercel makeup fix mist
Feature 3: Focusing on the power of plants, carefully selected plant extracts from all over the world
Based on coix seed extract*2, avocado extract*1, avocado oil*1, which are common ingredients of the cerXcer series, soybean seed extract*2, inositol*2, hamamelis leaf extract*2, etc. are added as sebum control ingredients. It is compounded. In addition, it contains a
well-balanced blend of various plant extracts that support the skin environment, such as pineapple fruit extract*1 that moisturizes the skin, hydrolyzed rice bran extract*2 that gives luster and
transparency, and Kudamono passiflora fruit extract*2.
*1 Moisturizing *2 Skin conditioning
[Image 4

chercel makeup fix mist botanical extract

Feature 4: 7 free formulas and 4 safety tests that are gentle on dry and sensitive skin
[7 free prescriptions]
Our skin continues to be stressed on a daily basis due to changes in the natural environment and living environment. We have removed as many ingredients as possible that could irritate the skin.
[Four safety tests]
To ensure that you can use our products with peace of mind, we conduct long-term monitor usage tests before the product is released. [Image 5d102660-14-8f606d007f51fbefbb16-4.png&s3=102660-14-ec96293810c92cfc5f7c5253c27d58cb-2610x614.png
Cercher Makeup Fixing Mist Free Formula and Safety Tested
About the cerXcer brand
Plants that enrich the earth, make the plants beautiful and gorgeous, and grow healthy by enduring the harsh environment of nature. I want to create botanical cosmetics that coexist with plants, fully enjoying the comfort and strength of those plants. With that in mind, I created a brand that combines the Romanian word “cer”, which means “heaven”. Botanical cosmetics that can coexist with nature, are additive-free and have a real feeling, and the more you use them, the more you feel the value. What we want to deliver is the comfort of coexistence with nature. We carefully select raw materials according to our own standards, and strive to create products that make the most of the power of science and natural materials.
[Image 6d102660-14-69a84441009a716ceda1-6.jpg&s3=102660-14-0772e97f583217ec3d88e573b3426ccb-1000x1414.jpg
Cherchel series
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