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[Report] 2022 Global Mobile IP Game Market Insights
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With the evolution of the multimedia age and the increasing
performance of mobile devices, the competition in the mobile game market is becoming more and more intense. It’s a goal. Mobile IP games are undoubtedly a powerful means of raising awareness of games and acquiring potential users. The Global Mobile IP Game Market Insights 2022 report introduces and analyzes the development status and trends of IP games in the mobile game market.
Mobile IP game revenue increases year by year
Mobile IP games have continued to grow in revenue since 2018. 2020 saw the strongest revenue growth, with global growth of 24.5%. In the same year, revenue growth was highest in Europe at 31.1% and mainland China at 32.9%. The United States, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia all recorded revenue growth rates of over 20%. Global total IP gaming revenue growth slowed in 2021, but still surpassed 2020, reaching $20.3 billion.
From January to September 2022, mobile IP games will generate $12.8 billion in revenue, with Apple’s market revenue accounting for 61.7% of that.
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During January-September 2022, 24 mobile IP games were among the top 100 mobile game revenues in the world, with a total user consumption of about $7.5 billion and a revenue share of 24.1%. From this, it can be seen that mobile IP games are still a presence that cannot be neglected in the revenue structure of the mobile game market. [Image 2

The global mobile IP game market remained relatively stable from 2018 to 2020, with annual downloads once approaching 3 billion. The mobile IP game market saw its first major drop in 2021 as the growth bonus from the COVID-19 pandemic faded, with final downloads of 2.4 billion. In Q1-3 2022, global mobile IP game downloads reached 1.6 billion, with iOS accounting for 28.3% and Google Play accounting for 71.7%. [Image 3

Europe tops downloads, Japan tops revenue
Japan has a huge number of local game and anime IPs, and will be the highest market for mobile IP games in 2021 with $7.2 billion in revenue. In addition, since the United States also has abundant original IP resources, users have a high level of willingness to consume related mobile IP games. The American game market is dominated by IPs such as local TV series, American comics, and novels, but in recent years, Japanese IPs such as “Super Mario,” “Pocket Monsters,” and “Dragon Ball” have also successfully entered the United States. In terms of downloads, the total number of mobile IP game downloads in Europe will exceed 500 million in 2021. PC/console gaming IPs are the most accepted in this region. In addition, the number of mobile IP game downloads exceeded 300 million in the United States and Southeast Asia.
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Most of the world’s most profitable mobile IP games are licensed from Japan “PUBG MOBILE” and “Pokémon GO” are the two most profitable mobile IP games in the world for many years. In terms of IP source distribution, mobile games licensed from Japanese manga and game IP account for more than half of the world’s best-sellers, and have a great influence. America’s IP games are centered on Marvel and Star Trek, while the Lineage series ranks high in Korea.
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PUBG still dominates the download rankings. Electronic Arts’ ‘FIFA Soccer’ has made a comeback in the first to third quarters of 2022, taking second place in the download rankings, and Mattel163’s ‘UNO!’ ranked third.
PC/console games are becoming mobile games, and 14 PC/console game IP titles, two more than in 2020, ranked in the top 20 mobile IP game downloads in 2022. “PUBG MOBILE” and “Plants vs. Zombies” are representative examples. In addition, Apex Legends Mobile, released in May 2022, successfully entered the top 10 downloads in the first to third quarters of 2022, further confirming the strong appeal of this type of IP. rice field.
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PC/Console Game Franchise Turns Mobile IP Gaming Trend
Looking at the distribution of mobile IP games by category, we can see that mid-core games are still the main revenue contributor. RPG is the most profitable category among midcore mobile IP games, with a higher revenue contribution than the other midcore game categories combined, at 39%. Among casual games, location-based AR games such as “Pokémon GO” are the most eye-catching, followed by arcade and puzzle categories. In Sports & Racing, mobile games based on franchises such as Electronic Arts, NEXON and TakeTwo gained popularity.
In terms of downloads, casual IP games had a market share of 49%, slightly ahead of midcore games’ share (35%). The arcade category has the most downloads, thanks to Sega’s Sonic-related parkour game. In the simulation category, Minecraft and The Sims were the most popular. The user distribution of mid-core mobile IP games is relatively even, but slightly concentrated in the strategy and shooting categories. [Image 7

PC/console gaming franchises are the leading IP source for mobile IP games, with 33% of the top 100 mobile IP game downloads globally coming from this genre. The popular shooting game “PUBG MOBILE”, which was ported from PC to mobile, has long held the top position in download rankings. In second place is anime series/movies with 21%. In the US market, in addition to PC/console games and anime, board game IPs such as “UNO” and “Monopoly” account for 10%, ranking third. The Japanese market is very different from the American market. Local comics and PC/console games are the main IP genres, accounting for 72% of the total. This is closely related to Japan’s mature manga and game industry.
The Korean market, on the other hand, is influenced by both the US and Japan, with PC/console games, comics, and sports being the main IP sources. Local IPs mainly consist of NEXON and Kakao PC game IPs. [Image 8

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