Shannon Co., Ltd. Shannon has started offering a “CMS set” plan that allows you to use MA in combination with CMS from 10,000 yen per month.

Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon has started offering a “CMS set” plan that allows you to use MA in combination with CMS from 10,000 yen per month.

Shannon Co., Ltd. (President: Kenichiro Nakamura, Securities Code: 3976, hereinafter Shannon) offers a “CMS Set” plan that allows you to use marketing automation (hereinafter MA) in combination with “SHANON vibit CMS” from 10,000 yen per month. We will start. As a result, users using “SHANON vibit CMS” will be able to start customer management and email marketing at a low cost.
■ Features of the “CMS set” plan
The “CMS Set” plan is limited to users who have a contract with SHANON vibit CMS, and is a plan that allows you to use Shannon’s MA from 10,000 yen per month. *There are some restrictions on the functions that can be used.

In addition to form registration, it is possible to centrally manage customer information registered by scanning business cards, uploading in CSV, etc. In addition, advanced segmentation is also possible based on customer history such as email transmission history and
questionnaire content.
-Send emails with unlimited usage-
You can send unlimited emails. From now on, everyone who is engaged in email marketing can focus on improving results without worrying about the limit of the number of emails sent.
-Advanced auto reply email-
In addition to auto-reply e-mails at the time of form registration, you can also send out auto-reply e-mails depending on the form options, and send unlimited step e-mails multiple times.
-Manage activities to customers-
Since it is possible to manage the history of customer activities such as telephone calls, it can also be used for tasks that require complete history registration, such as responding to inquiries. -Survey management-
Questionnaire forms that can be used for satisfaction surveys and survey reports can be freely created from the management screen. In addition, since response information is centrally managed with customer information, there is no need for complicated management using memos and tags.
-Embedding in CMS is also supported-
It is also possible to create a website with CMS and embed the form part of MA. This makes it possible to manage forms while taking advantage of the advantage of “SHANON vibit CMS” that allows you to edit as you see it.
-High quality security-
Shannon’s MA meets the high security requirements of security vendors, financial services, life insurance, and government agencies, and is used by domestic and foreign companies. At Shannon, security is our number one priority, and we continue to invest in security, which has been well received by many of our customers.
-Strengthen your brand with your own domain (optional feature)- Since it also supports your own domain, you can operate MA without damaging your company’s brand.
-You can take over the data and upgrade to a full-fledged MA- It is possible to upgrade to a full-fledged MA without functional restrictions by taking over all data such as customer business card information, web access logs, and e-mail transmission history. ■ About Shannon Co., Ltd.
Shannon provides products, solutions, and services that solve corporate marketing issues, with cloud technology at its core. Shannon’s marketing cloud, which realizes digital-analog marketing that combines digital and analog, and provides events, seminars, marketing automation, CMS, ad technology, and metaverse, can be used regardless of industry from finance, IT / communication, manufacturing to public institutions. It is used in various scenes from large to medium scale.
Company name: Shannon Inc. (English: SHANON Inc.)
Securities code 3976 (Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth)
Representative: Kenichiro Nakamura, President and Representative Director Location: 4th floor, Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, development, sales, and support for cloud-based marketing solutions
       Provision of consulting and services related to marketing URL:
■ Inquiries regarding this news release
Shannon Co., Ltd. Marketing Department
TEL: 03-6743-1565

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