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Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd In 2023, sustainability will be strengthened under the theme of “Future Materials, Future Life” Stylish accessory brand “PITAKA” 7th anniversary page released

Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd
In 2023, sustainability will be strengthened under the theme of “Future Materials, Future Life” Stylish accessory brand “PITAKA” 7th anniversary page released

Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., which develops and manufactures creative smartphone and tablet related products, was founded on November 19, 2015 by CEO James Zheng. We celebrated our 7th anniversary. From December 29, 2022, we started publishing the 7th anniversary page
( on the PITAKA Japanese official website to commemorate the 7th anniversary of our founding. . Then, under the theme of “Future Materials, Future Life”, we introduced PITAKA’s policy and campaign implementation for activities in 2023, and the history of PITAKA’s growth so far. [Image 1

What’s Next in 2023 ~ PITAKA’s outlook for 2023 ~
[Next PRODUCT: Expansion of product lineup]
With cutting-edge material technology, we will expand our product lineup from gadget accessories to travel luggage and bags. In 2023, we will launch a series of innovative modular suitcases.
[Next SPACE: A more sustainable production system]
Based on the material research center established in 2022 and the factory that conducts sustainable production, we will build a system that allows users to participate openly and propose designs and production.
[Next IMAGE: Acquisition of a more pioneering brand image]
We aim to acquire a minimalist, modern, sustainable and friendly image with the aesthetics of technology.
[Next CROSS: More open communication]
We will collaborate and have dialogue with more brands from multiple perspectives. And we will provide users with inspiration for developing novel jointly planned products.
[Next PEOPLE: Cooperation with a more influential user base] We will operate and strengthen the ASI (Accompany Small Innovators) program that supports product development by PITAKA fans. Furthermore, in 2022, we will continue to implement the PITAKA global competition “Weave the Next”, a project to design smartphone cases with unique float designs, to connect with designers and creators around the world and work toward product innovation and sustainable development. We will continue to work together.
7th Anniversary Brand Gift Present Campaign
As a token of our gratitude to all of our users, we have prepared branded gifts with PITAKA’s unique designs.
【Application method】:
During the 7th anniversary campaign period, if you meet the following conditions on the PITAKA official Japanese site
(, you will receive the following original goods. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we will plant one tree in Africa for each purchase made through this campaign. Purchase price 1: 7,777 yen or more – 9,999 yen; prize: eco coaster, Purchase price 2: 10,000 yen or more – 19,999 yen Prize: eye mask or foldable glasses case
Purchase amount 3.: 20,000 yen or more Prize: Design cap
*This campaign is limited to the PITAKA official Japanese site. Amazon and Rakuten flagship stores are not eligible. please note. 【Application period】:
December 29, 2022 to January 3, 2023 23:59
■ PITAKA’s commitment to sustainability
Since 2019, PITAKA has not only used eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging that returns to the soil after use, but has also replaced EVA foam, which pollutes the environment, with paper. By 2021, we have completely phased out Styrofoam. And in 2022, the packaging will use biodegradable materials with 100% biodegradable bagasse recycled fiber pulp, making it non-toxic and harmless to the environment. Also this year, we began manufacturing the MagEZ Case Pro 3, which uses 100% renewable Thermo-Aramid fiber not only for the packaging, but also for the case itself.
[Image 2

In September 2022, we planted 1,000 trees in Africa. The tree planting business has just started. We want to continue to plant more trees in areas where trees are most needed in the world.
[Image 3

PITAKA 7th Anniversary Quiz
In commemoration of the 7th anniversary of PITAKA, we will give a simple quiz about the history of the 7th anniversary on Twitter every day. 7th anniversary commemorative prizes will be randomly given to one person by lottery every day. Also, the person with the highest total correct answer rate will receive a full set of 7th anniversary prizes.
For details, please see PITAKA official Twitter.

■ How to apply:
1. Official Twitter account @pitaka_japan
Follow (
2. Please answer the quiz in retweet (RT) format by quoting the relevant tweet. ■ Application period:
2022 Until January 3, 2023 (Tuesday)
■ Notes:
*Winners will be contacted via DM on PITAKA official Twitter. [Image 4

PITAKA 7th Anniversary Posting Campaign
Please share your story with PITAKA using Twitter, Instagram, etc. with gratitude to those who support PITAKA. We will present PITAKA original goods to one person by lottery from those who shared. ● How to apply:
1. Please follow the official account of PITAKA_Japan below. Official Twitter (
Official Instagram ( 2. You can complete the campaign by simply posting on SNS with “#pita life”. * Except for hashtags, there is no specification of text or images when posting. [Application deadline] Until 23:59 on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 ■ Notes:
* Winners will be contacted via PITAKA official Twitter or Instagram DM. [Image 5

About the PITAKA brand
PITAKA (Japanese reading: pitaka) is a unique brand launched by Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. Focusing on peripheral areas of gadget products such as smartphones, tablets, earphones, and smartwatches, it is a brand that proposes lifestyles with
unprecedented technology and aesthetics using innovative designs and original materials.
In addition, the brand name “PITAKA” is a Buddhist term derived from the ancient Indian language and means a basket for placing things. Usually, people focus only on the things in the basket, not worrying about the basket itself as a container, but rather taking it for granted. We hope that PITAKA brand products will blend into the user’s life like a basket, making life more convenient and better.
PITAKA always considers the coexistence and relationship with animals, the natural environment, and the earth. With the philosophy of environmental protection called “PitaCare”, we are working on PITAKA reduce (reduction of waste), PITAKA reuse (repeated use), and PITAKA recycle (recycling).
Official Japanese site:
Official Twitter (Japanese): Official Instagram (Japanese): Official Facebook (Japanese): Official YouTube (English): Amazon Pitaka Direct:
Rakuten Ichiba PitakaDirect: About Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd
was founded in November 2015 in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, by CEO and independent designer Zheng Yanghui and a team of composite materials experts and industrial designers. Since its establishment, it has designed products that match various lifestyles by combining high-tech materials and innovative designs, and has proposed a convenient, simple, and unique lifestyle for users. The company name, Lingyi, expresses our philosophy of making something from 0 to 1, and innovating to create something out of nothing. Currently, we sell our products in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and have established bases in the United States in addition to China, actively promoting globalization.
≪Company Profile≫
[Company name] : Shenzhen Lingyi Innovation Technology Co.,Ltd (Chinese company name: Shenzhen Zero One Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.) (Japanese reading: Shenzhen Linyi Innovation Technology)
[Head office address] : 12F,Block,Central,Avenue Building,Xixiang BLVD West,Baoan District,Shenzhen, 518100, Guangdong, China
[Representative] : CEO James Zheng
[Established]: November 2015
[Capital]: 10 million yuan (about 190 million yen)
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