Shikaku Patto Co., Ltd. Shikaku Patto releases “Fukuritsu Patto”, a welfare cloud service that can be used for free

Seisaku Pat Co., Ltd.
Released “Fukuritsu Pat”, a welfare cloud service that can be used for free Free for up to 100 people! Approaching the issue of job separation with “benefits that support work styles according to life stage” selected by Generation Z-

Policy Pat Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Wataru Morita) officially released the welfare cloud service “Fukui Pat” that can be used for free on December 12, 2022. For companies with 100 or less employees, we will also start a campaign that can be used completely free of charge, so you can start easily with confidence.
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“Fukui Patto” service site:

“Fukui Patto” [Free campaign for 100 people or less] is now available! “Fukui Patto” will carry out a “free usage fee” campaign for companies with 100 or less employees. Companies that have introduced this campaign will not incur any costs in the future.
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Free for 100 people or less
■ [Free campaign for 100 people or less] is underway!
“Fukui Patto” price details
“Fukui Patto” service overview
By searching and applying for the service that the employee of the introduced company wants to use with “Fukui Patto”, the service can be used at a discount price.
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“Fukui Patto” publication service
Currently, “Fukui Patto” offers excellent services in four categories: “Health/Health Care”, “Childcare Allowance”, “Living” and “Nursing Care Allowance”, all of which are available at discounted prices. All posting services are selected from the perspective of “What is a company environment that is easy to work for a long time?” by Generation Z, who will be responsible for the future.

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“Fukubitsu Pat”, a welfare package that is easy to work for a long time, chosen by Generation Z
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“Fukui Patto” system
“Fukui Patto” is a model for companies that want to acquire new customers to provide it at a “price that discounts the cost of acquiring new customers from the fixed price of the service”. In “Fukui Patto”, there are almost no “lower initial costs” that are found in other welfare services, but the majority of them are “continuous ~~ % OFF monthly costs”. Therefore, from the perspective of keeping down daily expenses, it is a welfare program that is appreciated by employees who use it.
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Welfare programs that reduce employees’ daily expenses make it possible to take an effective approach to human resources issues such as “separation due to childcare and nursing care” and “continuous resignation due to treatment issues”.
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“Fukui Patto” service features
We believe that the biggest issue with welfare services is that they will not be used, or will not be used, so we are focusing on the following three initiatives to improve this issue. increase. [Image 10

Voice Utopia Inc.
(Startup that develops business mainly in the “two-dimensional area” such as voice actors)
The number of company members increased, and when I was considering a welfare program that would make them happy, I came across Fukuri Patto. You can use various services regardless of genre, including those of famous companies. It’s a very attractive service.

Comment from CEO of Seisaku Pat Co., Ltd.
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Shisaku Pat Co., Ltd. Representative Director
Wataru Morita
This time, we were able to welcome this day with the cooperation of more than 50 companies, including the cooperating companies listed in “Fukui Patto” and the companies using the test period. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.
We will continue to update the welfare package “Fukui Patto” that can be used free of charge by Generation Z every day so that it can provide an environment that is “friendly for all generations to work” for companies that are worried about leaving their jobs.
Regarding posting on welfare services
■ About publication
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We are looking for BtoC service providers that can be used as a welfare program at “Fukui Patto”. Due to our structure, we are able to meet new customers with zero risk and zero cost. Although the review process for publication is becoming stricter, please feel free to contact us if you would like to consider it.
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* The newly planned recruiting service will be posted in the cloud service after the version update of “Fukui Patto” scheduled for spring 2023.
Inquiries regarding publication:
Regarding the use of welfare services
■ About use
We are accepting applications for “Fukui Patto”. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Inquiries regarding usage:
Overview of Shisaku Pat Co., Ltd.
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“Measures Pad”:
“Fukui Pad”:

Details about this release:

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