Shinbi Japan Co., Ltd. Korean high brand cosmetics THE RAPUEZ limited event ended successfully!

Shinbi Japan Co., Ltd.
Korean high-end cosmetics THE RAPUEZ exclusive event has ended successfully! A new sunscreen cream will be released at Bell Palette!

[Image 1d77777-19-d55454ba0161378aa12a-1.jpg&s3=77777-19-28870d14fdbe345891666bd16061789b-531x489.jpg
In November of this year, Korean luxury brand “The Lafuse” landed in Japan. Landing Commemorative Bell Palette X THE RAPUEZ event was held and successfully completed.
Limited time campaign from Tuesday, November 29, 2022 to Monday, December 5, 2022
Details : Up to 15% discount
After selling on Bepalette from November 28th until December, you can purchase it outside the Velvet site.
1. Bell palette
2. Shinbi Select Shop (Opening 10% discount)
3. RAKUTEN Simbimol
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The start of transmission care (stratum corneum), The Lapuse is a 4th generation biobrid cosmetic brand born from the fusion of advanced biotechnology and cosmetics.
It is a cosmetic product that makes the active ingredients of cosmetics last as long as possible on the skin by nano-izing peptides, which are transduction derivatives of the skin.
[Image 3d77777-19-33c134496f538e44991d-2.jpg&s3=77777-19-26b760a4ad13a0915a5feb494f212a2b-383x491.jpg
THE RAPUEZ model Bae Doona Korean popular actress
As a global luxury brand muse, we are forming a gloomy image of free. It presents a new beauty standard that meets the trends of the current era. THE RAPUEZ’S PATENTED INGREDIENT R3 PEPTIDETM
・ Relief (Relief) X Repair (Repair) X Recovery (Recovery)
[Image 4d77777-19-6695676bd5071bea2ca4-3.jpg&s3=77777-19-3425cd2190b662dd1d468e8e164b1747-579x573.jpg
Products to watch now
The Lapuse R3 Concentrate Serum 35ml
Moisturizes the skin with mild beauty ingredients made from amino acids. The reaction in Japan has been good, and sales profits continue to grow! A new sunscreen will also be released.
It is expected to start selling at variety shops nationwide. Product inquiries: Shinbi Japan Co., Ltd.
Customer service: 0120-55-4894

Details about this release:

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