Shinchosha Co., Ltd. Popular knit designer Mariko Mikuni’s first collection of essays. Acclaimed by each media one after another, 4 printings decided!

Shinchosha Co., Ltd.
Popular knit designer Mariko Mikuni’s first collection of essays. Acclaimed by each media one after another, 4 printings decided! A book that brings back happy memories. “The more I knitted, the more I became myself”

Shinchosha Co., Ltd. will release the first essay collection by Mariko Mikuni, a popular knit designer, on September 29, 2022 (Thursday). The writing that spells out his life is full of “joy to read” and is wonderful to convince him of his future as a “writer”. The poet Shuntaro Tanikawa, the writer Banana Yoshimoto, and the chef Shiho Nakashima sent us their recommendations. Immediately after its release, word of mouth spread on social media, such as, “I was moved to tears,” “I couldn’t stop reading it once I started reading it, and I read it all at once,” and “It overlapped with my own memories.” , The 4th printing has been decided.
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– About 30 media in 2 months of release, media introductions never stop! – In addition to national newspapers such as Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, and Sankei Shimbun, radio and magazines such as NHK Radio, Nippon Broadcasting System, J-WAVE, Shukan Bunshun, Croissant, and CREAweb ”, “Good book good day”, “Otekomachi”, and “AERAdot.”, Including web media, coverage and introductions continue in about 30 media, which is unusual for the first essay collection.

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-Who is Mariko Mikuni, the author? –
Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1971. In 2000, together with her sister who makes sweets, she started a sales event for sweets and
hand-knitted knitwear. The exhibition, which was named “Nagatsu Sister Shop” after the maiden names of the sisters, was well received, and in 2009, she published her first book, “Knitting Items” (Bunka Publishing Bureau), making her debut as a knit designer. Since then, he has published many books under the motto, “It’s fun to knit and happy to wear,” pushing the genre of “handicraft” to “fashionable and cute.” Currently, he is also a designer for the hand-knitting brand “Kesennuma Knitting” and the knitting kit brand “Miknits”.
-Contents and highlights of this work-
■ What is the secret to enjoying “ordinary everyday life”?
In this book, the beauty of “ordinary everyday life” is spelled out repeatedly. How can we enjoy the “everyday life” that makes us feel bored? Mr. Mikuni said as follows.
I was greatly influenced by the personality of my mother, who said, “Everything is interesting.” It also means, “Anyway, look for the good things in the small world that surrounds you.” If you pursue “feeling happiness by being recognized by someone”, I feel that it will eventually become painful. I think that by actively standing on the side of the “watcher” rather than being the “object to be seen”, you can live happily in the love that comes out of yourself.
■Why is “writing” similar to “knitting”?
In the preface of this book, there is a sentence that says – “writing” is similar to “knitting”. Mr. Mikuni talks about what it means as follows.
For me, both knitting and writing, I feel like I’m “connecting” the various things I feel in my daily life and housework. When I think about “let’s make” or “write” something, various memories and sensations in my body come out, and I feel like I’m trying to match them.
“I think that creation begins when you feel something.” For example, for me, housework such as cooking is also a creative activity, but the change of seasons and the beauty of the moment I feel while doing housework give me inspiration for writing and knitting. There are also many
■ Splendor of sentences full of “joy of reading”
Not only Shinchosha employees who read the galley, but also bookstore clerks all over the country, such as “Just reading it made me feel happy” and “I was reminded of the glittering memories I kept in the back of my heart.” There are many comments praising the “magnificence of writing”. Author Banana Yoshimoto and poet Shuntaro Tanikawa, two of the top runners in the world of writing, also sent us their recommendation comments. (*See below for recommended comments.) ■Voices of recommendation from writing professionals. I received a comment on the book
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★ Shuntaro Tanikawa (Poet)
The warmth of everyday patterns created by the unity of knitting and writing fingers
Banana Yoshimoto (Author)
The delicate yet bold style has exactly the same scent and color as the knit work.
Anyway, the writing is too good!
■Recommended comments from chef Shiho Nakashima have arrived! Shiho Nakashima (Cook)
I forgot that I was a younger sister and was in the world of my older sister’s book.
Warm and cool. The first book written by my sister.
■ The full text of “One of my favorites” is now available
On Shinchosha’s website, Banana Yoshimoto, Shiho Nakashima, and Yukari Nakase, head of Shinchosha’s publishing department, have released the full text of the first recommended story. Please take a look. [Image 4

Banana Yoshimoto’s favorite piece “Slug” [Image 5

Shiho Nakashima’s favorite story “Strawberry” [Image 6

Shinchosha Publishing Manager, Yukari Nakase’s favorite piece “Mikuni-san” ■ The full text of the three stories is available on the Hobonichi special website
The full text of three special episodes, “Uncle Hiroshi,” “Father,” and “Nap,” is now available on the Hobonichi website.
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■ Book content introduction
“Writing” is similar to “knitting”. Until the book-loving girl who felt suffocated for a long time finally found her place in the world of knitwear. A superb collection of essays that revives each reader’s “those days” while following the author’s half-life.
■ Book overview
The more I knit, the more I became myself
[Author name] Mariko Mikuni
[Format] 46 size (232 pages)
[List price] 1,650 yen (tax included)
[Release date] September 29, 2022
[ISBN] 978-4-10-354781-5

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