Shinjuku recommended gourmet! Kiln-baked pasta (lava pasta) meat sauce Volcano! A very popular Italian restaurant in Shinjuku where you can eat immoral gourmets that are popular on SNS!

NKG Dining Works Co., Ltd.
[Shinjuku recommended gourmet! ] Kiln-baked pasta (lava pasta) meat sauce Volcano! A very popular Italian restaurant in Shinjuku where you can eat immoral gourmets that are popular on SNS!
A big eruption of chewy pasta and plenty of cheese? The way it overflows is just like lava! We will sell “Meat Sauce Volcano (lava pasta)” posted by many influencers!

NKG Dining Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Kenji Konan) will be selling Volcano (lava pasta) from November 2022 at “Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit Store”! Special price 1700 yen (tax included) Only for customers with reservations!
Volcano Pasta (Lava Pasta)
[Image 1

Oven-baked pasta (lava pasta) with meat sauce Volcano|Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit
“Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit” is an Italian restaurant in Shinjuku. “Chicago Pizza”, which is familiar with the flood of plenty of cheese, has become a hot topic and has been featured on TV and SNS.
This time, in addition to such Chicago pizza, a new menu will be added to the lineup! “Meat Sauce Volcano (Lava Pasta)”, which made many famous influencers groan, is now available! Please enjoy the immoral gourmet with plenty of cheese!
[Does the flowing cheese and meat sauce look like lava? ] What is SNS shine essential … and Volcano Pasta (lava pasta) that is hot topic? !
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Oven-baked pasta (lava pasta) with meat sauce Volcano|Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit
Beneath the browned cheese is a bolognese (meat sauce) with chunks of coarsely ground meat.
If you lift the pasta inside with special tongs, the rich aroma of cheese will waft and whet your appetite.
The pasta is thick noodles made from 100% durum flour, which our chef has perfected through many trials. We choose the most compatible one that the sauce and cheese are entwined with.
And the in-store handmade bolognese (meat sauce) uses coarse ground beef to preserve the texture. A special sauce that brings out the flavor of the meat by slowly simmering it for more than half a day. Meat sauce with lots of meat in chewy thick noodle pasta.
If you add plenty of “Ark original” special blended cheese, it will be a step ahead of your imagination!

[There is no doubt that it will be exciting at girls’ associations and joint parties! ] Outstanding impact “stretching ~~~~~” Volcano pasta (lava pasta)
[Video 2:] We have paid particular attention to the taste, but please enjoy the impact of the appearance to the fullest.
When taking pictures or videos, it seems to be a good idea to grab as much pasta as possible with the special tongs and slowly pull it up high.
By the way, the meat sauce volcano (lava pasta) that must be shared is more overwhelming than it looks!
The total amount of pasta, sauce and cheese combined is 600g! There are about 2,000 kcal or more!
Normal people can’t eat it all by themselves, but some people eat it all up… It is said that it is used when you really want to eat high-calorie rice, such as on cheat days.
Of course, it is a recommended menu that can be shared at events, parties, girls’ night outs, and joint parties!
There is no doubt that the place will be exciting because it is a topical product!
Make sure to take photos and videos of immoral gourmets that are essential for Instagram!
We look forward to your contributions.
[Over Chicago pizza? 】 Topical gourmet influencers are highly acclaimed! Oven-baked pasta (lava pasta) meat sauce Volcano! Yuto Gourmet (@yuuuuto38)
Ark lounge in Shinjuku (@arklounge_shinjuku) “Volcano Pasta Bolognese” 1700 yen Ark Lounge, which is about a 3-minute walk from Shinjuku Station, is a popular Italian bar with Chicago pizza!
This time I ate a new Volcano pasta ������
Volcano pasta is a hot new sensation pasta that is baked in a kiln after putting noodles and cheese in a pot!
The volcano pasta at this restaurant is packed with special bolognese sauce and thick noodle pasta with chunks of coarsely ground meat underneath the toasted cheese!
After stirring the pasta, I lifted it up and the thick noodles were entwined with plenty of cheese and sauce, and I was able to enjoy a super rich and blissful taste ������������
The famous Chicago pizza and other menu items are also delicious here, so I think it’s a good idea to go to the store with a group of people, order various dishes, and share them!
By the way, there are two Ark stores in Shinjuku, and this volcano pasta is only served at the Ark lounge near the west exit of Shinjuku Station, so be careful not to make a mistake!
Highly recommended! !

Munigurume (unique and exquisite gourmet) (@muni_gurume_japan) A restaurant where you can eat volcano pasta filled with cheese. Bolognese with chunks of meat inside, and the surface is covered with fragrant grilled cheese for an outstanding impact!
The chewy, thick noodles are entwined with cheese, and you’ll definitely have an appetite!
Volcano pasta is 1700 yen
Chicago pizza is delicious and I recommend it too!
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tiktok: Twitter: “Superb Gourmet” (@gourmetroad5
At the shop “Ark Lounge” near Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, “Volcano Pasta Bolognese” is made with thick noodles, meat sauce and cheese, and bolognese with roughly minced meat under cheese.
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[Disregard the cost! Almost deficit…] Still, it’s an excellent gourmet that many people want to eat!
[Image 3

Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit
Due to soaring import and crude oil prices due to the weak yen, the situation in Russia and Ukraine, and the impact of corona, the price of raw materials continues to rise. For this reason, reservations are required for kiln-baked pasta (lava pasta), meat sauce, and volcano. Many companies continue to revise their prices, but we have decided to provide it at a loss in order to have as many customers as possible eat it.
We believe that having customers say “It was delicious!”
In addition, we comply with the new coronavirus guidelines set by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the government, and we are operating with the set check items.
For your safety, we ask customers who visit us to cooperate with temperature measurement and alcohol disinfection. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. [Reservation required] You can eat kiln-baked pasta (lava pasta) with meat sauce Volcano ▶ “Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit”
[Image 4

Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit
For parties and joint parties in Shinjuku, go to “Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit”!
You can enjoy kiln-baked pasta (lava pasta), meat sauce, volcano, and much-talked-about Chicago pizza in a completely private room. Excellent access within a 5-minute walk from Shinjuku Station. In addition, we have private rooms that can accommodate up to 20 people, and are popular for girls-only gatherings and joint parties. The interior of the store is surrounded by luxurious interiors, and there are luxurious sofas, so you can relax in an extraordinary space. Well, good news for everyone who read to the end.
Only groups ordering course meals will receive a “homemade
heart-shaped whole cake” as a gift for birthdays and anniversaries only!
We are looking forward to your visit.
“Ark Lounge Shinjuku West Exit”
Phone: 03-5990-5432
Address: 〒160-0023 1-4-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Akihiro Building 4F Google Maps:
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[Autumn Shinjuku recommended gourmet 2022! ] Buzzing gourmet hot topic in the media and SNS! Two Chicago pizzas, “Pumpkin” and “Sweet Potato” that came again this year!
[High-calorie rice full of immorality! ] Sirloin meat Chicago pizza, which was so popular that it was introduced on TV, has been revived for a limited time!
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