Shinsei Bank, Ltd. Received the 8th Sustainable Finance Award “Excellence Award”

Shinsei Bank, Ltd.
Received the 8th Sustainable Finance Award “Excellence Award”
Shinsei Bank received the Excellence Award at the 8th Sustainable Finance Awards held by the Research Institute for Environmental Finance (RIEF).
The Sustainable Finance Awards select financial institutions and companies that have contributed to the development of environmental and sustainable finance in Japan throughout the year based on both quantitative and qualitative evaluations by experts in both the environmental and financial fields. This year, 13 companies and organizations received awards.
Since February 2020, the Bank has adopted a new concept of
“sustainable impact”*1 to accelerate financial support for solving social and environmental issues of customers. We promote sustainable finance. One of the characteristics of our efforts is that we have built an evaluation system within our own bank, and while accumulating knowledge within the bank, we support our customers’ efforts through evaluations. *2
So far, we have visualized the impact created by projects and companies through sustainable finance evaluations for various projects such as renewable energy, green buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, and facilities for people with disabilities. provided finance. In recognition of these efforts, we were awarded the Excellence Award. The Shinsei Bank Group aims to “provide financial functions to solve environmental and social issues” in order to realize the medium-term management plan “Shinsei Bank Group’s Medium-Term Vision”. Going forward, we will continue to promote investments and loans to companies and businesses that have a positive impact on social issues through ongoing dialogue with our customers.
*1 Sustainable impact is a Bank-specific concept that combines the perspective of sustainability and ESG/SDGs with the concept of social impact, which aims to bring about a positive impact on society as a whole, including the environment, society, and the economy. This is the way of thinking.
*2 Please refer to the following for an overview of our sustainable finance. Details about this release:

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