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Shogakukan Co., Ltd. The Karrimor brand logo is cool! karrimor x BE-PAL “Just ‘bread’ size solo iron frying pan” is a special appendix of the latest issue of BE-PAL!

Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
The Karrimor brand logo stamp is cool! karrimor x BE-PAL “Just ‘bread’ size solo iron frying pan” is a special appendix of the latest issue of BE-PAL!
Great for solo camping as well as small cooking at home!

The January issue of BE-PAL, which will go on sale on December 8th, will have a special appendix featuring “just ‘bread’ size solo iron frying pan” in collaboration with UK’s leading outdoor brand karrimor! [Image 1

An iron frying pan that is perfect for a solo camp that fits general bread perfectly!
[Image 2

Convenient to carry because the handle can be folded. Please come to accompany the camp!
[Image 4

You can use a single stove to make crispy bread.
[Image 5

Bake two ham and eggs for breakfast. Of course, tamagoyaki and scrambled eggs are also OK!
[Image 6

There is also ajillo that is perfect as a snack with alcohol. Challenge yourself with various dishes!
*Appendix article.

ビーパル1月号付録に「karrimor×BE-PAL ジャスト“食パン”サイズ ソロ鉄フライパン」が!!

*Appendices are not included in the electronic version.
In addition, the special feature of this issue is “Selecting a really eco-friendly play gourmet”. With the emergence of new eco-cars such as hybrid cars, EVs, and even PHEVs, which ones are truly eco-friendly? “Will gasoline vehicles disappear in the future?” “Do PHEVs need a power source at home?” And so on, I understand all the simple questions. Like B-Pal, we also introduce eco-friendly regeneration of old cars. What eco car would you choose?
[Image 7

“BE-PAL” January issue
Released on Thursday, December 8, 2022
Special price 1,200 yen (tax included)
[Image 8

*Introduction article in this magazine.


■ Large special feature
Choosing a truly eco-friendly play gourmet
PART1 BE-PAL considers the shape of an “eco-car”
PART2 How to choose the latest eco-car from scratch
PART3 “Eco-friendly car” life that can be done with a used car ■ Small special feature
BE-PAL OUTDOOR AWARD 2022 announced!
Mobility department in outdoor gear department,
From the long-selling category to the campsite category,
I understand the outdoor trend of this year!
So what is this year’s grand prize?
[Image 9
Details about this release:

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