Shokyo Kobo Co., Ltd. Limited to 100 worldwide “LIGHT LENS LAB LTM 35mm f/2 (8 lenses)” compatible with L39 mount released

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[Limited to 100 in the world] “LIGHT LENS LAB LTM 35mm f/2 (8 laps)” compatible with L39 mount released
A lens that LIGHT LENS LAB reprinted the Summicron 35mm F2 early type called “legendary lens”. The new product corresponds to the L39 screw mount that can be attached to Barnack Leica.

Focus Studio Co., Ltd. will start selling a limited number of interchangeable lenses “LTM 35mm f/2” from LIGHT LENS LAB on Tuesday, December 27, 2022.
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: Open price
Shoko Kobo Online Store Price (tax included): Silver ¥169,200 / Black Paint ¥179,100
[Image 1d71960-220-e77d43984d6b31ebf611-4.jpg&s3=71960-220-07c1e3cb1abfaed5795a2b9713d491d2-1200x800.jpg
The LIGHT LENS LAB LTM 35mm f/2 is a semi-wide-angle lens that uses a double gauss type lens construction and a brass barrel. By removing the L-M conversion ring attached to the lens, it can also be attached to an L39 mount camera. The colors are silver and black.
It was commercialized as part of a reprint project that Chinese investor Mr. Zhou has been working on for over three years, and it is very close to the earliest Leica 35mm F2, commonly known as the “eight balls.” have performance. The lens is made of raw materials similar to the original glass material, and the coating, lens barrel design, and method of fixing the focus ring at infinity are also reproduced. In addition, ruby ​​is used for the lens attachment index, and the lens barrel is made of brass with an emphasis on durability. Due to the overall finish and high reproducibility of the product, it is nicknamed “Shu Hachimai” among Leica users and is attracting interest. [Image 2d71960-220-8af1ae909bc4e561284d-5.jpg&s3=71960-220-d3881be29f7075e451276eb3efd1ddf5-1200x1200.jpg
[Image 3d71960-220-23631184e0f0a194589a-6.jpg&s3=71960-220-dcc80c006bc4d2f7632e386ad3c2a8de-1200x1200.jpg
[Image 4d71960-220-22ffa47d0651ee7ab2f5-7.jpg&s3=71960-220-11047a27ad92966174f93736f551842b-800x582.jpg
[Image 5d71960-220-1a2081fc9624029d56be-8.jpg&s3=71960-220-c233deaaf18765c1fbda707c5a81b804-800x582.jpg
[Image 6d71960-220-ddc0e96971e9a9b1d0bb-9.jpg&s3=71960-220-84d1385cee0bb10b5b8fd9770b515466-800x582.jpg
[Image 7d71960-220-2c3de4b76417c54d285b-10.jpg&s3=71960-220-09cac86c36466f2a94fc551a533a324f-800x582.jpg
*The image is a wearing image
lens configuration
[Image 8d71960-220-7d5ebcd67bc0e9b63d84-3.jpg&s3=71960-220-4e845e0eba3574dab8d5933fb34de845-714x302.jpg
8 elements in 6 groups (Double Gauss type)

Compatible mount: L39/M mount
Focal length: 35mm
Focus: MF (manual focus) * Rangefinder interlocking type
Lens construction: 8 elements in 6 groups (double gauss type) Compatible imaging screen size: 35mm full size
Shortest shooting distance: 0.7m
Aperture: F2-F16
Aperture blades: 10
Filter diameter: 39mm (E39 standard)
Size: Φ51mm x 28.5mm (excluding mount) *
Mass: Approx. 225g*
*When the L-M conversion ring (approx. 20g) is installed
[Image 9d71960-220-073c9f3a03f5e1d28927-0.jpg&s3=71960-220-aea601f5cd0e54b04b892c9e5b640ed6-800x533.jpg
[Image 10d71960-220-83a7d9bbbe6f33921d86-1.jpg&s3=71960-220-a9d842344fe30c6bcffff04ac0477c30-800x500.jpg
[Image 11d71960-220-15a683d6842a3e1f5af5-2.jpg&s3=71960-220-8519d757a4c9a691cdd1a2d2ce23faea-800x533.jpg
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