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Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. Hero Bunko Winter vacation is a different world at home! Don’t miss the latest issue of the super popular series! !

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
[Hero Bunko] Winter vacation is a different world at home! Don’t miss the latest issue of the super popular series! !

Shufunotomosha will deliver two hero library electronic versions on December 28th. To commemorate the release of the latest book, a discount campaign for both series is being held for a limited time at each electronic bookstore.
Please take advantage of this chance to read popular works at a great price!
Click here for December’s Hero Bunko delivery work!
[Image 1d2372-2092-2f149ea352980f86dd92-1.jpg&s3=2372-2092-bb8c6ccfa9245f80bfdce05e7262bebe-1447x2094.jpg
“Undetectable Strongest Job (Rule Breaker) 11”
Written by: Yasuaki Mikami Illustration: Yasuka Yashiro
An “Otherworlder” has appeared in town! ? “It’s nice to be back in Japan, but… Unexpected incidents keep happening!” The long-awaited 11th volume of the popular fantasy!
Hikaru and Lavia, who had returned to Japan, were suddenly captured by a camera flash.
It is an encounter with Ayano Sasakura, a newspaper reporter who happened to live in the same apartment as “Four Stars of the East”. Hikaru tried to take the photo taken by her, but
I feel sorry for her who is too clumsy as a reporter,
In exchange for erasing the photo, I will use “secret” to give her a scoop story.
It was a large-scale corruption case involving an incumbent minister and a politician’s secretary.
[Image 2d2372-2092-302739b876930b647a86-0.jpg&s3=2372-2092-12972a3d7d30feb075d556824c71e614-1447x2094.jpg
“World Order 6”
Author: Tokihisa Kawawa Illustration: Yumeto Ueda
What is the identity of the battle-mad girl? The growing collection of beautiful girls! The final decisive battle with the mastermind!? The 6th installment of the extremely popular series that has become a remarkable (?) harem!
In order to help an unknown Istrian princess through Chloe’s fortune-telling, Kid heads to Ricardo’s hometown of Istria.
What awaited there was the one-sided annihilation of the Black Knight of Sturtus.
It was a special unit called the Madou Senki, led by Meryl, a combat magician who looks like a girl.
After finishing the dialogue (physics) with Meryl, Ricardo’s sister appeared next time! ?

Hero Bunko latest release commemorative campaign
● Campaign period
2022/12/28 (Wed) – 2023/1/10 (Tue)
●Campaign details
“Undetectable Strongest Job (Rule Breaker)” “World Order”
1 roll 50% & 2-3 rolls 30% OFF
●Campaign target bookstores
Conducted at some electronic bookstores such as Rakuten kobo and BOOK☆WALKER

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