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Shufunotomo Co., Ltd. One after another You can master the sign language of the topic in the drama! Introductory sign language with video and sign language book for children are very popular

Shufunotomo Co., Ltd.
[Reprinted one after another] You can master the sign language of the topic in the drama! Introductory sign language with video and sign language book for children are very popular
Greetings, self-introductions, daily conversations, finger letters… you can learn from scratch and immediately practice in a fun way
Shufunotomosha Co., Ltd.
“Introduction to sign language from zero with DVD”
“Children’s first sign language” (both supervised by Chiharu Tani) have been reprinted.
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′′ Introduction to sign language ′′ It’s fun to be able to say hello. [Image 4

“Introduction to sign language” is easy to understand in an interactive format. [Image 5

“Children’s Sign Language” Fun characters also appear.
[Image 6

“Children’s sign language” Real daily conversation is also useful. Both “Introduction to Sign Language” and “Children’s Sign Language” are perfect for learning from the basics, such as greetings, self-introductions, simple daily conversations, finger letters, and frequently used words.
You can also find out what people with hearing impairments tend to have trouble with, and points to remember when communicating in sign language.
“Mirror shooting” makes it easy to imitate movements!
Both books use “mirror photography”. In order to make it easier to imitate the mirror match, the photo is reversed left and right. All you have to do is move the hand on the same side facing the photo, so you can practice smoothly.
The video has two screens, making it easy for both right-handed and left-handed people to learn.
↓ “Introduction to sign language” video. Comes with an easy-to-use DVD that can be selected with or without subtitles.
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↓ If you read the QR code in this book, you can watch the video (YouTube) from your smartphone.
[Video 2:]

Please start a new sign language experience in 2023 with this book! Supervisor information
Chiharu Tani
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Born in Tokyo in 1960. Sign language interpreter. After working as an NHK sign language newscaster and a TV sign language lecturer, he is currently the vice president of the NPO Sign Language Proficiency Test Association. He has an established reputation for his
easy-to-understand explanations, and is popular as a lecturer in sign language at universities, cultural centers, and companies. Fluent in English sign language, she has worked as a sign language interpreter at numerous international conferences. He has written and supervised books such as “Introduction to Sign Language from Zero with DVD”, “First Sign Language with Video to Convey Your Feelings”, “First Children’s Sign Language” (both by Shufunotomosha), and “Compact Sign Language Dictionary” (Ikeda Shoten).
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Title: Introductory sign language that can be understood from scratch with DVD Supervisor: Chiharu Tani
List price: 1650 yen (10% tax included)
Specifications: B5 size 144 pages
Release date: December 1, 2011

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