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Shufunotomo Infos Co., Ltd. Interview with Maria Naganawa, who plays Zashikiwarashi! “Mononoke Box!”, an ASMR work from the Voice Actor Grand Prix! ] The first “Zashiki Warashi” will be released on Saturday, December 24!

Shufunotomo Infos Co., Ltd.
Interview with Maria Naganawa, who plays Zashikiwarashi! “Mononoke Box!”, an ASMR work from the Voice Actor Grand Prix! ] The first “Zashiki Warashi” will be released on Saturday, December 24! 20% off until January 7, 2023! A gift campaign is also underway!
The ASMR series “Mononoke Box!” ], the first “Mischievous
Zashikiwarashi and Happy Cohabitation Life” will be released on Saturday, December 24! To commemorate the release of the work, you can purchase it for 20% off at 1,408 yen (tax included) from the regular price of 1,760 yen (tax included) from December 24th (Sat) to January 7th, 2023 (Sat). , We are holding a super advantageous discount campaign!
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In commemoration of the release of this work, we will deliver an official interview with Maria Naganawa.
Momiji: Interview with Maria Naganawa
――Please tell us your impression of the character “Momiji” played by Mr. Naganawa.
I thought the illustrations were beautiful with their light
expression, and the characters were cute anyway. When I first saw the illustration, I thought, “I wonder if she’s a very quiet and gentle child,” but in fact, she’s selfish and a good role as a “string” (laughs). I was like, “I want all these girls as pimps!” I thought she was so cute that I thought I could be a string if it was her. ――Are there any parts that you think are similar to Momiji?
I have long hair! (Laughs) The black and long part and the part where I like rice crackers. I also love senbei and other sweets, so I can relate to the fact that I would do anything to eat senbei. I also buy snacks as a reward for myself, so I think that kind of thing is similar.
――If Mr. Naganawa was Zashikiwarashi, what kind of house would you like to live in?
Eh! “What kind of house would you like…!” I don’t know if there is a Zashikiwarashi in the current house, but the image of the
Zashikiwarashi is that it is an old Japanese house, so I guess it is an old Japanese house with a large courtyard. If I say, “I want to eat rice crackers!”
――How was the recording?
I don’t have much experience recording with a dummy head mic, so it was a challenge while learning how to use the dummy head mic and how to move around using the headphone cord. Even though it’s a bit stuttering, I personally call it taste… After all, the highlight was eating the rice cracker with the ear of the dummy head microphone. I asked the staff, “Which senbei would you like?” It was a lot of fun examining the senbei together with the staff, thinking, “Is this kind of senbei sound-wise?”
――If a sequel were to be produced, what kind of situation would you like to challenge?
I’ve been able to challenge many situations in this work, so I’m very satisfied with it, but if I get beaten again, I might want to go into the pool together! “The sound of water is soothing.” For
Zashikiwarashi-chan, the river is better than the pool! (Laughs)  In the midst of the murmuring of the river, we’ll throw water together… Can you do a guy with water in his ears? “If we can express that with our current technology, I think it will really feel like playing in the water with Momiji-chan.” I want to play in the river!
――Please give a message to those who will enjoy the work from now on. I had a lot of fun recording, and I was able to eat some delicious rice crackers (laughs). Thanks to the staff saying, “It’s okay to leave it as is,” I think it’s closer to me than a character I’ve created. It was really fun to record it, so I’d be happy if you could think, “Ah, Naganawa-san, you’re having a great time” when you listen to it, and I’d be very happy if you could eat rice crackers with me. Above all, it’s ASMR, so I want you to fall asleep together! Work information
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“Mononoke Box! ~The mischievous Zashikiwarashi and a happy cohabitation~ (CV: Maria Naganawa)
【release date】
Saturday, December 24th
1,760 yen (tax included) → 1,408 yen (tax included)
20% off until Saturday, January 7, 2023!
[Work page] [Synopsis]
Autumn is the season. A very cute Zashikiwarashi with a whisper voice has settled in your house. Her name is Momiji, and she is overjoyed to play tricks on you whenever possible. However, what is a little different from other Zashikiwarashi is that it has a strong string temperament. Just when you think the mischief is over, he clings to you and quietly sits next to you… They eat rice crackers together, play in the garden, have their ears cleaned, and sometimes even crawl into bed and whisper in your ear while giving you a gentle massage… My body and soul melt in my happy cohabitation life with
[Track list]
Track 1 Prologue Hello from the closet
Track 2 Rice crackers and shoulder tapping
Track 3 Fallen Leaves and Bonfire
Track 4 Nail care and ear cleaning
Track 5 Mischief and Good Night
Name: Momiji
Mononoke Seeds: Zashiki Warashi
Age: about 12 years old (appearance)
Likes: Rice crackers, lounging around
Dislikes: working
She often tries to prank you and annoys you, but at heart she’s a gentle girl. A little selfish and lonely, and just a string
temperament. I will do anything for my favorite senbei.
Maria Naganawa
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【An illustration】
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Takiguchi style
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Light Novel “Pioneer Rice at the End of Another World!”
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Monooke Box! What is
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An ASMR voice project featuring popular voice actors, handled by the voice production team of the No. 1 voice actor magazine “Voice Actor Grand Prix”, which celebrated its 28th anniversary. “Mononoke” full of sexiness and cuteness will deliver to your ears unique sounds that differ for each character, such as massages, ear picks, and whispering voices.
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Microphone uses “KU-100”! Enjoy 48khz/24 bit high resolution audio. *It is recommended to watch with headphones or earphones.
Signed colored paper by Maria Naganawa (with reproduction illustration by Mr. Moshi) present campaign!
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2 lucky winners will be selected by lottery from among those who have purchased the work on DLSite and written a review, and will receive a colored paper autographed by Maria Naganawa! In addition, a follow & retweet campaign will be held on Twitter for the Voice Actor Grand Prix! For those who follow the Twitter account of the voice actor grand prix and RT the tweet, 2 people will be given a colored paper signed by Maria Naganawa by lottery! This is a super rare signature colored paper with a duplicate illustration of Mr. Momiji who worked on the maple illustration.
Target tweets are here:

The second cast and illustrations will be released in the February issue of Seiyu Grand Prix!
In the February issue of Voice Actor Grand Prix released on January 10, 2023, “Mononoke Box! ] The second cast and illustrations have been lifted!
Purchase information for the February issue of the Seiyuu Grand Prix can be found here: Details about this release:

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