Signal Talk Co., Ltd. Providing the world’s first NMN that has passed safety tests together with AI

Signal Talk Co., Ltd.
The world’s first NMN that has cleared safety tests is provided together with AI
Signal Talk Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Takafumi Kaya, Location: Ota-ku, Tokyo) is a regular delivery of NMN supplements that have passed safety tests at the same inspection agency as
pharmaceuticals, and youth measurement and AI statistical information. Starting today, we will be offering a new service called “Life Leap,” where you can receive advice on aging care*.
*Promote life improvement with information and advice calculated by original AI from statistical information.
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In recent years, NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) has attracted worldwide attention for its potential to slow down aging and extend lifespan. More than 1,500 related papers have been published, and in addition to mouse experiments, test results on humans have also been published. However, while research in the life sciences is
progressing, most of the NMNs already on the market in Japan contain false active ingredients, disguise the origin of raw materials, and safety tests have not been conducted.
When we entered the supplement industry, we initially considered using existing products. It was a project to sell after conducting a test. ■ Life Leap is an NMN that has passed safety tests at the same inspection agency as pharmaceuticals.
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○Other safety measures
・Uses yeast fermentation method: Manufactured using a yeast
fermentation method that has a low risk of containing dangerous chemicals.
*The chemical synthesis method, which is often used by other companies, is inexpensive, but there is a high risk of dangerous chemicals getting into it.
・ Accurately describe the place of origin and manufacturer: Expensive domestic products and cheap Chinese products are sold side by side with the place of origin and place of manufacture specified. * At other companies, even Chinese raw materials are sold as domestically produced raw materials just by granulating the powder. ・GMP/cGMP certification: All products are manufactured in factories that have been certified with GMP based on domestic manufacturing standards or cGMP based on US manufacturing standards.
*Manufacturing standards of factories that are often acquired by other companies. There are many products from factories that have not acquired certification.
■ Life Leap’s AI
In this project, we conducted a survey of 996 people to determine facial age, diet and lifestyle habits, and worries about aging, and created AI through statistical learning. Counseling by AI quantifies aging risk, measures facial age, and gives advice on lifestyle improvement that suits the person.
* Life Leap NMN purchasers can use the app.
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Life Leap not only manufactures and sells NMN supplements, but also comprehensively provides aging care with AI-based facial age determination and statistically-based AI counseling and advice. In the future, if we can delay or prevent aging, we will not only be able to fundamentally prevent diseases such as cancer and dementia that are caused by aging, We will develop our business with the belief that we can build a society where we can be active and solve the problems of the aging society from the root.
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■ Product list
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*Safety tested for all products, including those made from Chinese raw materials ■ External experts who cooperated with the project
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● Supervising doctor Dr. Atsushi Karibe
President, Preventive Medicine Research Association
Honorary Director of Kojimachi Skin and Plastic Surgery Clinic, Director of BIOTOPE CLINIC Shirokane

■ Official page URL
● Life Leap
●Recommended Environment for Purchasing Supplements
・Windows, Android-Chrome
・ Mac OS, iOS – Safari
*Please use the latest version of each browser.
●App: iOS Safari, Android 9.0 or later
*iPad is not eligible
■ About Signal Talk Co., Ltd.
If you enter the food you usually eat and lifestyle habits, etc., AI will show you the risk of developing the new coronavirus, and “FoodScore”, an application that AI will judge the health level just by reading the barcode of the food. We are developing the world’s first healthcare service, such as “my healthy,” which scores the health risks of eating habits and lifestyle habits. * Multiple patents have been applied for and acquired for the beneficial use of health information, including Life Leap.
[Overview] Company name: Signal Talk Co., Ltd. Web: Location: Kamata K-1 Building 8F, 5-8-7 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Takafumi Kaya
Business: Development and operation of healthcare business,
development, operation and sale of online games
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