Singer/actress Yoko Minamino Supporting the generation suffering from gray hair! Balan Rose KURO Cream Shampoo Shows “Natural Beauty” WEB Exclusive Video Released

[Singer/actress Yoko Minamino] Supporting the generation suffering from gray hair! Balan Rose KURO Cream Shampoo Shows “Natural Beauty” WEB Exclusive Video Released

B.VALANCE Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Director Yuka Yasui) is the image model for the aging care shampoo “KURO Cream Shampoo” released by the hair care brand “VALANROSE”, singer and actress Yoko Minamino. has been appointed.
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“It’s not just gray hair that’s a problem. That’s why we chose KURO Cream Shampoo. 』
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Thirty-seven years after its debut, Yoko Minamino, who is still active on the front lines, will be the product ambassador. did.
■ Reason for appointing Yoko Minamino
VALANROSE was born in 2012 as a brand that sticks to roses, which are symbols of “love” and “beauty”, and supports all women who want to be beautiful forever. Among them, KURO Cream Shampoo is a popular product that has sold 670,000 units in just two years since its release, specializing in the hair troubles of the generation suffering from gray hair.
Yoko Minamino’s challenging spirit and power to take on various roles, her voluminous and beautiful hair that doesn’t make you feel your age, they are admired and cheered up by generations who are showing signs of aging one after another. In addition, we thought that his trustworthy personality, who has been active on the front lines for a long time since his debut, would lead to the establishment of the brand’s credibility.
■ Embodying the brand image of a “woman with a core”
For this shoot, I proposed black and white costumes, images of strength and softness, and contrasting patterns. “The 40-over generation, which is the main target group, knows more than ever before, overcomes it, and becomes stronger. Mr. Minamino is always bright and has a charming smile, but on the other hand, he has dignified strength and no hesitation. You have eyes.In order to appeal to the target audience and give them courage, I wanted to bring out Minamino’s coolness the most.” (VALANROSE representative)  The shooting was a great success, just as the person in charge intended. Minamino-san, who had always been smiling since the start, changed his expression to reveal a serious look in his eyes. Ms. Minamino perfectly embodied the brand image of “a beautiful, strong, and strong woman like a rose”.
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■ Highlights of WEB videos
In the interview, Mr. Minamino touches on the troubles of hair that he feels after getting older. Even Mr. Minamino, who is in the special world of entertainment, has problems that are appropriate for his age. In addition, it is said that it is not easy to maintain beauty because she often overuses her hair, such as frequently dyeing her hair. What is the appeal of KURO Cream Shampoo? Also, at the end, there is a message of support for the generation that suffers from gray hair. “You don’t have to look young, but it’s important to keep your appearance in order to feel youthful.” Minamino-san, who has kept her charm while accepting herself as she is, said, “This is it. If so, I might be able to do it too.” Also pay attention to healthy and beautiful hair colored with Balun Rose KURO Cream Shampoo.
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Yoko Minamino
Born in Hyogo Prefecture on June 23, 1967. After making her debut on her 18th birthday in 1985, she instantly became a top idol. While active as a singer and actress, she is also expanding her range of activities in new genres, such as launching her own clothing brand (Actress Princess).
[Product information]
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VALANROSE KURO cream shampoo
Shampooing for 5 minutes every day will semi-permanently dye your gray hair (*1).
For those who are particular about “beauty” rather than just dyeing. With 4 types of natural dyes and nanomolecular dyes, you can achieve glossy black hair without damaging your hair.
With this one product, you can easily use “washing, repairing, moisturizing, and coloring” to keep your hair shiny and shiny. Get a positive cycle without worrying about aging hair.
Color: Natural Black, Dark Brown
Contents: 400g (1 piece for about 1 month)
Regular price: 5,808 yen
▼VALANROSE official website
*1 Gray hair dyeing refers to permanent hair dyes and hair colors containing oxidative hair dyes.
【About us】
Company name: B.VALANCE Co., Ltd.
Location: 2-1-1 Edobori, Nishi-ku, Osaka
Representative: Yuka Yasui
Established: May 2012
Business: Planning and retailing of beauty and health products [Inquiries from customers]
TEL: 06-6225-1109 (10:00-17:00 on weekdays)
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