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Sintou Tsushin Co., Ltd. CDS. and ifLink open community held the first circular economy x IoT class at Hakuba International School

Shinto Communication Co., Ltd.
CDS. and ifLink open community held the first circular economy x IoT class at Hakuba International School
CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. and ifLink open community start efforts to implement circular economy and IoT in educational settings

CIRCULAR DESIGN STUDIO. (Shinto Tsushin Co., Ltd., Chairman and President: Kikuro Tani, hereinafter referred to as CDS.), which supports the implementation of the circular economy by local governments and companies, has held the circular economy conference GREEN WORK HAKUBA in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture. Hakuba International School, a school that provides sustainability education in collaboration with the general incorporated association ifLink Open Community (Representative Director: Shunsuke Okada), which
participated in HIS) held a class on November 21, 2022 on the theme of implementing a circular economy using IoT.
The class consisted of three parts with the aim of having students become aware of the circular economy and IoT that are considered necessary in the future. The first part “What is a circular economy?” Through hands-on experiences with IoT devices and workshops with teachers, the students were able to develop the skills necessary for the future to “discover problems and think of sustainable solutions.” Part 1 “What is the Circular Economy?”
Sachiko Sukekawa of CDS. uses a Q&A method, such as “How many earths would be needed if the world’s population lived the same life as Japan?” I explained how it works with examples.
[Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

“What is a Circular Economy?” by CDS.
Part 2 “What is IoT?”
Masanori Umehara of the ifLink open community explained that IoT is a means of enriching our lives and relieving inconveniences around us through actual cases such as a character requesting to wear a mask and notifying the result of temperature measurement by monitoring CO2 concentration. explained.
[Image 4

[Image 5

“What is IoT” by ifLink open community
Part 3 “Workshop to transform HIS into a circular economy with IoT” Using the ifLink open community’s original tool “ifLink Oogiri”, the workshop was held in three steps: thinking about HIS issues from the perspective of the circular economy, coming up with solution ideas, and breaking down the solution ideas into IF/THEN. I was.
[Image 6

Quoted from ifLink open community materials
The students were divided into four groups, and in a short amount of time, they raised many problems such as leftover food, insect invasion, and forgetting to turn off the lights, and selected the problems they wanted to solve. HIS professors, ifLink open community advisors, CDS.
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[Image 8

Workshop “Transforming HIS into a Circular Economy with IoT” In the end, various ideas were born, such as “approach to convey students’ psychology digitally”, “IoT approach to prevent food loss”, and “security and safety measures through external collaboration using IoT”. There was even a scene where the students cheered when the ifLink open community members used IoT devices to create a “snack box that sounds an alert when they pick up sweets” on the spot.
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[Image 10
[Image 11

Hakuba International School, which opened in September 2022, is an international boarding school that promotes sustainability education with a focus on project-based learning, social and emotional learning, and outdoor activities. (Junior high school is a miscellaneous school, and high school plans to apply for International Baccalaureate authorization and international school accreditation from CIS, an international school accreditation organization.) Outdoor activities, system thinking, and an approach to the heart, taking advantage of the natural rich location of Hakuba. We are aiming for a new school that incorporates “sex and emotion learning”.
[Image 12 A circular economy-themed project aimed at regional revitalization in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture. Hakuba Village has undergone a big change in recent years. One of them is the lack of snow due to climate change. In response to this critical situation, local high school students planned the “Global Climate March” on September 20, 2019. In response, Hakuba Village declared a climate emergency in December 2019. Through such circumstances, the GREEN WORK HAKUBA project started to combat climate change. More than 300 people have
participated so far, and more than 50 leading people and practitioners have taken the stage.
Received the 2021 Good Design Award.
■ ifLink
By modularizing various IoT devices and web services, it is an IoT platform that allows users to freely combine and easily realize convenient mechanisms. No programming is required to operate the instrument. Anyone can easily set IF and THEN rules (recipes) with the app. It is possible to link with various devices and services across manufacturers and industries.
■ general incorporated association ifLink open community It is an open community that aims to create a world where anyone can easily use IoT, while people belonging to various companies and organizations openly interact across their boundaries.
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