Sleeping Smart Japan Co., Ltd. Providing books to all Poppins Educare Nursery Schools

Sleeping Smart Japan Co., Ltd.
[Provision of books to all Poppins Educare nursery schools]
Infant sleep consultant Fumi Aiha has provided books to all 330 schoolchildren and childcare facilities operated by Poppins Educare Co., Ltd.

Poppins Educare Co., Ltd. has published two books written by Fumi Aiha, a Japanese sleep consultant for first infants, “Mothers and Babies Sleeping Soundly (Kodansha)” and “How to Lay Your Baby to Sleep Soundly with Manga (Shufunotomosha)”.・Provided to all 330 childcare facilities.
Baby sleep consultant Fumi Aiba provides books, sleeping consulting services, and original products that help put babies to sleep for those who are struggling with bedtime troubles, in order to create a “society that does not worry about putting them to sleep.”
This time, we will provide books to all nursery schools so that parents who use nursery schools and nursery workers who come in contact with parents on a daily basis can easily pick them up as a reference for putting them to sleep at home. I had
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Poppins Educare
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Poppins Educare
Due to the protracted impact of the corona crisis, the number of postpartum depression has tripled compared to before the corona crisis, and an increasing number of families are spending childcare and postpartum alone without parental support. In October 2021, Kanagawa Prefectural University of Health and Welfare investigated 600 mothers who gave birth within a year, and found that about 30% were in a “postpartum depression”. In addition, according to the Karada Note survey (survey of 830 multiparous women), “I can’t interact with my mom’s friends” (45.5%) and “I can’t receive childbirth and childcare support” (41.0%). Therefore, it is thought that they are worried about raising children and are raising them alone.
In addition, in a questionnaire survey (according to our company’s survey) about the worries of raising newborns, sleep problems are serious in child-rearing in infancy, such as “lack of sleep” and “children not sleeping” rise to the top of the worries. I have a situation.
With the advancement of women in society, many women are aiming to return to work after childbirth. I hesitate to return to work,” and “I feel that it is difficult to balance work and childcare.”
Japanese first infant sleep consultant Fumi Aiha and Sleeping Smart Japan Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Fumi Aiha) continue to distribute information in order to deliver scientifically-based knowledge of correct sleep to everyone involved in child-rearing. I’m here. Realize a “society free from troubles in getting children to sleep” where it is normal for each family to consult with experts and make improvements instead of having to deal with problems of getting them to sleep at home. As a human being, I will continue to work to change Japan into a society where people can lead fulfilling lives. ■ “Mama and Baby Sound Book (Kodansha)” published in 2018
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■ “How to put a baby to sleep soundly (Shufunotomosha)” published in 2021 [Image 4d97525-3-d4444b722d8146d05e86-4.jpg&s3=97525-3-19262caddf45962d6a0b6c70781d4d67-439x619.jpg
About Japanese Colostrum Sleep Consultant Fumi Aiha
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Infant sleep consultant Fumi Aiha
Served as the representative of Japan for IPHI, an international certification body, and trained more than 360 infant sleep
consultants. After giving birth, she began to study infant sleep science in the United States because she was worried about crying at night and raising children. Among them, “Aiha Parenting Community”, which distributes information and answers questions about sleep, parenting and education for moms and dads, is growing to be the largest service of its kind in Japan.
His books include “Book for Moms and Babies Soundly” (Kodansha), “Reading with Manga: How to Lay Your Baby Sleeping Soundly”
(Shufunotomosha), and supervised book “Good things for moms” (Shufunotomosha).
CEO of Sleeping Smart Japan Co., Ltd. Graduated from Keio University with a major in education.
Official website:
Youtube: ■Company profile
Company name: Sleeping Smart Japan Co., Ltd.
Founded: February 2020
Representative: Representative Director Fumi Aiba
Head office: 〒107-0061 Aoyama Palacio Tower 11th floor, 3-6-7 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
About the Poppins Group
Since its founding in 1987, the Poppins Group has been working with the mission of “supporting working women with the highest standard of educare and nursing care services.” Respond to diverse needs. Company name: Poppins Co., Ltd. (Prime Market)
Address: 5-6-6 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: 1987
Representative Director and Chairman: Noriko Nakamura
Representative Director and President: Maiko Todoroki
Major Subsidiaries:
Poppins Educare Co., Ltd.
Poppins Family Care Co., Ltd.
Poppins Professional Co., Ltd.
Poppins Sitter Co., Ltd.
Wish Co., Ltd.
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