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SME support online symposium PR secretariat SME support online symposium “How to realize lively work”-Chal lenges of health management SMEs-

SME support online symposium PR secretariat
Small and Medium Enterprise Support Online Symposium “How to Realize Lively Work” ~Health Management Challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises~
January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) Online LIVE distribution

On January 18, 2023 (Wednesday), we will hold an online symposium to support small and medium-sized enterprises, “How to realize lively work-Health management small and medium-sized enterprises-“. (Pre-registration required, free to watch) Recently, while many companies are suffering from a decrease in the working population, aging employees, and job turnover, it is important to secure and retain human resources in small and medium-sized enterprises, and to ensure that employees work healthy and energetically. Creating a work environment where employees can However, only 68% of small and medium-sized enterprises are working on “Health Management (R)” or are considering it, and it is difficult to realize it. On the day of the event, various challenges for SMEs’ health and productivity
management, such as efforts to prevent young people from leaving their jobs and steadily increase business performance while firmly maintaining the personnel system based on lifetime employment of veteran workers and seniority, and securing human resources for SMEs. Based on the idea of ​​controlling life and death, companies of the Small and Medium Enterprise Association will jointly recruit and take up examples such as efforts to encourage employees to continue to grow healthy and lively. *Health Management (R) is a registered trademark of the NPO Health Management Research Institute.
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Welcoming actor Toru Watanabe, who has conveyed the importance of mental and physical health to many people in various media, as a guest, Saitama Prefectural University Health Development Department, a researcher of health management research, data health, and industrial health Co-founder/President of YeeY Co., Ltd. Asteria, Associate Professor Yoko Tsuno, and former General Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs Division of Unilever Japan Holdings LLC, working to realize well-being management of Japanese companies through support for building organizational culture. CWO (Chief Well-being Officer) Ms. Yuka Shimada, CEO of Avex Inc. / Small and medium-sized
enterprises, which positions the mental and physical health and growth of employees as the driving force for corporate development and strives to create a corporate culture where employees can demonstrate their potential Mr. Akihiko Kato, vice chairman of the National Council of Family Associations, and Mr. Takashi Iwatani, executive officer of Daido Life Insurance Co., Ltd., which contributes to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises through the provision of security and various support services for business owners, also participated. I will talk about the prospects for health management. In addition, we will also introduce a report on a questionnaire * “Health Management” (Daido Life Survey) targeting more than 10,000 small and medium-sized business owners nationwide. The symposium will be delivered via [LIVE]. Through online (viewable on PCs and smartphones), we hope that many people around the country will be able to watch it and provide hints for promoting and promoting health management.
■ Date and time
January 18, 2023 (Wednesday) 18:00-20:00 (planned)
■Main contents of the symposium
“Realization of health management in small and medium-sized enterprises” ・The environment surrounding SMEs and the aging of employees   The reality of job separationThe importance of working on health management ・Creating a working environment where employees can work in good health ・Examples of health management initiatives by various small and medium-sized enterprises
· New perspectives required for health management promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises , etc.
■ Support
 Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (pending)
■ Special sponsorship
Daido Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
■ How to apply
Please fill in the necessary information from the website below and apply by noon on Wednesday, January 18th. ※The capacity is the first 2,000 people.
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[Panelist profile]
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Name: Toru Watanabe
Title: Actor
Profile: Born in Ibaraki prefecture. In 1980, he joined the Bungakuza Institute. In 1985, he became a troupe member. In 1981, the TV drama “Taiyo ni Hoero! ] debuted. Currently, he is a member of Bungakuza, and is active in a wide range of fields, including drama, movies, variety shows, moderators, narration, and teaching as a specially appointed university professor, while being active mainly on the stage. He has received many awards, including the Golden Arrow Award Newcomer Award, the Ellandre Award, the Kazuo Kikuta Theater Award, and the Nikakai Photo Club Exhibition. In 2012 and 2021, I experienced surgery and hospitalization due to heart disease. Realizing the importance of good health, he improved his lifestyle habits such as daily diet and exercise. In addition, the awareness and way of thinking about “health” has changed greatly through the illness. Since then, he has communicated the importance of mental and physical health to many people through various media such as TV, radio, and blogs. [Image 6

Name: Yoko Tsuno
Position: Associate Professor, Department of Health Development, Saitama Prefectural University
Profile: After working as a researcher at the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. and as an assistant professor at the Department of Community Nursing, Faculty of Nursing, Toho University, started health management research at the Health Management Research Unit, Policy Alternatives Research Center, University of Tokyo in 2013. After that, he became a lecturer in the Department of Public Health Nursing, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, and has been in his current position since 2020. During this time, he consistently engaged in health management research. Specializes in health management, data health, and industrial health. Project support/evaluation committee member of Federation of National Health Insurance Organizations in Tokyo, Aichi and Miyagi prefectures
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Name: Yuka Shimada
Position: Co-Founder/Representative Director of YeeY Co., Ltd. CWO of Asteria Co., Ltd. (Chief Well-being Officer)
Profile: After graduating from Keio University, after working at Pasona, obtained a master’s degree in organizational psychology from the Graduate School of Columbia University in the United States. Joined Unilever Japan in 2008 after working as an HR manager at GE Japan. In 2014, he became Director of the Human Resources and General Affairs Division. Focusing on people’s motivation and implementing many unique personnel measures such as “WAA”, the company won the Forbes WOMEN AWARD for three consecutive years. In 2017, he co-founded YeeY Co., Ltd. and assumed the position of CEO. He has contributed to improving the well-being literacy of Japanese companies and society by holding conferences inviting global authorities on well-being research such as Dr. Martin Seligman, Dr. Ed Diener, and Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. Through corporate management support, personnel consulting, and organizational culture building support, he is working to realize well-being management for Japanese companies.
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Name: Akihiko Kato
Position: Avex Co., Ltd. Chairman Vice Chairman of the Small and Medium Business Association National Council
Profile: Upon graduating from university, he joined Kato Seiki (currently Avex Inc.) and assumed the position of president and representative director of the company. While major manufacturers are moving their production bases overseas one after another in pursuit of their own strengths, the company’s efforts to steadily increase its business performance while dedicating itself to 100% domestic production and maintaining a personnel system based on lifetime employment and seniority ranks have attracted attention. The company holds about 8% of the global market share for parts “spool valves.” Practicing health management that utilizes the abilities of employees. [Image 9

Name: Takashi Iwatani
Position: Executive Officer of Daido Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Profile: Joined Daido Life Insurance in 1994, and after working as General Manager of the Planning Department, was appointed Executive Officer and General Manager of the Sales Planning Department in April 2021. The company has built a business model to realize its mission of “protecting small and medium-sized enterprises” ahead of other companies in the industry, and as a “pioneer of entrepreneur insurance”, provides products and services that take into account the changes in the environment surrounding small and medium-sized enterprises. ing.

[*From the Daido Life Survey “Health Management” (July 2022 survey report)] With regard to health and productivity management, awareness of it is increasing even among small and medium-sized enterprises. 60% of the respondents answered that they were able to “maintain and improve the health of their employees” by actually working on health management. On the other hand, among companies planning to implement health management in the future, 41% said, “It is difficult to determine the extent to which we should be involved in the health of individual employees.”
Next, “lack of know-how” was cited as an issue at 36%, and “lack of time and manpower” was cited as an issue regardless of the status of health management efforts.
Challenges faced by SMEs in health management
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