Snack Company Easy and delicious fish snacks with calcium, EPA, and DHA! “Material Market Tai no Snack” using domestic natural red sea bream

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Calcium, EPA, and DHA are easily available in delicious fish snacks! “Material Market Tai no Snack” using domestic natural red sea bream A limited-time flavor appears in the “Material Market”, a snack that allows you to wisely consume fish nutrients

Oyatsu Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tsu City, Mie Prefecture, President: Fumio Teshima) is a nutritious functional food ( Calcium) snacks “Material Market Mackerel Snacks” and “Material Market Sardine Snacks.”
From the “Material Market” brand, where you can take in the nutrients of this material like a snack, “Material Market Tai no Snack (slightly kelp flavor, sea bream dashi flavor)” using domestic natural red sea bream will be released on December 19, 2022. It will be released nationwide for a limited time from (Monday).
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■Nutrition of fish is delicious easily! A limited-time flavor following “mackerel” and “sardine” “Material Market Tai no Snack” Now that everyone is conscious of their daily health, the “health consciousness of snacking” is also increasing. In order to meet such health-conscious needs, from August 2021, we will launch “Material Market Mackerel Snacks” and “Material Market Sardine Snacks”, snacks of nutritional functional foods (calcium) that are both healthy while retaining the entertainment of snacks. Expanding. And this time, “Material Market Tai no Snack” will be released as a limited-time flavor from December 19, 2022 (Monday).
“Material Market Tai no Snack” is made by kneading the dried meat of domestically produced wild red sea bream into the dough and finishing it with a sea bream soup flavor with a slight umami of kelp. It has a light and crunchy texture like a snack, and is a healthy snack that you can eat deliciously while also taking in the nutritional ingredients of calcium, EPA, and DHA. This snack is perfect for those who want to wisely incorporate nutrients that tend to be deficient into their daily lives, such as between work and housework, as an appetizer with alcohol, or as a snack for growing children.
Snack Chikara Series ( 【Product Summary】
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Product name: Ingredient Market Sea bream snack
Contents: 61g
Price: Open price (estimated store price: around 146 yen including tax) Release date: December 19, 2022 (Monday) Supermarkets nationwide * The handling situation varies depending on the company and store. ■Snack the nutrients of blue fish wisely! “Material Market Mackerel Snack” “Material Market Sardine Snack”
Nutrient functional food (calcium) snacks “Material Market Mackerel Snack” and “Material Market Sardine Snack” that can easily consume nutrients such as calcium, EPA, and DHA have plenty of dough until the main ingredient is “fish paste”. By kneading and kneading and making use of the original aroma and flavor of the fish ingredients, the flavor of “mackerel” and “sardine” that can be smelled from the moment you open the bag is addictive, making it an irresistible dish for fish lovers. The crispy and light texture is perfect for snacks and snacks. A new type of snack that can be easily incorporated into various scenes of daily life.
Snack Chikara Series ( 【Product line-up】
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Product name: Sozai Ichiba Mackerel Snack (slightly lemony, lightly salty) Contents: 61g
Price: Open price (estimated store price: around 146 yen including tax) Features: Mackerel mince is kneaded into the batter, giving it a slightly salty taste with a hint of lemon. By kneading lemon juice powder into the dough and emphasizing the lemon flavor, the flavor of mackerel and the refreshing lemon flavor match well.
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Product name: Material market sardine snack (slightly ginger scent, sweet and spicy soy sauce flavor)
Contents: 61g
Price: Open price (estimated store price: around 146 yen including tax) Features: Sardine surimi is kneaded into the batter to give it a salty-sweet soy sauce flavor with a hint of ginger. By adding ginger powder to the dough, the flavor of ginger stands out and you can enjoy the refreshing flavor of sardines.
“Material Market Sardine Snack” has gradually spread word of mouth since its release in August 2021, and was also featured as a 2022 hit product in the confectionery category of “Nikkei Trendy (December 2022 issue)”.
■ Snacks that support everyone’s energy “Oyatsu no Chikara” are marked with a star symbol full of energy.
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The “Power of Snacks” series, which has been providing “snacks” such as Baby Star, delivers the “Power of Snacks” series, which is full of energy with the desire to “deliver “snacks” that support everyone’s energy!” It has star characters.
Oyatsu Company supports your healthy and rich “snack life” with the healthy-feeling product series “Oyatsu no Chikara” that snuggles up to you who want to enjoy your usual “snacks” more deliciously and healthily.
Snack power series ( [Image 6d21119-331-881a7ac7ce69a7ba7edd-4.jpg&s3=21119-331-4d4b8ec418db1582d16103888e5f4c94-1201x578.jpg

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