Soft99 Corporation Co., Ltd. Version upgrade of vehicle management cloud service “Draap for Biz”

Soft99 Corporation Co., Ltd.
Vehicle management cloud service “Doraup for Biz” upgraded
Equipped with new functions such as OCR that widely supports various alcohol detectors

Due to the revision of the Road Traffic Act in 2022, alcohol checks before and after driving of white license plate commercial vehicles were compulsory. Due to the difficulty in securing sufficient alcohol detectors, the obligatory inspection by alcohol detectors has been postponed for the time being. In addition to securing the alcohol check confirmation record using the detector, it seems that they are proceeding with the operation on a daily basis while doing trial and error.
SOFT99 Corporation (President: Hideaki Tanaka) is a cloud service “Doraup for Biz” that supports the vehicle management work of companies released in August 2022 and also supports mandatory alcohol checks. A version upgrade with new functions will be implemented from December 26, 2022 (Monday).
“Dorapu for Biz” introduction site URL
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1. Equipped with an OCR function that reduces the burden of entering numerical values ​​into the alcohol detector
Equipped with an OCR function that prevents numerical input errors and reduces the burden when recording test results with an alcohol detector on a smartphone before and after driving. Widely compatible with various types of detectors.
●Registration using the OCR function
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2. Equipped with alcohol check registration prevention function It seems that various measures have been taken at the business office so that they do not forget to record their drunkenness confirmation before and after driving every day, but there is a possibility that they will forget to record the confirmation record after driving, especially if they are too busy with work. There is also In order to avoid such problems, we have added a new push notification function that prompts for a confirmation record after driving.
Perform pre-driving registration in the morning
[Image 3d22812-63-03dd1aea9aa512be17ff-2.jpg&s3=22812-63-fd58a3d5f25a2cf8b2923b1297deadd6-857x1201.jpg
●Push notification to encourage registration after driving in the evening [Image 4d22812-63-c78570d9f1d9fae89aa4-3.jpg&s3=22812-63-569caf014eb4169c42351bdde54a5bdc-857x1201.jpg

3. Improved usability
Seamless operability has been realized by automating the operations required when linking the app “Doraup” and the cloud service “Doraup for Biz”. We will continue to aim for even easier-to-use services by improving the usability of the entire system.
In the future, “Doraup for Biz” will continue to develop new functions that reduce the burden on corporate vehicle managers and safe driving managers, and will strive to provide services that support smooth vehicle management operations.
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■ Service overview
Name Doraup for Biz
Price free
Delivery date December 26, 2022 (Monday)
Supported browsers/devices Google Chrome, Fire Fox
(App compatible devices: iOS 13-16, Android OS 8-13 smartphones) *Company names and product/service names mentioned in this press release are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
■ Location: 2-6-5 Tanimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
■Established: October 1954
■ Capital: 2,310,050,000 yen
■Representative: Hideaki Tanaka, President and Representative Director For publication TEL06-6942-2851

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