Sold out in 1 hour! ! Possibilities of new sake with sake x NFT! Selling NFT from Japan Sake Community

Sold out in 1 hour! ! Possibilities of new sake with sake x NFT! Selling NFT from Japan Sake Community

On November 30, 2022, NFT, which has the right to exchange for sake, was sold from the community “Japan Sake Community (JSC)”, which is operated by the joint company CHILL, and sold out in one hour.
■ What is the possibility of sake x NFT?
In recent years, the consumption of sake has been increasing overseas, but it is declining in Japan. Overseas, the demand for “enjoyable sake” rather than “drunk sake” is gradually increasing.
By selling it as NFT this time, the purchaser can freely choose when to exchange it for sake, and it is possible to provide a way to enjoy old sake and aged sake.
Also, by approaching not only the existing sake market but also the NFT market, we aim to acquire new customers for both sides.
■ The first “Yonezuru Sake Brewery” collaboration
As the first step, with the cooperation of Yonezuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. in Yamagata Prefecture, NFT creator Konmaru’s illustrations will be sold as NFTs. We have the right to exchange it for one of the finest products of Yonezuru Sake Brewery, “Ten ni Uu Tsuru no Kagayaki.”
We have introduced a mechanism that automatically changes the image of the NFT when it is exchanged for sake, and a mechanism that can determine whether the exchange has been completed.
[Image and international sake taster Fujiko Komatsu ( It is a community that communicates to the world by using NFT.
Match sake and NFT creators, sell NFTs, increase the value of sake, and deliver the high level of Japanese illustrations overseas. A community that gathers information for “enjoying” sake and expands the traditional industry of sake.
Discord (
About Yonetsuru Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Founded around 1700. Appointed as a liquor store for the Yonezawa Uesugi clan. In 1968, Yamagata Prefecture became the first to win the Diamond Award at the Tokyo Agricultural Liquor Seasoning Food Competition. In 1983, he established the Takahata Town Sake Rice Study Group and contributed to regional development through sake brewing, starting with the cultivation of sake rice, together with local farmers.
Yonetsuru is a sake that conveys gratitude after bowing, and auspicious sake with eighty-eight cranes dancing in the expanse. ■ NFT Creator Konmaru _conmaru
An individual creator who manages a collection that expresses various “KAWAII” of girls who draw with clean lines without cheating. Works that focus on the transparency of the eyes, the gaze, and the use of colors look great in PFPs and galleries. The listed works were sold out immediately, and the total volume of all collections managed reached 20 ETH in one year. Since September 2022, he has also been active as a member of the discord “Colorful Gate” jointly operated by five popular creators.
Konmaru Twitter (
Conmaru’s kawaii collection (…) Conmaru_PFP Collection(…) 【Company Profile】
Company name: LLC CHILL
Details about this release:

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