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Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. Industry First Launch of New Service for Photovoltaic Power Generation Operators – Support for structural design evaluation and safety reconstruction of photovoltaic power generation facilities –

Sompo Japan Insurance Inc.
[Industry First] Launch of New Service for Photovoltaic Power Generation Operators – Support for Structural Design Evaluation and Safety Reconstruction of Photovoltaic Power Generation Facilities –
Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. (President and CEO: Giichi Shirakawa, hereinafter “Sompo Japan”), Sompo Risk Management Inc. (President and CEO: Junichi Sakurai, hereinafter “Sompo Risk”) and Structural Strength Evaluation Institute ( Representative Director: Makoto Okuchi, hereinafter referred to as “Structural Strength Evaluation Institute”), the insurance industry’s first * 1 structural design evaluation of solar power generation equipment for solar power generation companies, and problems with the structural design of the equipment From December 26, 2022, we will start providing support services to reconstruct safety in the event of
By providing this service, the three companies will contribute to the expansion of the introduction of renewable energy in Japan and the achievement of carbon neutrality by 2050 by supporting the stable business continuity of solar power generation companies.
*1 Research by Sompo Japan
1. background purpose
Since the feed-in tariff system for renewable energy was introduced in 2012, the introduction of photovoltaic power generation equipment has progressed rapidly. is being promoted for
On the other hand, serious accidents caused by natural disasters have occurred frequently at photovoltaic power generation facilities in various places, and recent surveys have shown that such accidents may occur due to weaker winds, less snow, etc., than the design
assumptions. has become clear.
In addition, coexistence with the local community is at stake, such as when solar power generation facilities are damaged, causing landslides and scattered panels, etc. causing damage to the neighborhood, and administrative agencies are also aware of the problem.
In April 2021, as a law specializing in photovoltaic power generation, the Ministerial Ordinance Defining Technical Standards for Solar Cell Facilities for Power Generation will come into effect, clarifying the technical standards to be observed, and strengthening facility safety. measures are underway.
In order to use renewable energy as the main power source in the future, the issue is how to rebuild the solar power generation facility into a stable, safe and secure facility over the long term. Also, it is important to have sufficient durability against natural disasters.
Therefore, Sompo Japan has decided to cooperate with Sompo Risk and Structural Strength Evaluation Organization to launch a service to evaluate the structural design of solar power generation facilities for the first time in the insurance industry.
In addition, when design problems are revealed from the results of evaluations, etc., we provide consulting services to support the consideration of specific measures to reconstruct the safety of facilities for photovoltaic power generation companies. increase. 2. Service overview
(1) Structural design document review service
Regarding the structural design of solar power generation facilities, we confirm and evaluate the validity of structural calculations against natural disaster risks such as wind and snow disasters in light of structural laws and regulations. For facilities with accidents, we also assess the causal relationship between the accident and the design and the likelihood of the accident reoccurring. ・Target equipment: Solar power generation equipment (regardless of equipment capacity)
・Target risks: Wind disasters, snow disasters, flood disasters*2 · Evaluation items: 1. Design evaluation, 2. Accident evaluation (if an accident has already occurred)
  ※2 For water disasters, only evaluation item 2.
(2) Equipment safety reconstruction support service
An excellent business that proposes and supports reinforcement and repair methods to reconstruct the safety of facilities, design, construction, and maintenance when structural design problems are discovered from the evaluation results of the structural design document review service. We carry out support such as person introduction.
・ Target equipment: Solar power generation equipment (regardless of installed capacity)
・ Target risks: wind and snow disasters
・Contents of support: proposals and support for reinforcement/repair methods, introduction of excellent business operators such as design/construction/maintenance, etc.
3. About the future
 In order to achieve carbon neutrality, further expansion of the introduction of the solar power generation business is expected in the future. To realize the purpose of the Sompo Group, which is to create a society where everyone can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life in their own way through a theme park of security, health, and wellbeing, Sompo Japan will invest in solar power generation. With the
cooperation of Sompo Risk and the Structural Strength Evaluation Institute, we will continue to accumulate knowledge and experience regarding business-related risks and develop insurance products and services that contribute to the safe and secure development of industry.
In addition to the solar power generation business, the three companies have repeatedly discussed and examined various important themes for the realization of a decarbonized society, and are developing new products and services for the realization of a decarbonized society. To go.
[Reference: Structural Strength Evaluation Organization]
Location: 4-16-15 Ogawa, Matsubara City, Osaka Prefecture
Established: January 2019
Business description: The Structural Strength Evaluation Institute was established in January 2019 as a third-party organization that conducts inspections, surveys, tests and research on structural design and strength evaluation of building structures and electric structures from a fair and neutral standpoint. We contribute to society with the aim of contributing to the safety and security of people’s lives, mainly through work related to ensuring the structural safety of building exterior materials and solar power generation facilities. We are also involved in creating technical standards and guidelines in commissioned work from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and the Japan Photovoltaic Energy Association (JPEA). He is active as an opinion leader on the structural safety of
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