Sony Group Inc. The launch date of EYE, a microsatellite that enables shooting from outer space, has been decided

Sony Group Corporation
The launch date of EYE, a microsatellite that enables shooting from outer space, has been decided
-The world’s first *1 shooting experience that will make you feel closer to the universe, will be available around spring 2023-
Sony Group Inc. (hereafter, Sony) announced that the microsatellite “EYE”, which can photograph the earth and stars from space, will be launched on January 3, 2023, US Eastern Time, at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Facility in Florida, US. We are pleased to announce that the launch will be held at This satellite has been developed under the STAR SPHERE project promoted by Sony in collaboration with the University of Tokyo (hereafter, the University of Tokyo) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (hereafter, JAXA). . In the spring of 2023, we plan to start offering the world’s first*1 shooting experience from space.
*1: As a service that allows users to operate satellites and mounted cameras. (as of December 31, 2022 public relations announcement) About microsatellite “EYE”
The microsatellite “EYE” is equipped with a Sony camera, and by combining it with a dedicated simulator, it is possible to remotely control it from the ground. Deliver to people from a realistic perspective.
Numerous satellites have been launched for the purpose of acquiring scientific knowledge, improving the safety and security of society, and improving convenience. “EYE” is an artificial satellite that will be launched with the aim of enriching the hearts of many people by providing them with the experience of photographing themselves from space as a new approach. The artificial satellite launched by STAR SPHERE was named “EYE” in the hope that it will provide a new perspective for observing the earth and stars from space.
About photography service
In the spring of 2023, we plan to launch the “Space Photography Tour” and “Space Photography Premium” services for the general public to experience shooting from space with “EYE.” Both are expected to be the world’s first * 1 services that connect with space through the experience of manipulating satellites by utilizing simulators. space photography tour
This is a tour-style guide service for special guests such as celebrities and satellite orbits recommended by Sony. We will provide an experience like participating in a space trip according to the scenario for each content, including explanations of the attractions and highlights of specific satellite orbits. The satellite orbit and camera work, which are the shooting conditions, are predetermined, and the user can shoot a still image by pressing the shutter at any time within about 10 minutes. Users can select tours based on any dates and guests.
space photography premium
It is a service that allows the user to specify all camera movements for 10 minutes of the 95 minutes that EYE goes around the earth, and to shoot still images and movies. The user can freely set the subject, camera work, and camera settings.
In addition, by utilizing the shooting experience, we will collaborate with artists and creators in Japan and overseas, including
contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, to create “art from the perspective of space” and collaborate with various companies to create new ideas. We will further expand the creation of values ​​and moving experiences.
Artificial satellite EYE launch live distribution
To commemorate the launch of the microsatellite “EYE” on January 3, 2023, we will broadcast live on the official YouTube account. In addition to the state of the launch, we will introduce the trajectory of the project so far and future prospects.
*The distribution start time is subject to change.
“STAR SPHERE” is a project to bring space closer to everyone and to discover the “perspective of the universe” together. The “cosmic perspective” that “STAR SPHERE” values ​​means not only seeing things from space, but also capturing and thinking about things through space.
EYE, a microsatellite developed by Sony in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and JAXA, is equipped with a Sony camera, and by using an operation simulator, it is possible to shoot the earth and stars with the camera work intended by the user. In the future, in addition to providing the shooting experience as a service for the general public, we will work on creative activities with artists and creators of “art from the perspective of space” and collaboration with various companies. This project aims to create new values ​​and moving experiences by discovering the “perspective of the universe” and provides opportunities to learn about the earth and the environment. Related URL
STAR SPHERE Official Site
STAR SPHERE Official Twitter
STAR SPHERE Official YouTube
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