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Sony Music Labels Inc. Nekry Talkie’s first request-type live will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka in April!

Sony Music Labels Inc.
Nekurai Talkie’s first request-type live will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka in April!

In April 2023, Nekly Talkie will hold the first request-type one-man live tour “Go Go Talkies! It has been decided to hold a performance tour in the order of the questionnaire even if you cry or laugh. [Image 1

Necry Talkie Artist Photo
This was announced by the members at the encore of the live “Oaky Talkie vol.5” held at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO in Tokyo on December 8th. This year, Yaon will hold live concerts in Osaka and Tokyo in April, and after releasing the self-cover mini-album “MEMORIES2” in June, he will hold a nationwide tour of 15 locations from the same month to September. From November, Necry Talkie has been energetically active with live performances and releases, including two-man live
performances with guests in five major cities.
The next tour will be an unprecedented live performance where the results of the questionnaire collected in advance in the first request format will be carried out as they are. Music voting will be held on the special site ( from 21:30 on December 8th to 23:59 on January 9th, 2023. You can vote regardless of whether you participate in the live, so please participate in the vote.
For tickets, the fastest advance lottery for members only has started from today until 23:59 on December 18th at Fanicon of Necry Talkie, so if you want to get it as soon as possible, don’t miss it.
At the time of holding this live, the members commented, “I will destroy the concept of Setori”, and it seems that they are full of motivation.
The tour “Oaky Talkie vol.5” has welcomed a wide variety of opponents such as Wienners, with a good head, itakame, Sudoku Shonen, and Hump Back. The live set that day featured a set list that included covers such as ballads and Hump Back’s “LILLY”. A Necry Talkie whose destructive power has grown more and more. Looking forward to new releases next year.
[Tour information]
Go Go Talkies! Extra edition ~ Performance tour in order of
questionnaire even if you cry or laugh ~
4/15 (Sat) Osaka Umeda Shangri-La OPEN 17:30 START 18:00
4/16 (Sun) Aichi Shinei Shangri-La OPEN 17:30 START 18:00
4/21 (Fri.) Tokyo Shimokitazawa Shangri-La OPEN 18:15 START 19:00 Ticket reception
■ Fanicon advance (members only)
Reception period: 12/8 (Thursday) 21:30-12/18 (Sunday) 23:59
■ Official advance: 12/20 (Thursday) 15:00 to 12/25 (Sunday) 23:59 ■Law ticket prelique: 12/27 (Tue) 15:00-1/9 (Mon/holiday) 23:59
Live special site
【release information】
Self-cover mini-album “MEMORIES2”
Released June 15, 2022
¥2200 + tax AICL-4249
[Image 2

“MEMORIES2” jacket photo
【recorded music】
1. You are an insane girl (feat. Hitomi Nihonmatsu)
2. Magic Train and Kirai-chan
3. Rock shop’s Gudaguda everyday
4. In the Midnight Town
5. Headphones at 3am
6. I want an unbreakable heart
7. Fish life
8. Someone and We
CD purchase link:
Delivery link:
You are an insane girl (feat.Nipponmatsu Hitomi)
Available now:
“You are an insane girl (Fujita ver.)”
Available now:
[Image 3

“Kimi wa Inasena Girl (Fujita ver.)” jacket
[Video information]
Nekurai Talkie MV “Kimi wa Inasena Girl (feat. Hitomi Nihonmatsu)”
Nekurai Talkie LIVE “Mahou Densha to Kirai-chan” at Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall
Nekurai Talkie LIVE “Someone and We” at BIGCAT
■ Nekurai Talkie “MEMORIES2” trailer video
[Live information]
12/31 (Sat) rockin’on presents “COUNTDOWN JAPAN 22/23”
1/20 (Fri) Nagoya CLUB UPSET OPEN 18:15 START 19:00
“ROCK the ROCK!!”
Starring: Nigami 17 / Necry Talkie
2/4 (Sat) Tokyo Hibiya Park Large Concert Hall OPEN 16:30 START 17:30 Live Natalie 5th Anniversary Performance “GANG PARADE × Necry Talkie” [Nekry Talkie info]
Vo & Gt Mossa
Gt Asahi
Ba Fujita
Key Ikuka Nakamura
Dr Kazuma Takei
Details about this release:

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