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Sony Music Labels Inc. Tatsuya Kitani releases new song “Bakeneko” and releases music video.

Sony Music Labels Inc.
Kitani Tatsuya, new song “Bakeneko” distribution release & music video release.
Kitani Tatsuya completed the demo sound source “Leaks From His Laptop”, which was “leaked” in the project “Leaks From His Laptop”, which was held from November 2021 last year, and released it today. A music video has also been released on YouTube.
Kitani Tatsuya has been attracting attention outside of his own solo activities, such as activities as a support member of Yorushika, participating in songs by Ado, Mafumafu, etc., and providing numerous songs that transcend genres such as Johnny’s WEST and Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku. , the new song “Bakeneko” was released today on December 9th, and at the same time, the music video of “Bakeneko” was also released on YouTube.
[Image 1

“Bakeneko” is a completed version of “Leaks From His Laptop”, one of the demo sound sources that was “leaked” in the project “Leaks From His Laptop” that has been going on since November 2021 last year. . Since the “outflow” in January this year, Spotify has gradually gone viral, and the completed “Bakeneko” will be the first hall one-man “LIVE IN CLUB UNREALITY Vol. It will be a long-awaited release in the midst of gathering a lot of topics before distribution, such as being unveiled for the first time.
In addition, the music video of “Bakeneko” was released on Kitani Tatsuya’s official YouTube Channel at 00:00 on December 9 (Friday) as well as the distribution release. Please check it out too.
Kitani Tatsuya has also announced that they will hold a joint band tour “Hugs Vol.5 Tour” in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, indigo la End and Hitorie from next March. We will keep an eye on his movements as he continues his energetic activities in 2023. ▼「Bakeneko – Music Video」▼
[Image 2
▼2022/12/9 (Fri.) Digital Release “Bakeneko”▼
▼TATSUYA KITANI Presents “Hugs Vol.5 Tour”▼
March 11, 2023 (Sat) Osaka Namba Hatch / Guest: indigo la End 2023/3/12 (Sun) Nagoya Nagoya DIAMOND HALL / Guest: Hitorie
2023/3/31 (Fri) Tokyo, Zepp DiverCity (TOKYO) / Guest: ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION ¥6,000 (tax included) *Separate drink fee required / Reserved seats on the 2nd floor only for Tokyo and Osaka performances
▼Kitani Tatsuya Official Fan Club “CLUB UNREALITY”▼
▼Released on November 23, 2022 Kitani Tatsuya “Scar”▼
Special site:
Scar – Music Video:
[First Press Limited Edition] Click here to purchase →
SRCL-12260~1 / ¥5,500 (tax included)
CD+BD / analog JK specification
[Normal Edition] Click here to purchase → SRCL-12262 / ¥1,980 (tax included)
1. Scar (Opening theme for the TV anime “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War”) 2. eternity
3. Thanatophobia (BLEACH 20th Anniversary Commemorative Original Art Exhibition “BLEACH EX.” Image Song)
4. Insel
5. Rapport (Theme song for BLEACH 20th Anniversary Exhibition “BLEACH EX.”) [BD] (first edition only)
■One Man Tour “BIPOLAR” Live at Zepp Haneda 2022.07.02
– on the pendulum
– Marching Saints
– Hide and Seek
-Sad Girl
-You look like a human
-Club Unreality
-Ghost!? (Bad Mood Junkie ver.)
-Escape play
– Trigger happy
– thanatophobia
– cold vortex
– Planetes
– Chiharu
– How the devil dances
Release Kitanitatsuya Extra Edition Good morning to anxiety and depression at Fuji-Q Highland ~Happiness doesn’t suit me~
■ TV anime “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War” non-credit opening movie ■ “Rapport” Music Video
■ “Tanatophobia” Music Video
▼Released on May 25, 2022 Kitani Tatsuya “BIPOLAR”▼
[First Press Limited Edition] Click here to purchase →
SRCL-12117~8 / ¥5,100+tax
CD+BD / analog JK specification
[Normal Edition / First Press Limited Edition] Click here to purchase →
SRCL12119 / ¥2,600+tax
CD only / First-run specification enclosed leaflet (goods pre-sale access ticket)
1. On a pendulum
3. Cold Vortex
4. Thanatophobia
5. Marching Saints
6. Night watchman
8. Planetes
9. Chiharu
10. Song of Joy
Studio Live “Sendo” 2020.08.26
– Hide and Seek
– panopticon
-You look like a human
– lotus in the mud
Live Remix Movie from One Man Tour “Saint’s March” Final at USEN STUDIO COAST 2021.11.22
-Memory tank
-It’s like a human (Acoustic set)
-Sad Girl (Acoustic set)
-Night is broken
-Kimi no Tsuzuki
– Marching Saints
▼Kitani Tatsuya x Harumaki Gohan “Moonlight”▼
Music Video:
▼Kitani Tatsuya “PINK”▼
Music Video:
▼Kitani Tatsuya “Planetes”▼
Music Video:
▼Kitani Tatsuya “Cold Eddy”▼
Music Video:
▼ Kitani Tatsuya “Tanatophobia” ▼
Music Video:
▼Kitani Tatsuya ”Rapport”▼
Music Video:
▼「BLEACH EX.」2nd Official PV▼
▼「BLEACH EX.」Official site▼
▼ Demo song “Outflow” Project ”Leaks From His Laptop”▼
#1 “Heaven’s ticket gate”
TikTok: YouTube short:
#2 “Even if I grow up”
TikTok: YouTube short:
#3 “Cute Aggression”
TikTok: YouTube short:
#4 “Song of Joy”
TikTok: YouTube short:
#5 “Bakeneko”
TikTok: YouTube short:
▼Tatsuya Kitani “Saint’s March” Music Video▼
▼ Kitani Tatsuya “Saint’s March” ▼
¥1,200+tax / SRCL-11863
First-run limited specification: Anime illustration design sleeve M1. Marching Saints
M2. Ghost!? (Bad Mood Junkie ver.)
M3. It’s like a human (Acoustic ver.)
▼Kitani Tatsuya distribution music▼
pure white
Music Video:
Music Video:
escape drama
Music Video: Ghost!?
Music Video:
▼ Kitani Tatsuya Album “DEMAGOG” ▼
2020.08.26 (Wednesday) “DEMAGOG” released
Click here for download and streaming → Album trailer video: First production limited edition (CD + DVD) ¥ 3,160 + tax Click here to purchase CD →
Regular Edition (CD only) ¥1,800+tax Click here to purchase the CD →
1. Hide and Seek
2. Panopticon
3. Deadweight
4. You look like a human
5. Nightmare
6. Demagogue
7. Lotus in Mud
Hug myself (your side) ~Live & Document from 2020.06.26 (Fri.) SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO~
1. Stoned Child
2. How the devil dances
4. Name the waves, that our breath has an end.
5. Contour
6.Sad Girl
7. Hide and Seek
▼ “Hide and Seek” Music Video ▼
▼ “Nightmare” Music Video ▼
▼「Ningen Mitai ne」Music Video▼
▼Kitani Tatsuya Profile▼
[Image 3d13546-3534-0bbe76156f5c2f12fb68-2.jpg&s3=13546-3534-36641a0c80563cd81acefeaa6600f04d-1512x1006.jpg
Born in 1996. While doing band activities, around 2014, he started releasing songs on the internet as a Vocaloid P “Hello Tanida-san”. After that, while providing songs to artists of various genres as a writer with a high sense of music, he also started a solo activity under his own name. His solo works have been selected across the board for TOWER RECORDS’s “Tawarekomen” and “NE(X)T BREAKERS”, and SPACE SHOWER’s “RETSUDEN NEW FORCE”. In addition, he continues to
demonstrate his talent regardless of the scene, such as participating as a support member of “Yorushika” and working on many tie-up songs for famous animations as a member of the band “sajou no hana”. Official website:
YouTube: Instagram:
Staff Instagram:
Staff Twitter:
Details about this release:

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