SOU・SOU New release of SOU・SOU year-end gifts with limited packaging. A delicious collaboration with a lon g-established store in Kyoto!

New release of SOU・SOU year-end gifts with limited packaging. A delicious collaboration with a long-established store in Kyoto!
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Kyoto textile brand “SOU・SOU” (Representative Director: Takeyuki Wakabayashi) has released a new year-end gift in collaboration with a long-established Kyoto store. The collaborator is “Honke Owariya”, a soba restaurant in Kyoto that has been in business for 16 generations since the Muromachi period, and “Itoken”, a confectionery maker with a long history. Somewhat nostalgic, soba noodles and sweets that have a reputation for their deliciousness are sold in SOU・SOU’s paper boxes with the Chinese zodiac “U” of next year and “SO-SU-U” small furoshiki wrapping. It is a limited-time product packaged with textile design. During the year-end gift period (until December 20), there is also a free wrapping service (original wrapping paper). It’s perfect for a winter gift with a year of gratitude.
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Assorted Kyoto-flavored soba noodles for 8 people
Price: ¥3,564
Contents: 4 bags of soba, 2 bottles of dashi stock
Production: Honke Owariya
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Assorted herring soba for 4 people
Price: ¥3,456
Contents: 2 bags of soba, 1 dashi, 4 simmered herrings
Production: Honke Owariya
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Kyo-flavored soba & Tenugui set
Price: ¥4,719
Contents: 4 bags of soba, 2 dashi stocks, 1 towel
Production: Honke Owariya
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Assortment of 2 types of baked sweets
Price: ¥1,980
Contents: 1 can
Manufacturing: Itoken
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Yokan Castella
Price: from ¥1,296
Contents: 10 pieces / 20 pieces
Manufacturing: Itoken
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Baked sweets & small furoshiki
Price: ¥3,740
Contents: 5 bags of baked sweets + 10 pieces 1 small furoshiki Manufacturing: Itoken
About “Honke Owariya”
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The oldest soba restaurant in Kyoto, which has been in business for over 550 years since its establishment in the Muromachi period. A collaboration with a set of dried Horai soba made with buckwheat flour from Hokkaido and all-purpose concentrated thin soup with no chemical seasonings or preservatives.

About “Karyo Itoken”
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A long-established confectionery maker founded in 1864. There are also two “Itoken / SOU・SOU” stores in Kyoto City. Inheriting the lost confectionery technology, we develop and sell nostalgic yet new sweets.
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【Company Profile】
A Kyoto brand that produces textile designs that express the four seasons and tastes of Japan in a pop way. Based on the concept of “Creating a new Japanese culture”, while actively using traditional materials and techniques, we develop manufacturing that is close to modern lifestyles. We manufacture and sell a wide variety of items such as jikatabi, Japanese clothing, Japanese sweets, and furniture. In addition, through collaboration with companies in various fields, we are expanding the possibilities of Japanese textile design. [Contact]
Products/shopping information Phone: 075-212-8244 (Business hours: 12:00-17:00 *Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays)
Coverage and media coverage E-mail: Telephone: 075-229-6751 (representative)
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