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Special Ward Horse Racing Association Tokyo City Horse Racing The culmination of Nanao and Jun Shison! Open the door to the top and where are the two heading?

Special Ward Horse Racing Association
Tokyo City Horse Racing The culmination of Nanao and Jun Shison! Open the door to the top and where are the two heading?
The image song is DREAMS COME TRUE “Ureshii! Tanoshii! Daisuki! – DOSCO prime Version -”

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Tokyo City Horse Racing (TCK) will start broadcasting a new commercial featuring TCK image characters Nanao and Jun Shison from Friday, December 23rd. The 68th Tokyo Grand Prix held at TCK on December 29th (Thursday) is a Grand Prix race that decides the No. 1 dirt race of the year. In this commercial, the noble performances of Nanao and Jun Shison are synchronized with the race scene of the powerfully running racehorses, giving a magnificent expression of the year-end stage at TCK.
Through this commercial, please pay attention to the dignified expressions of the two and how they climb the stairs powerfully toward the door.
-Outline of new CM-
Title: “TCK2022 Break Through. Tokyo Grand Prize”
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Terrestrial TV spot broadcasting starts: December 23, 2022 (Friday) Broadcast in the Kanto, Kansai, Chukyo, and Hokkaido regions. Other video advertisements will be distributed on YouTube, etc.
This year’s communication theme is “Break through. Life is beyond your expectations.
The communication theme for 2022 is “Break through. Life is more than you expect.”
As society as a whole continues to feel a sense of unease and stagnation, this message, “Break through”, expresses the desire for TCK to be a power that can penetrate the daily life and life beyond expectations for the fans. is included.
Overview of the new CM
Pay attention to the noble appearance of Nanao and Jun Shison climbing the stairs to the top!
Nanao and Jun Shison headed up the stairs towards the stage of the grand finale with the words, “Run up to the top.”
The beautiful legs of a racehorse, trained to perfection, are reflected behind the two people who climb the stairs powerfully step by step.
With dignified expressions on their faces, the two of them reached the top of the stairs with the words, “My heart throbs at the grand finale.”
The two say, “Finally,” and then open the door. In the last cut, the two men who landed on the riding ground speak powerfully with this year’s theme, “Push through. TCK.”
Towards the last big stage of the year, Nanao and Jun Shison’s performance conveys noble expressions suitable for the grand finale, powerful and confident appearances, fun emotions and just the right amount of tension.
Together with the image song “Happy! Fun! I love you! – DOSCO prime Version -“, the performances of the two give us “a strong power that can do anything” and “a sense of anticipation for the big game that is about to begin”. Finished in CM.
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2022 TCK image character special site URL: ~From the CM shooting site~
CM shooting to liven up the end of the year! At the shooting site full of seriousness even in the peace!
The shooting site of the commercial that will liven up the big race “Tokyo Grand Prize” at the end of the year. Nanao appeared gorgeously in a long dress with beautiful legs peeking through the slit. While wearing high heels and looking dignified for a photo shoot, there is also a moment when he occasionally gives a mischievous expression to the staff. Mr. Jun Shison also dressed in a stylish black tuxedo and made a dashing appearance, and there was a moment when he had a pleasant chat with the staff, and the atmosphere of the shooting site was bright and peaceful.
On the other hand, when the shooting started, Nanao and Jun Shison’s serious eyes, concentrated facial expressions and acting instantly filled the entire studio with a pleasant tension. In particular, in the scene of climbing the stairs, fine adjustments were made to the shooting, and the shooting was repeated about 10 times. The two were particular about climbing the stairs step by step, and although they went up and down many times, all the staff were amazed at how they responded to detailed orders without losing their breath. The professional performances of Nanao and Jun Shison are a must-see. Through the shooting, Nanao, Jun Shison, and the shooting staff were all united and wrapped in the idea of ​​​​”Let’s make a wonderful commercial!” Through this movie, please pay attention to the two people who are tense but lively as TCK image characters.
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Performer profile
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Started full-scale entertainment activities in 2009, and is currently active in a wide range of dramas, movies, magazines, and commercials. After starring in a serial drama for the first time in Fuji TV’s “Mainly Crying” (2012/Izumi Konno), she played the role of a villain in the drama “Siren Detective x Girlfriend x Perfect Villain” (2015/Tachibana Kara) won numerous drama awards and attracted attention.
Recently, TBS “Oh! My Boss! ), a single mother nurse, and TV Asahi “The Travel Nurse” (22 years / role of Masato Gunji), playing the role of a doctor for the first time, expanding the range of acting. Fuji TV “It’s hard to marry a ninja” (starring: Hotaru Kusakari) will start broadcasting from Thursday, January 5, 2023, and the movie “TOKYO MER the Movie ~Running Emergency Room~” will start on April 28, 2023. (Fri) Scheduled to be released.
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Jun Shison
Born in 1995, from Tokyo. Debuted as an actor in 2011.
In 2014, he was selected as the main character in the Super Sentai series “Ressha Sentai ToQger” and attracted attention. In addition to the 43rd Elandor Award Newcomer Award and TV Guide Award, he received the 11th Confidence Award Drama Award for Best Actor for his performance in NHK Drama 10 “Joshiteki Seikatsu”, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival TV Drama Division Broadcast Individual Award. . Recent appearances include the starring movie “Sankaku Mado no Soto wa Yoru” and the NTV Wednesday drama “Muchaburi! I’m going to be a president”.
In 2023, the NHK serial TV novel “Ranman” will be broadcast from April, and Netflix “Yu Yu Hakusho” will be released in December. Image Song
Song title: “Happy! Fun! I love you! – DOSCO prime Version -” [Image 12

[Artist profile]
DREAMS COME TRUE consists of bassist/composer/arranger Masato Nakamura and vocalist/composer/performer Miwa Yoshida. With the fact that they are two people at the core, they have flexibly searched for forms that match the times in the creation of songs.
With the single “YES ANDNO/G” released in 2020, he embarked on a novel sound make-up that foreshadows “a new dream come true”, and with the latest album “DOSCO prime”, he dismantles and reconstructs his own songs in a conversion-like way. method is adopted. In addition, the single released in 2021 “Tsuginoseto! De -ON THE GREEN HILL-” was created by Masato Nakamura for the SEGA game “Sonic the Hedgehog”, which was loved all over the world in 1991. A miraculous song created by adding a new melody and Miwa Yoshida’s lyrics to the newly written “Green Hill Zone”, delighting not only Dream Come True fans but also Sonic fans around the world.
In recent years, DREAMS COME TRUE’s virtual characters “MASADO & MIWASCO” debuted at “VTuber Fes Japan 2021” and performed live in the world’s first official Paralympic game “The Pegasus Dream Tour”, etc. It takes expectations.
And next year in 2023, they are planning to hold the Greatest Hits Live once every four years, “DREAMS COME TRUE WONDERLAND 2023, the strongest moving amusement park in history”.
“Happy! Fun! I love you! – DOSCO prime Version -” Click here for the full version!

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