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Spiral “Spiral Xmas Market 2022” starts today!

“Spiral Xmas Market 2022” starts today!
A bright tomorrow, a sparkling future

“Spiral Xmas Market 2022”, which exhibits and sells items created by about 40 groups of creators and various art works, will be held for an extended period this year!
[Image 1d20119-43-c8d62a9847c69e97a739-5.jpg&s3=20119-43-05bf5f3ea9f9adfcebc8ee0219c193fe-650x650.jpg
From today, Spiral will start “Spiral Xmas Market 2022”, where items created by about 40 groups of creators and various art works will be exhibited and sold!
This time, it will be expanded to 3 sessions, and PART1 and PART2 will introduce items perfect for Christmas gifts, such as household goods and fashion items by creators in a booth format, and PART3 will select popular contemporary art galleries including Spiral. The works centering on the up-and-coming young artists will be gathered together. During the event period, artwork by Miori Takeda, who worked on graphic design, will be displayed and sold at the entrance, as well as objects and jewelry from recommended brands. In addition, during the period, Spiral Cafe will serve meals with lunch mats using this key visual.
[Image 2d20119-43-238dc238f993b040e0a0-11.jpg&s3=20119-43-593678b12be9fed4a6c9c91de41170c1-3900x2607.jpg
Symbol Tree / Photo Kimiko Kaburaki
In addition, in the atrium space of the venue, there will be a symbolic tree of about 7m that is made up of the Spiral Xmas Market 2022 special color “AA STOOL by Karimoku *1” designed by Torafu Architectural Design Office and Karimoku Furniture. .
Please come to Spiral where people can gather and meet art this Christmas. *1 This stool, named for its shape that looks like the letter A when viewed from the side, was created by Karimoku Furniture and Ishinomaki Kobo, a workshop for citizens established in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture right after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. It is a product of the collaboration collection “Ishinomaki Kobo by Karimoku” and is attracting attention both in Japan and overseas as a product that utilizes scraps generated at factories and wood that is not suitable for ordinary furniture.

■ Exhibitors
PART 1 Date: December 10th (Sat)-13th (Tue), 2022
Yoko Ishibashi (artist) / ichipage (jewelry artist) / F&F (design and production) / kinaka jewelry (accessories) / Gleichenia (jewelry brand) / SUIM GLASS (glass artist) / TAMILAB / Tamiya Kou (artist, maker) / norio Hanko (Hanko artist) / 845 (production unit) / harukayamamoto (artist) / harunasugie (glass artist) / hirari (leather brand) / FUMI NARASAKI (artist) / MIYU FUJIHARA (active art student) / Kama Yamakawa, HAVE A GOODDAY ( graphic designer) / YYossYY (jewelry) / riko omata (ceramic artist) / Little Riddle (designer) / revie objects (jewelry designer)
[Image 3d20119-43-b855de6c05a6fd61f7c1-6.png&s3=20119-43-9f09d930993f5389d132a8bab48a9755-500x341.png
PART 2 Date: December 15th (Thursday) -18th (Sunday), 2022
ASAZU HITOMI (contemporary jewelry artist) / aya ​​iiizumi (embroidery artist) / Emika Komuro (jewelry artist) / OCTOBER & MARCH (designer) / odnu (hand knit brand) / kico (cloth plant artist) / KYOKO TSUDA (designer) / ke shi ki (leather bag brand) / SEE SAW (embroiderer) / shisui (jewelry&object brand) / Douze (designer) / toko aoki (jewelry artist) / Hitomi Hashimoto metalworks (metal craftsman) / Reiki Furukawa (designer) / HAZE (Japanese candle) / Tomoko Murata (textile designer, illustrator) / MEMENTO PATTERN. (accessory brand, designer) / riro (jewelry designer)
[Image 4d20119-43-08ce453b69662b093ab5-7.png&s3=20119-43-c69465723e32e0504d79ec0b867e8d9a-500x341.png
PART 3 Date: December 20 (Tue)-25 (Sun), 2022
Spiral: Aya Ito/Tomoya Ohoko/Yu Kurosaka/Saori Nagata
hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO: Tamami Kubota/Ayane Shojima/Sanae Takahata/rebmob woodworking
Gallery KIDO Press: Wisut Ponnimit / Taoka Obata / Atsuhiko Misawa Gallery Blue3143: Takuya Iwasaki/Yu Uchiyama/Mayuko Ooda/Mamiko Kakitsubo/Toraju Kikuchi/Tomoyuki Kikuchi/Tomoko Krishna/Tetsuya Shimoda/Sekine So/Hanako Senda/tonton/HIROKO HASEGAWA/Masako Hasegawa/HAMAMOTO NATSUMI/Itsuki Hayano / Shimon Matsumori / Mao / Taiki Yokote
gallery MARUHI: Morihiro Okada/Yuki Okamura/Kanji Kurihara/Tomokazu Fujita/Hiroho Nakamura/Fuku Nakamura/Kenichi Nakatani
biscuit gallery: Kana Arimura/Yuri Okada/Kato/Yumeno Goto/Takumi Saito/Sawako Nasu/Mitsumasa Miura/Liao Yuen Yi
YUKI-SIS: Mai Kurosaka
WHYNOT.TOKYO: Eri Ueno/Towa Takaya/Kohei Hanawa/Masahiro Masuda Monohyaku / ALL TOMORROW’S PARTIES / toguchi Homare / Non practical goods store Medaka / Recycle shop Hand To Mouth
[Image 5d20119-43-23885a5a88da7320f6e1-1.jpg&s3=20119-43-18a1bf5cfe995edc9a952bbb5c7fd2e0-500x341.jpg
Entrance Date: December 10th (Sat)-25th (Sun), 2022 Held throughout the year Miori Takeda / Sasaki Furniture Modeling Laboratory / Stitch [Image 6d20119-43-bc791b3c32f9d327fb43-3.png&s3=20119-43-6e67b7b411c8ef064fcb7add4e0441c9-500x341.png
-Spiral Xmas Market 2022 Interlocking Project-「listen」
Venue: Spiral Market (Spiral 2F)
Dates: Saturday, December 10, 2022 – Monday, January 9, 2023 *Closed from December 30, 2022 to January 3, 2023
In conjunction with Spiral Xmas Market 2022, Spiral Market will introduce works and products that affect the mind and body, made with careful handwork, with the keywords of incense, plants, and time. Brands & Participating Artists: SENN (skin care) / Tokyo Kodo (incense) / HAZE (Japanese candle) / Kahori tomo (incense) / Asako Yagi (glass)
[Image 7d20119-43-c6bf1df46768de60bbca-0.jpg&s3=20119-43-99821891d32fce73a85bae32a494fddc-500x333.jpg

Date: December 10th (Sat)-25th (Sun), 2022
PART 1 December 10th (Sat)-13th (Tue)
PART 2 December 15th (Thu)-18th (Sun)
PART 3 December 20th (Tue)-25th (Sun)
*Spiral Garden will be closed on December 14th (Wednesday) and December 19th (Monday) due to exhibition changes.
*The Christmas tree will also be available on December 14th
(Wednesday) and December 19th (Monday).
Holding time: 11:00-20:00
Venue: Spiral Garden, Entrance (Spiral 1F, 5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Admission fee: Free
Contact: 03-3498-1171 (Representative of Spiral)
URL: Organizer: Wacoal Art Center Co., Ltd.
Planning and production: Spiral
Graphic design: Miori Takeda
Tree Design: Torafu Architects
Tree production cooperation: Karimoku Furniture Co., Ltd.
*When holding the event, Spiral is taking measures to prevent the spread of infection in consideration of the safety and health of customers and staff.
*Some contents may change depending on the situation at the time of the event. *Please check Spiral Web for details such as business status.
■Special Items
-Limited sale-AA STOOL by Karimoku Xmas Limited model sale!
“AA STOOL by Karimoku” Floor Exhibit 26,400 yen (tax included) per leg “AA HIGH STOOL by Karimoku” tree tower exhibit 1 leg 31,350 yen (tax included) We will sell a limited number of 144 special models on display at the Spiral Xmas Market 2022 venue.
It is a special specification that includes the newly produced gold and silver that match the image color of the tree tower, and the red, blue, and green that have been introduced at overseas exhibitions in the past. As soon as possible because the quantity is limited! *Products will be shipped from Karimoku Furniture after the exhibition ends. (Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from the end of January 2023)
*The tree tower exhibits are partially processed for trees. For details, please ask the reception staff at the venue.
■Graphic & Tree design
[Image 8d20119-43-244a7bef40df2418236a-2.jpg&s3=20119-43-6eafc78337769bceb5d7c6154ff4d5b3-500x500.jpg
Graphic design
Miori Takeda
Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1986. Graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Tama Art University and has been with Shiseido’s Creative Division since 2011. 2021 independence. Involved in art direction for fashion and jewelry brands, including beauty brands.
[Image 9d20119-43-4344a11bf9de96593d7a-4.jpg&s3=20119-43-32b4bd06ba19f8db78964e692c6dc6df-500x494.jpg
Tree design
TORAFU Architectural Design Office
Established in 2004 by Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro. From architectural design to interior design, exhibition venue design, product design, space installations, participation in movie
production, etc., he is working on architectural thinking. Major works include “Template in Claska”, “NIKE 1LOVE”, “Housing in Kohoku”, “Airvase”, “Gulliver Table”, “Big T”, etc. “The Loom of Light (Canon Milano Salone 2011)” was selected as the best exhibit of the Elita Design Award. In 2015, “Airvase” was certified as a permanent collection at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. 2011 “Book of airvase”, collection of works “TORAFU ARCHITECTS 2004-2011 Ideas and processes of Torafu Architects” (both published by Bijutsu
Shuppansha), 2012 picture book “Torafu’s Small City Planning” (Heibonsha), In 2016, “Torafu Architects Inside Out” (TOTO Publishing) was published.

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