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Splash jacks the Younger Song Harajuku store! Double A-side single “Kaminari/Monochrome no Ok” now available!

Splash jacks the Younger Song Harajuku store! Double A-side single “Kaminari/Monochrome no Ok” now available!

“Splash” is a 9-member female idol group based on the concept of “maximum explosive power, maximum speed!” For the third single distribution, a jacket photo of the Harajuku store of “Younger Song”, a fashion brand popular mainly among young people, was released. [Image 1d81951-22-112175fa1761ed7e2bd2-0.jpg&s3=81951-22-562588610d64c60b6d12e008176be5f7-3900x2600.jpg
Splash (Origami Co., Ltd.) is a 9-member idol group that debuted at Shinjuku ReNY in June 2010 with the concept of “splash + slash! Maximum explosive power, maximum speed!”
The cover photo of the double A-side single “Kaminari/Monochrome no Ok”, which will be released on December 11th, was taken at the popular street fashion brand “Younger Song”, which has stores in Harajuku and other four locations nationwide. The visual has been released on the official Twitter and YouTube.
Younger Song was launched in 2021 last year, and is a brand name with the idea that “young people who create trends will have more confidence and their songs (= voices) will reach the world.” Since its launch, it has become a very popular street fashion brand with a design that appeals to both men and women, and has become a big buzz on TikTok.
On the day of the shoot, the members coordinated their own clothes from among the many stores, with the advice of Younger Song director Tensei Saito. As a Younger Song fan, Yui Natsuki (Red, 18), who is known as a fashionable leader, couldn’t hide her excitement, saying, “I’m really happy.”
Performance Shot was also taken at Younger Song Harajuku store. Intense dance shots by Splash members dressed in their own Younger Song style are available on YouTube.
In addition, a making video of Jack on the day will be released on YouTube. Check out the footage of the members worrying about coordination and the tension of the one-shot Dance Shot.
It was a truly “Good Younger!” project that made us feel the future of Splash. [Image 2d81951-22-c9150e198640640f41f7-4.jpg&s3=81951-22-284268e4d4d2e1ffaa7ae2ae0664f5bd-1800x2700.jpg
Hirano Tanabata
■ Splash Hirano Tanabata (Orange, 22 years old)
I’m really happy to be able to wear clothes from a very popular brand that all Splash fans are wearing!
I felt that the atmosphere of Splash and the song matched perfectly and it was a great match!
I hope all the fans will wear it too.

[Image 3d81951-22-2c2420fea99ca827c878-5.jpg&s3=81951-22-691b6baa6350bedce3f44b1d8dd7f085-3900x2600.jpg
Marin Seno
■ Splash Marin Seno (Blue, 17 years old)
We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with such a popular brand in half a year since our debut!
I think that the cool part of Spusla has been brought out even more, and I was able to see a new side that is different from usual! I would love to collaborate with you again!
▲ Spslash Official Twitter ▲ Official Instagram
Karin Tsushima (17) White
Hirano Tanabata (22) Orange Marin Seno (17) Blue
Yui Natsuki (18) Red
Asumi Hoshikawa (19) Purple Fuka Sakuraba (20) Pink
Aoi Sato (22) Green
Honoka Nishimiya (21) Light Green Haruka Yoshimatsu (19) Yellow About Origami Inc.
Splash, BABY-CRAYON~1361~, Senran no Empress, and ZERO PROJECT are affiliated with this idol talent agency.
BABY-CRAYON ~1361~, which debuted last year, is a “Japan’s best declaration” group aiming to stand at the Tokyo Dome. It is an entertainment agency that specializes in idols who are currently attracting the most attention and momentum to which groups belong. ◇Origami Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Head office location: 1-6-11 Nihonbashi Hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Established: December 1, 2020
CEO: Ippei Ishibashi
Capital: 7.53 million yen
【Group membership】
・Senran no Empress
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