STAFF START, which is working to increase the compensation of store staff, has started “STAFF EX PROJECT” to improve the value of sales staff.

Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.
STAFF START, which is working to increase the compensation of store staff, has started “STAFF EX PROJECT” to improve the value of sales staff.

Vanish Standard Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yasuaki Onosato, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which provides the Staff DX application service “STAFF START”, has established “STAFF EX PROJECT”. I will let you know. Together with many supporting companies and brands, we will develop measures to improve the EX (employee experience) of store staff while utilizing the data accumulated through STAFF START, which has exceeded 150 billion yen in annual distribution.
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The “STAFF EX PROJECT” is a project initiated by our company to improve the EX (employee experience) (*) of store staff together with companies and brands in various industries, including retail and services.
*What is EX (employee experience)?
It is a concept that aims to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. In Japanese, it is translated as “employee experience”, and EX also includes psychological and sensory aspects such as what employees felt and thought through experience.
In addition, many companies overseas are already actively working on measures to improve EX and the establishment of specialized
departments. However, there are also results that generate four times more profits than companies that do not. (According to a Harvard Business Review survey)
Regarding staff EX improvement measures
Through the staff DX application service “STAFF START”, we are working to expand the playing field of store staff and improve EX. STAFF START is a service that allows staff to serve customers online, and has now been introduced to 2,100 brands, with over 180,000 staff.
Through this project, we will improve the EX of staff by creating incentive rewards, education, welfare benefits, and award
opportunities for store staff of companies that have introduced STAFF START.
1. Providing a place of learning where skills and knowledge can be acquired [Image 2d10183-137-f6cf7014b62364ae5a88-1.png&s3=10183-137-eb4ffc4af2242d35eae8c6a93b0f876c-698x538.png
Triggered by the corona crisis, companies are now required to respond to new work styles for store staff, including online customer service. In addition to our own study sessions that utilize the data and know-how of STAFF START, we also plan to invite external lecturers to joint study sessions in highly specialized and high-needs fields such as “SNS” and “video editing”.
In addition, focusing on the “store manager meetings” that are becoming a regular occurrence at commercial facilities, etc., we have created an “online store manager meeting” aimed at creating a place for knowledge sharing in the online world for those in charge of store EX and operation. We are also planning a meeting.
2. “Staff Research Institute” that transmits the latest reports of store staff [Image 3d10183-137-9c331c17d1d1c34bbb94-2.png&s3=10183-137-5e6797c1c8d8abbf75c509711a6e167f-698x538.png
Based on the data held by STAFF START, such as the staff who sells the most in Japan and the city where online customer service is the most popular in Japan, in order to widely deliver the charm and value of store staff, the latest information and future trends of staff Send a report that predicts
3. Welfare system for staff of supporting companies and brands [Image 4d10183-137-fcb0387b89770b276449-4.png&s3=10183-137-d9b4dffaae950d8715c1bfcdcd6e570e-698x538.png
Companies and brands that support the EX promotion project are diverse beyond the companies that have introduced “STAFF START”. We will create an environment in which supporting companies and brands of various industries and business categories can become a community and provide mutual benefits.
4. Business matching with companies
[Image 5d10183-137-4076c8bcee3fee5bc819-3.png&s3=10183-137-6bb8aa0d63b5728d94be5e6919526182-698x538.png
We will connect companies, brands, and staff that support us and outside companies that want to collaborate with us, and expand the field of activity for our staff.
The winners of the “STAFF OF THE YEAR” event, which is sponsored by our company to decide the charismatic store clerk of Reiwa, are expanding their fields of activity by collaborating with television, radio, and other companies’ products. In the future, we will provide business matching opportunities not only for award winners, but also for staff of many companies and brands to expand their playing field. 5. Staff award event “STAFF OF THE YEAR”
[Image 6d10183-137-609dc352b99a9f484920-5.jpg&s3=10183-137-84710d8a25f2ff580ae03a3b30f0299d-1200x675.jpg
“STAFF OF THE YEAR” sponsored by Vanish Standard is an event that decides Japan’s best “Reiwa charismatic clerk” from store staff belonging to apparel brands (excluding head office staff such as press and EC staff). is.
By holding nationwide events, we have provided opportunities for store staff to improve their skills, be commended, and be praised = improve EX.
The event has been held for the second consecutive year, and in 2022, 16 apparel store staff who won out of 80,000 people from 1,300 brands nationwide will advance to the final screening. Five “STAFF OF THE YEAR 2022” (* 1 Grand Prix winner) were selected by competing for online customer service, which has become one of the most important skills of staff.
STAFF OF THE YEAR special site: The STAFF EX PROJECT is looking for supporting companies to work together to improve the EX of store staff.
For details, please contact the STAFF START official website. Person in charge: Kizaki
[Image 7d10183-137-6978490f2d5e2aad6a8d-6.png&s3=10183-137-4ef044cfa3e501eac59d71292e62b2d8-904x592.png
“STAFF START” is a staff DX tool that enables store staff to serve customers online on their own EC site and SNS. EC sales through staff posts are visualized and used for evaluation as the performance of individual staff and the store to which they belong. More than 2,100 brands are using our services, spread across a wide range of industries and industries, including apparel, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances, miscellaneous goods, and services. From September 2021 to August 2022, sales through distribution (* 1) via content created with “STAFF START” achieved 152.9 billion yen (* 2). *1 Distribution sales: Sales purchased through content posted on STAFF START on each company’s EC site. (sum of direct sales and indirect sales). In case of passing through multiple contents, the total amount of only the contents viewed last.
*2 Direct sales 83.99 billion yen, indirect sales 68.97 billion yen Direct sales: Sales of products linked to content purchased through content posted on STAFF START
Indirect sales: Sales of products not linked to content purchased through content posted on STAFF START
Main functions of “STAFF START”
Coordination posting function: A function that links product information to coordination photos taken by store staff and posts them to the brand’s own EC site, SNS, etc.
Staff review function: A function that allows store staff to create reviews (evaluations and comments) about products and post them on their own EC site and SNS.
PLAY function: A function that allows store staff to link products to videos of the product’s usability and usage process, etc., and post them on their own EC site and SNS.
Summary function: A function that allows store staff to create content such as articles from theme settings on their own EC site, just like creating a show window at a store.
Store customer service function: A function that allows store staff who serve customers at the store to share information on the EC site of the product they are considering with the customer who is shopping around by QR code.
Buyer function: A function that allows buyers, MDs (merchandisers), etc. to share information on sample products that they are considering selling with sales staff, and allows on-site sales staff to evaluate whether they are likely to sell or not.
Inquiries about the introduction of “STAFF START” Person in charge: Usui, Nozawa
Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 1-8-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Yasuaki Onosato
Business: Development and operation of “STAFF START”

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