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Star Channel Co., Ltd. A complete visualization of the 10-year investigation of the “Litvinenko case” that shook the world. Overseas drama “Assassination of Litvinenko” (4 episodes) A ​​shocking non-fiction drama that you must watch “now”! Exclusiv

Star Channel Co., Ltd.
A complete visualization of the 10-year investigation of the “Litvinenko case” that shook the world. Overseas drama “Assassination of Litvinenko” (4 episodes) A ​​shocking non-fiction drama that you must watch “now”! Exclusive Japan premiere!
Announcement of exclusive Japan premiere from December 22nd (Thursday) on Star Channel EX BS10 exclusive Japan premiere from February 6th (Monday) on Star Channel

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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
The video distribution service “Star Channel EX” operated by Star Channel Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo) has decided to exclusively distribute the new drama “Assassination of Litvinenko” from Thursday, December 22nd. The TV broadcast “BS10 Star Channel” will start its exclusive Japan first broadcast from February 6 (Monday). Furthermore, on February 5 (Sunday), the first episode will be broadcast free of charge.
In November 2006, a photo of a certain man shocked the world. His name is Alexander Litvinenko. A former FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) and KGB (Soviet State Security Committee) officer in exile in England. On his dying bed, he said, “It was Russian President Vladimir Putin who poisoned me.” After his death, a deadly poisonous
radioactive substance called “polonium 210” was detected in his body. The Litvinenko case was said to be the most complicated and dangerous investigation in the history of the Metropolitan Police Department. In this work, the investigators of the London Metropolitan Police who fought hard to find out the truth of this unprecedented case and the full picture of the 10-year hardship investigation of Marina Litvinenko, who lost her husband, will be shown with the police. A non-fiction drama filmed based on thorough research with the full cooperation of the bereaved family.
David Tennant of “Around the World in 80 Days” and “Doctor Who” plays Alexander Litvinenko. Tennant, a national star in the UK, is also named as executive producer, and shows a realistic performance that can be said to be the best of his career. Margarita Levieva of “The Blacklist” and “Revenge” from Russia will play his wife Marina. The script is written by George Kay, the noted creator of Killing Eve, Lupin, and Criminal, and Patrick Spence of Fortitude and Peaky Brides. will serve as executive producer.
Before the broadcast, a message arrived from George Kay that spelled out his thoughts.
“The film was written and shot at a time when relations between the world and Putin were more volatile than ever. It’s the beginning of a series of ruthless attacks that are more important than ever.” Please read the full text of the message on the Star Channel site. URL-
This work is the flagship work of the streaming service ITVX, which will be launched by the British TV station ITV on December 8th. , Delivery and broadcasting in more than 80 countries around the world, including Japan in addition to the home country of the UK. On Star Channel EX, it will be delivered by speed delivery one week after December 15th of the home country delivery.
Please pay attention to the non-fiction drama “Assassination of Litvinenko” that you must watch “now”.
-Distribution and broadcast information- Overseas drama “Assassination of Litvinenko” (4 episodes in total)
◆ Distribution: “Star Channel EX”
– Subtitled version – Distribution starts from December 22nd (Thursday) * Updated one episode every week * Episode 1 is free -Dubbed version-Starting distribution from Thursday, January 19 *Updated one episode every week
Work official page: ◆ Broadcast: “BS10 Star Channel”
[STAR1 Subtitled Version] Starting February 6th (Monday) Every Monday at 11:00 and others *February 5th (Sunday) Episode 1 of the dubbed version will air for free
[STAR3 dubbed version] Every Wednesday at 10:00 from Wednesday, February 8, etc. A non-fiction work that faithfully reproduces the 2006 London assassination of Litvinenko, a former Russian spy, and the 10-year investigation that followed.
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
★ What is the “Litvinenko assassination case”?
In November 2006, anti-Russian activist Aleksandr Litvinenko, a former agent of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), a member of the former Soviet State Security Committee (KGB), was assassinated in London after being dosed with radioactive poison. In 1998, he was arrested and imprisoned for criticizing the FSB, which Mr. Putin was serving as director at the time, at a press conference. After obtaining British citizenship in October 2006, Litvinenko suddenly vomited and claimed to have been “poisoned” in hospital on November 1st. A single photo taken in a sickbed shocks the world along with its appeal. When interviewed by the London Metropolitan Police, he asserted that “the mastermind who ordered the assassination was Vladimir Putin,” and died on November 23 at the age of 44. After his death, a suicide note denouncing Putin was released.
This work is co-produced by British Academy Award (BAFTA) winner Richard Cabaji, who produced the documentary program “Follow the KGB Assassins” (2017), which followed the Litvinenko case from the police point of view, and Litvinenko’s wife Marina. With the full cooperation of the investigators of the London Metropolitan Police Department and other parties concerned, from the interview conducted in the hospital room on the verge of death, to the identification of the poison that caused the death, the radioactive substance polonium 210, the pursuit of the suspect, and the extreme difficulty with the Russian
government. After bargaining, the ten years of hardships and struggles until 2016, when the British government officially announced that Putin was involved, were reproduced based on thorough research. The close relationship between the Russian government and successive British leaders, and the state of the British government, which was reluctant to investigate the death of “exiled British citizen” Litvinenko, are shown along with actual news footage. , The struggle of the detectives of the London Metropolitan Police who get into Russia is also a point of attention. The thrilling development, full of horror and reality unique to non-fiction, is reminiscent of the HBO drama “Chernobyl”, which vividly approaches the inner workings of the nuclear accident.
■ “Doctor Who” starring David Tennant, “Lupin” screenwriter & “Peaky Brides” producer
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
The role of Litvinenko was played by British national star David Tennant (“Around the World in 80 Days,” “Stage,” “Doctor Who”). He met with Litvinenko’s wife, Marina, before filming, and he felt a keen sense of responsibility to her and the bereaved family, saying, “This story is a story that she has actually lived, and for her it is not over yet.” and challenged the Russian dialogue. He performed brilliantly with a realistic performance that can be said to be the best in his career. Margarita Levieva (“The Blacklist”, “Revenge”), an American actress from the former Soviet Union, plays the role of Marina. She passionately plays a wife who continues to fight with an indomitable spirit with her late husband’s wishes in her heart. The screenplay is George Kay, a notable creator who worked on “Lupin” and “Killing Eve”. Directed by Jim Field-Smith of the “Criminal” series. The executive producer is Patrick Spence of “Fortitude / Frozen Murderer” and “Peaky Brides”. Spence describes the film as “a story of a family and a police team who have shown courage and resilience and inspired us all.”
■We are particular about authenticity, and shoot on location at the actual site. Great attention in the world! Distribution and
broadcasting in over 80 countries! Exclusively released in Japan for the first time on Star Channel!
In order to create a drama that resonates with the heart, we filmed at actual sites such as the Japanese restaurant “itsu” in London and the Highgate Cemetery where Litvinenko rests. On the day of the cemetery shoot, in September 2021, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Russia was responsible for Litvinenko’s murder and ordered the Russian government to pay damages to his wife Marina. However, following the ruling, the Russian government’s presidential spokesman condemned it as “unfounded” and announced its refusal to pay reparations. The release of this work overlaps with the international situation of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, and is attracting hot attention around the world. there is
[Main character]
Alexander Litvinenko (David Tennant)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Former Russian spy and anti-Russian activist. As soon as he obtained British citizenship in exile, he affirmed “putin’s instructions” on a dying bed with radioactive poison.
Marina Litvinenko (Margarita Levieva)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Wife of Alexander Litvinenko. For the sake of her late husband, she continues to fight to find out the truth behind the incident. Brent Hyatt (Neil Maskell)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Litvinenko’s lieutenant inspector of the London Metropolitan Police who interviewed Litvinenko in his sickbed. He works hard on the investigation with a strong sense of responsibility, and treats Mrs. Marina with sincerity.
Clive Timmons (Mark Bonner)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Superintendent of the London Metropolitan Police Department who commands the investigation team with keen insight and strong leadership.
Brian Tarpey (Sam Troughton)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Lieutenant of the London Metropolitan Police. He is dispatched to Moscow to interview Rugovoi, who is believed to be the perpetrator of the poisoning, but is tossed by the Russian government’s response. Andrei Lugovoi (Rad Kaim)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Litvinenko’s ex-colleague and Russian spy, who is believed to be the most likely perpetrator of the poisoning.
Ben Emerson (Stephen Campbell Moore)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
A human rights lawyer hired by Marina. In order to get the British government to formally recognize Putin’s involvement, the Home Office Work with the Commission of Inquiry.
Alex Goldfarb (Mark Ivanir)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Microbiologist and human rights activist. He has been a friend of the Litvinenko family since they fled, and will continue to support Marina and her son even after his death.
Boris Berezovsky (Nikolai Zankov)
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(C) ITV Studios Limited All rights reserved.
Although he rose to prominence as one of Russia’s emerging oligarchs, he fled to England in conflict with President Putin, and criticized Putin in a hard-line manner.
[Screenplay] George Kay (“Killing Eve”, “Lupin”, “Criminal” series) [Executive production] Patrick Spence (“Fortitude / Frigid Murderer”, “Peaky Brides”, etc.)
[Director] Jim Field Smith (“Criminal” series)
[Appearance] David Tennant (“Around the World in 80 Days” “Doctor Who”), Margarita Levieva (“Blacklist” “Revenge”), Mark Bonner (“Line of Duty” “Buried Murderous Intent”, Neil Maskell (“Small Axe”) and others
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[BS10 Star Channel]
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