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STARBASE Co., Ltd. ADULT ONLY KIDS member ichiyon releases his second solo work!

ADULT ONLY KIDS member ichiyon releases his second solo album! Yosuke Nakano, the frontman of Emerald, will participate!

Rapper ichiyon, who released his career first single “DAY feat. Tiggar & Manju (Produced by TOSHIKI HAYASHI(%C)” in August, has announced that he will be releasing his second single.
This work includes “City Step feat. Yosuke Nakano” featuring Yosuke Nakano, frontman of Emerald, a band that celebrated its 10th anniversary last year under the banner of “NIGHT URBAN POPS”. The coupling song includes “MOONCATCH” produced by h.i.l.a.c.k, known for his activities as a beat maker. It is a work that has a laid-back sound that shines in the danceable and urban melody.
■ ichiyon comment
I’m Ichiyoung. First of all, thank you to everyone who listened to DAY. The song has been completed, so I hope you will enjoy it together with DAY.Thank you very much!!
■ Work information
[Image 1

Artist: ichiyon
Title: City Step / MOONCATCH
01. City Step feat. Yosuke Nakano
Various distribution services:
Label: Boutique Bonnou / NEW CARD
Release date: Friday, December 9, 2022
■ Profile
[Image 2

Belongs to the hip-hop group ADULT ONLY KIDS/From Kanagawa Prefecture/MC In 2008, he formed “jim Benjamin from HELL” with three local friends. Active mainly from Yokohama to Tokyo.
Cypress Ueno & DJ YANATAKE was selected as “JPs’NEXT coming” in block_fm’s program “INSIDEOUT”. In the same year, he was selected as a regular member of Cypress Ueno’s party “Constructive”, welcoming guests such as RHYMESTER, Schadaraparr, Gaki Ranger, BUDDHA BRAND, Yakenohara, LUI FRONTiC Akabane JAPAN, and Tentenko.
year 2012
MANGA SHOCK, Triple Fire, LEF!!! CREW!!!, I.W.N.B / TOKYO HEALTH CLUB, etc. Participated in the compilation album “NO FUN ISSUE01”, which compiled artists who played a central role in the Tokyo underground scene in the 2010s. Released from OTOE LABEL.
Formed “umaneco” with DJ Nono (MC), Pelican (MC), Junya (Dr.), and maezono (DJ). In May 2017, from omochi records, the full-length album “One Paku Bangpaku!” ] Released. At the event organized by umaneco, Akko Gorilla, Hyper Yoyo, Ayaman JAPAN, Morley Robertson, Hollywood Zakoshisho, Oyasumi Hologram, PARKGOLF, YOCO ORGAN, etc., have attracted attention for their multifaceted activities that are not bound by the framework of hip-hop and music. is.
“MEiSTER” is a joint project album of “Tokyo Sento -TOKYO SENTO-“, which is working to revitalize the public bath industry, and “Yuzame Label”, a label that releases proposals and discoveries for all kinds of “manufacturing” and new expressions. Participated in Bunzo Taro’s song SAUNA SAMURAI.
Released the first album of the unit ADULT ONLY KIDS, which he belongs to, from Cypress Ueno’s label “Dream Kaihatsu”. Guest performers include ZEN-LA-ROCK, KMC, Shinkoto Mori, Taro Bunzo (Public Musume), tomodati, etc. brought up the topic.
Yosuke Nakano (Emerald)
[Image 3d11969-959-5c83dd4de66255453b6d-2.jpg&s3=11969-959-2ab4313f1a172ccf6158644a206dc3f8-1258x840.jpg
Yosuke Nakano
In parallel with the activities of the band Emerald, started solo activities with electric guitar singing. Lay back a sophisticated band sound and develop live performances that focus on songs. Outside of the band, he is gradually expanding his range of activities, such as guest appearances in yobai suspects and MU-FU (Mime’s guitarist Jun Uchino’s solo project).
・Twitter ●Emerald
・Twitter ●h.i.l.a.c.k
Details about this release:

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