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Stardy Co., Ltd. Gento Kono’s Stardy thorough basic course has started as an online preparatory school for “Kono Juku ISM”!

Stardy Co., Ltd.
Gento Kono’s Stardy thorough basic course has started as “Konojuku ISM” online preparatory school!
A new start on December 10th!! Gento Kawano appointed as the president!!!
 On December 10 (20:00~), Gento Kono’s Stardy Thorough Basic Course will be renamed “Kono Juku ISM (operated by Stardy Co., Ltd., Tokyo)” and turned into an online preparatory school.
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Based on the experience of Gento Kono, who has challenged and passed many difficult exams, Konojuku ISM is an “easy-to-read and
easy-to-understand” learning platform that specializes in passing exams. New courses will be added one by one, and it will be reborn as an effective online learning course that is close to examinees. This time, Gento Kawano will be the president of the school, and a new service will be added in which tutors, mainly current University of Tokyo students, will answer each student’s questions. Kono Juku ISM is based on the concept of Gento Kono’s “studying is the most
cost-effective play”, and Kono himself explains the course in an easy-to-understand manner, focusing on science and mathematics. It will be available for viewing.
Thorough Basic Course (Mathematics I)
Thorough Basic Course (Number A)
Thorough Basic Course (Mathematics II)
Thorough Basic Course (Number B)
Number 3 Calculus Introduction Start Dash Pack
Number of cases / probability (beginners) 45 questions of anger [Physics]
Essence of mechanics learned in calculus
[New course]
Thorough Basic Course (Mathematics III)
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-Profile of Gento Kawano-
Gento Kawano (born in 1996) passed the University of Tokyo Science Class 3 Medical School. Passed the bar exam while still in school, and also passed the national examination for medical practitioners. This year (2022), he will challenge himself as a certified public accountant and earn the qualification in November.
Started “Stardy – Gento Kono’s Divine Class” as an educational YouTuber while studying at the University of Tokyo Medical School, which was called “the divine performance of the University of Tokyo School of Medicine”. He has also appeared in various media as a talent, and Gento Kawano’s YouTube boasts 980,000 subscribers (as of December 2022), and is still growing.

-Inquiries regarding this matter-
Person in charge: Omi Yamahara

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