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Starring Nao Ota! The stage play “Jugo Shoujo Hyoryuki” will be performed in February 2023!

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Starring Nao Ota! The stage play “Jugo Shoujo Hyoryuki” will be performed in February 2023!


In February 2023, it has been decided that the stage play “Jugo Shoujo Hyuryuki” will be performed at Tokyo Theater 1010 and Ebina City Cultural Center.
The original is the adventure novel “Jugo Shonen Hyuryuki” published by French Jules Verne in 1888 for boys. In this work, the 15 boys who appear in the story will be replaced by 15 girls, and the script and direction will be performed by Sho Kubota.
Starring Nao Ota, who made her debut as a member of AKB48 in 2014, has appeared in stage productions since her group activities, and continues to perform well in many stages even after graduation. In addition, Rio Omori, Ayano Hamaura, Kouka Ishimori, Ayaka Fujii, Mai Haruna, Sena Horikoshi, Miho Amane, Chloe Yuki, Ami Kanuma, Towako Kirishima, Asuka Ozaki, Kannu Aya, Akari Nakatake, Saki Michieda (AKB48) ) and a fresh cast!
February 1860. Girls living in Auckland, New Zealand boarded the “Sleugi” to enjoy a voyage during summer vacation. However, on the eve of departure, an incident occurs on the night when they stayed on the ship as a rehearsal practice. The ship where only the girls sleep has been swept away to the sea before I knew it.
There are 15 girls on the ship, 14 girls who attend an all-girls school in Auckland, and one girl who is an apprentice sailor. Swept out to sea, overcoming storms, and finally arriving at an uninhabited island.
Dolce, who was originally the best student in school, sees Britney as a rival and often clashes with Britney, who pulls younger children. However, on the island where only girls live, a criminal group of murderers arrives…
A story about girls who were suddenly shipwrecked and forced to live on an uninhabited island.
This time, a comment has arrived from Sho Kubota, the scriptwriter and director, when the performance is decided!
Screenplay and direction Sho Kubota
The original is Jules Verne’s masterpiece “Jugo Shonen Houryuuki”. I read it for the first time when I was a child, but even when I read it again as an adult, I was surprised at how interesting the work was. Replace this story of children overcoming difficulties and growing up with women. When I was able to realize the expression of that on stage, I thought that I could create a stage play with a new and interesting story that I had never seen before.
I’m looking forward to expressing this world with the presence of the stage, music, songs, and most of all, the power of the wonderful cast. Please stay tuned.
Jules Verne’s “Jugo Shonen Drifting Chronicles”
Sho Kubota
Nao Ohta
Rio Ohmori
Ayano Hamaura
Nijika Ishimori
Ayaka Fujii
Mai Haruna
Sena Horikoshi
Amane Miho
Yuki Chloe
Ami Kanuma
Towako Kirishima
Asuka Ozaki
Akikari Nakatake
Saki Michieda (AKB48)
[Performance schedule]
Venue: Theater 1010
2/3 (Friday) 18:00-
2/4 (Sat) 12:30-17:00
2/5 (Sun) 12:30-17:00
2/6 (Monday) 14:00-
Venue: Ebina City Cultural Center
2/23 (Thu) 17:00~
-Tokyo performance- All seats reserved (tax included)
SS seat 12,100 yen
S seat 9,900 yen
A seat 7,700 yen
B seat 5,500 yen
-Ebina performance- All seats reserved (tax included)
S seat 8,800 yen
A seat 6,600 yen
B seat 4,400 yen
[Preceding performers]
12/21 (Wed) 10:00-12/25 (Sun) 23:59
[Official website advance]
12/21 (Wed) 10:00-12/25 (Sun) 23:59
[E-plus advance]
12/28 (Wed.) 12:00 – 1/13 (Fri.) 18:00
[General sale]
1/14 (Sat) 10:00~
Official site:
Official Twitter: @15girls_stage
[Organizer] Stage “15 Girls Drifting” Production Committee
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