Start handling vintage accessories at “TiCTAC”!

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Start handling vintage accessories at “TiCTAC”!

Introducing the charm of tasteful vintage accessories all at once at Tic Tac Grand Front Osaka. It is an impressive lineup with accessories from popular brands.
From December 9th (Friday) to December 25th (Sunday), a fair with vintage accessories and vintage watches will be held at the watch specialty store “TiCTAC” Grand Front Osaka store.
[Image 1d8241-336-0ed08d277ce314f40612-1.jpg&s3=8241-336-114e4a15ae53e2084f546b25ea6cea71-1080x1079.jpg
We will introduce the appeal of vintage accessories, such as bracelets that can be layered with watches to decorate your hand, earrings and necklaces that accent your outfit, and more.
[Image 2d8241-336-6485ff1cfcad6cd85302-4.jpg&s3=8241-336-83f9a134ea3d082c52c55d77bd304c88-1584x1584.jpg
A novelty campaign will also be held at the same time. Please take advantage of this opportunity.

■ Store: TiCTAC Grand Front Osaka (4th floor of Grand Front Osaka South Building)
■ Period December 9th (Friday) to December 25th (Sunday)
■ Handling brands
Accessories: Hermes (HERMES), Tiffany (Tiffany & Co.), Gucci (GUCCI), Chanel (CHANEL), etc.
Watches: Cartier, Hermes, OMEGA, Gucci, Chanel, etc.
[Image 3d8241-336-c8c556989f25f2c52f19-14.jpg&s3=8241-336-ca4fc11405b2117b4ba4fa824684022a-1779x1779.jpg
During the period, those who purchase vintage accessories will receive an original clock cloth that can be used for regular maintenance on a first-come, first-served basis. The soft, ultra-fine fiber cloth thoroughly wipes away sebum and fine dust that adheres to your skin. The watch cloth can be used repeatedly by washing it with a neutral detergent.
*Since the number is limited, it will end as soon as it runs out. [Image 4d8241-336-bd31d488c65079a48046-7.jpg&s3=8241-336-7fdbb317a421b3622f98f1d5fd809716-2000x2000.jpg
The design with a strong presence influenced by that era is perfect for accenting your outfit.
[Image 5d8241-336-746d81f90469aaeee7b2-5.jpg&s3=8241-336-240d34745401dd7bfff7bdcefff2314f-1896x1896.jpg
Combine vintage accessories with your usual styling for a sharp look. [Image 6d8241-336-273d8f3ee65698d5850e-6.jpg&s3=8241-336-23c17273eb6f98884b5b9ed34fffc1cf-2000x2000.jpg
Encountering vintage accessories with a unique taste is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
[Image 7d8241-336-b555d2c0fdd59afcf4fc-8.jpg&s3=8241-336-157a66234484a4dd8b05d1ad17a920b1-1878x1878.jpg
Please enjoy the pleasure of discovering your own treasure from the famous products that have been handed down to their owners in each era, like a baton.
▼Some products are also available at the TicTac online store.
Vintage watch dealer
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▼Tic Tac Online Store
[Image 8d8241-336-0e797cba91c5c0565161-15.jpg&s3=8241-336-133e5312e6bf2d1184c9d9754f7ca97a-650x488.jpg
A select shop of wristwatches that unfolds nationwide. From the latest domestic and foreign brands to full-fledged mechanical watches, select watches with excellent design and functionality. As an item that expresses your personality, as a gift that wishes for a happy time for your loved ones, and as a collection item that satisfies your intellectual curiosity, we propose the charm of “watches” from various aspects.
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