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Started providing Sotas DB, an information database for chemical trading companies

Sotas Inc.
Started providing Sotas DB, an information database for chemical trading companies
The database that has the largest number of search items in the industry and allows you to easily create pinpoint search and comparison materials, specializing in molding companies as the first step

Sotas Co., Ltd. (Location: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, CEO: Hiroki Yoshimoto, hereinafter “our company”), which develops and provides services that create a foundation for economic growth and environmental load reduction for small and medium-sized enterprises belonging to the material industry, will start today. , to start providing Sotas DB, an information database for chemical trading companies.
[Image 1

Until now, there have been tools that aggregate information on small and medium-sized manufacturing industries nationwide, but none of them targeted chemical trading companies, and in most cases there was not enough information to utilize them. Chemical trading companies are forced to use analog methods to search for information (catalogs, web searches, individual inquiries) in response to requests from manufacturers, who are their customers. , a huge amount of time is devoted to information gathering and document preparation.
On the other hand, about 80% of the managers of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies have problems with increasing sales and expanding sales channels (*). Shortages and fragmentation of information in small and medium-sized manufacturing industries were challenges for the industry.
As a solution to solve this problem with the power of digital, we will start providing the information database “Sotas DB” for chemical trading companies from today.
The Sotas DB covers not only company information such as capital and location, but also detailed information such as owned equipment, presence or absence of clean rooms, actual industries and
applications, handling record resins, mold procurement, processing support, support for various fillers, etc. and consolidate information in one place. It is an information database that allows chemical trading companies to pinpoint the companies they want to find and easily create a comparison table for each company.
The usage fee is provided from 100,000 yen per month per company, and the commission when making a project is completely free. Please contact us for detailed usage charges.
*Source: Small and Medium Enterprise Agency Business Succession Guidelines 3rd Edition (Revised March 2022)
Thoughts put into the development of “Sotas DB” by the founder I come from a major chemical manufacturer. When I worked for a chemical manufacturer, I vaguely felt two things.
・The contribution of chemical trading companies to the industry is very high. ・On the other hand, it may be possible to select companies/materials that are more efficient and timely.
Based on the above background, I have been searching for a business model that makes everyone involved happy, and I have been searching for a service that can increase the speed of the entire chemical industry while making good use of the structure of the industry. I was. Therefore, “Sotas DB” is now available. What I know only because I have a manufacturing background is that what is most sought after by trading companies is a “strong ability to make proposals.” Of course, there are many strengths of a trading company, such as import/export and stock holding. However, we believe that the cooperation of trading companies is essential, as manufacturers are desperately competing with their competitors in terms of their ability to make proposals in response to customer demands.
As for myself, I have had many experiences flying overseas, not just in Japan, by working well with trading companies. We sincerely hope that as many trading companies as possible will be able to sympathize with the thoughts behind the development of “Sotas DB”.
Information database for chemical trading companies “Sotas DB” (URL:
[Benefits of a chemical trading company]
Feature 1.: It is possible to search for highly specialized items. You can pinpoint the molding company you want to ask for a project. It is possible to search for highly specialized items such as owned facilities, clean rooms, track record industries and applications, handling record resins, mold procurement, processing support, support for various fillers, location, GHG amount, etc.
[Image 2

Feature 2: You can easily create comparison materials
The information of the checked companies can be made into a comparison table with one click. You can also check or uncheck the number of items you want to display.
It is possible to search for companies and show a comparison table on the spot after receiving a consultation from a customer, which greatly improves the ability to make proposals, especially for trading company sales.
[Image 3

Feature 3: Information management and sharing is possible with the My Page function for each trading company
Since information can be managed for each trading company, the information is not biased toward individuals, and operational efficiency is improved.
[Benefits for registered companies (molding companies)]
Feature 1.: It is possible to appeal to chemical trading companies without running a business (registration and publication fees are free).
We also support the creation and posting of company introduction pages free of charge. It is possible to encourage an increase in inquiries by not only appealing the company introduction in writing, but also appealing the equipment you have and the resin you have handled. [Image 4d107222-7-4ae62dab2cf26efa18bc-0.png&s3=107222-7-400b2a9e6139669ca9517b357187328e-1508x1178.png
Feature 2.: Just by registering, you can also post products and past article URLs.
Products and past article URLs can also be posted, and by using images in addition to text, it is possible to appeal to trading companies more.
Feature 3: By using the production and inventory management system “Sotas”, usage information is automatically updated
One of the problems of the matching system so far, “I have to enter information”, will be greatly improved. For companies using “Sotas”, information is automatically linked to “Sotas DB” and updated, so there is no need to input.
As the first step, we are looking for registered companies, limited to plastic molding companies. (Registration fee and publication fee are free)
If you are a company that wishes to register, please contact us from the URL below, clearly stating that you would like to be listed on the Sotas DB. (In some cases, we may refuse to post.)
* The above includes functions under development
Company Profile
With the purpose of “making the earth live longer”, we develop and provide products that achieve both carbon neutrality and circular economy for small and medium-sized manufacturers and increase sales. Solves the problems of small and medium-sized manufacturing industries with “Sotas”, an ordering, production and inventory management system specialized for the material industry, and “Sotas DB”, a database for trading companies that improves the fluidity of materials, products and technologies that are buried in small and medium-sized
enterprises. I will support you.
Company name: Sotas Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hiroki Yoshimoto, CEO
Location: KBIC Main Building 236, 7-7 Shin-Kawasaki, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
Established: March 2022
Business overview: Development and provision of “Sotas”, an
environment-friendly ordering/production/inventory management system for the chemical industry, and “Sotas DB”, a database for trading companies
Recruitment information
In a world where decarbonization efforts are progressing, the manufacturing industry, which has supported Japan’s economic growth, is facing various challenges such as the declining birthrate, aging population, and digitalization. Sotas has the purpose of “enhancing the earth’s longevity”, supports small and medium-sized manufacturing industries, and develops and provides solutions that solve social issues.
Sotas is looking for partners to create the future of the Japanese manufacturing industry together. Please refer to the page below for details on how to apply.

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