Started supporting B League young player, former U22 Japan National Team player Hayato Yamaguchi with WADA compatible CBD products!

Started supporting B League young player, former U22 Japan National Team player Hayato with WADA compatible CBD products! HempMeds supports the success of Hayato , who is very active this season, with CBD products

HempMeds has started supporting Hayato with WADA-compliant CBD supplements and body care products that do not violate doping.

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Since being removed from WADA’s list of banned substances in 2018, CBD has become an essential ingredient for athletes around the world. Among them, basketball is one of the sports that are very positive about CBD, where active and retired NBA players actively incorporate CBD.
There are many athletes who have adopted CBD ahead of other sports, and retired athletes have said, “If I had been able to use CBD during my active career, I would have been able to live a longer and higher quality active life.” It is compatible with and is becoming an indispensable ingredient.
HempMeds Advantage in the Sports Industry
Although CBD is becoming widely recognized, it is considered a very difficult ingredient to handle in the sports industry due to its doping.
HempMeds has prepared a lineup of CBD that athletes can use with confidence in cooperation with domestic doping substance inspection agencies. Specialized personnel also provide support for the use of CBD.
In terms of quality, in addition to our experience and achievements in handling CBD since 2012, we have spent more than 10 billion yen on research and development for products, and have provided reliable CBD that is backed by evidence. rice field.
As a result, we have received support from athletes and people in the sports industry who are concerned about the effects and doping aspects.
Support for
The B League, Japan’s top basketball league with many stop-and-go arena competitions, is an intense sport that consumes physical strength throughout the season, and recovery between games is extremely important.
In order to become an attractive league, the B League is currently the hottest league in Japan, where not only the fierce competition for the 2026 format, but also the performance of individual players is required.
In the league of the highest peak, is a top-level player who is currently participating in every match for his team.
HempMeds will support the maintenance and recovery of ’s high performance throughout the season with CBD products.

Profile of Hayato

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Since his father was a corporate player, he started playing basketball when he was in the first grade of elementary school.
At the University of Tsukuba, he participated in the intercollegiate competition from the first year, won the intercollegiate championship in the third year, and won the excellent player award.
In the 4th year, he won the intercollegiate runner-up as well as the fighting spirit award and the top scorer.
2020-Special designated player at Utsunomiya Brex
April 2021 – Levanga Hokkaido
2022-Ibaraki Robots
Representative career
2019 U22 Japan National Team
Although he is young, he is attractive for his play and scoring ability that makes use of his height, and he has been very active as one of the team’s core players in the 2022-23 season.
About HempMeds and its products

HempMeds is the first CBD oil brand in American history in 2012 based on the concept of “Your Trusted CBD” and “We are the first (R)”. It is sold in more than 40 countries and regions, has a total research and development cost of over 10 billion yen, and is also active in the medical field in Brazil and Mexico.
We provide the market with high-quality CBD products that are suitable for the purpose, centering on the RSHO series, which is a flagship model, at a reasonable price.
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Characteristic CBD oil and products HempMeds is one of the brands with the highest research and development costs in the CBD industry, spending more than 10 billion yen on product development.
In Japan, there are four types of characteristic CBD oil, including a few standard products.
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WADA-compliant CBD products
HemMeds also plans and sells products that are compatible with WADA standards that use only CBD alone among hemp-derived ingredients that athletes can use.
Click here for products using isolated CBD compatible with WADA In body care products, we formulate the original effects of CBD in consideration of compatibility with ingredients that enhance the effects in the field of health care, and are active in various fields such as skin care, body care, hair care, and muscle care. I’m here. Official online store:
Players supported by HempMeds
Hayato (B1 League Ibaraki Robots member)
Seiya Ando (B1 League, Shimane Susanoo Magic)
Yuya Hashimoto (former Japan national futsal team, current Gifu FC Egoist player, GM and head coach)
Masamitsu Masuda (professional golfer with attractive drivers over 300Y)
Fukutomi Sodai (Futsal F2 Shinagawa City member)
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