Started the “SDGs Dentist” campaign

Mitsuo Dental Clinic
Started the “SDGs Dentist” campaign

Mitsuo Dental Clinic (located in Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Prefecture, Director: Mitsuo Takatsu) will start the “SDGs Dentist” campaign from January this year. We will raise awareness by putting pamphlets in the hospital.
Aiming for an SDGs dental clinic
Mitsuo Dental Clinic sympathizes with the SDGs “Sustainable
Development Goals”. Continuing to cherish existing resources. When I thought about what SDGs efforts dental clinics could make for patients, I came up with the idea of ​​“continuing to carefully protect the natural teeth of patients.”
To do so, two major steps are required. The two are “precise tooth inspection” and “tooth shaving method”.
First, about “examination of precise teeth”
Because the inside of the mouth is dark and the teeth are small and difficult to see, cavities are often overlooked or misidentified. If a cavity is overlooked, it will grow larger, and if the nerve is infected, pain will occur and the nerve will have to be removed. Also, if the condition is very bad, the tooth itself will have to be extracted.
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Mistakes are also very important.
When a patient sees black spots on their teeth, they think they have cavities. However, there are other things that look black other than cavities. Dirt such as coloring and tartar, which is bacteria of periodontal disease.
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If you grind your teeth, they will become brittle and break easily. It’s getting closer to taking the nerve and pulling out the tooth. Therefore, it is necessary to properly judge whether it is a cavity or not = whether it is necessary to sharpen it.
It is not enough to see with the naked eye to judge. If you inspect it with the naked eye, there is a high possibility that you will mistake coloring that is not caries as caries.
At Mitsuo Dental Clinic, we use microscopes and magnifying glasses to look at teeth in a big way and take time to carefully inspect them. We will also perform an X-ray examination.
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Accurate inspection prevents overlooking or misidentification of cavities. Eliminate unnecessary dental treatment and treat only the teeth that are really necessary.
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Second, about “how to sharpen teeth”
Even if cavities can be found through a detailed examination, many healthy teeth other than cavities will be shaved if you do not think about how to shave the teeth.
Tooth decay has peculiarities. The cavity has a small entrance and spreads widely within the tooth.
[Image 5d104979-2-da740af7f214323818c8-4.jpg&s3=104979-2-b9b7fa352667a7dfeb8f76948051902e-1280x720.jpg
As a treatment that has been practiced for a long time, there is a filling made by taking a tooth impression.
The teeth are shaved outward to remove cavities, impressions of the teeth are taken, and fillings are made and attached. There are metal and ceramic fillings.
The biggest problem with this treatment is that it removes excess healthy teeth. The tooth is shaved outward so that the filling can be inserted, but the shape is the opposite of the characteristic of the decayed tooth that spreads inside. As more teeth are removed, the teeth become brittle and break easily.
[Image 6d104979-2-400cadca7d5d4b9b30fa-5.jpg&s3=104979-2-2d585ef974e132b9f56630b280269fd4-1280x720.jpg
If you can shave as much as you can to match the characteristics of the cavities, you can leave a lot of healthy teeth.
In other words, the entrance of the cavities is scraped small and the cavities inside are firmly scraped off.
This method makes it difficult to see the cavities, and if it does not go well, the cavities will be left behind, so the use of a microscope, a magnifying glass, and an X-ray is essential. After confirming the size and position of the decayed tooth with an X-ray, carefully scrape off the decayed tooth while looking at the microscope or magnifying glass so that there is no residue left behind. After taking it out, fill the filling directly in your mouth to complete the process. With this method, many healthy teeth can be preserved, which prevents the teeth from cracking and prolongs the life of the teeth. Also, treatment costs are lower.
The above are the SDGs initiatives carried out at Mitsuo Dental Clinic. The role of the dentist is to protect the oral health of the patient. For that reason, it is important to perform a precise examination and carefully scrape and treat. Extends the life of your teeth by reducing unnecessary treatments. Oral health is linked to overall health, which can lead to significant reductions in medical costs. In order to continue this initiative, we at Mitsuo Dental Clinic will continue to study and make efforts.
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Mitsuo Dental Clinic Director, Mitsuo Takatsu
Dynasty Yoriki 101, 4-15 Yoriki-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Phone: 06-6948-6232
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