“Steak Lodge” will open on the 8th floor of Yodobashi Akiba on Wednesday, December 28th! For 3 days until th e 30th (Friday), a lottery campaign will be held in which 1 out of 10 people will be free!

Five Group Co., Ltd.
“Steak Lodge” will open on the 8th floor of Yodobashi Akiba on Wednesday, December 28th! For 3 days until the 30th (Friday), a lottery campaign will be held in which 1 out of 10 people will be free!

Affiliated company of Five Group Co., Ltd. (Musashino City, Tokyo: President Kenji Sakamoto), B-kyu Gourmet Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Musashino City, Tokyo; President: Kenshi Sakamoto), which handles “Spaghetti Pancho” etc. will open a new store “Steak Lodge Yodobashi Akiba Store” of the steak house “Steak Lodge” that it operates on Wednesday, December 28th. To commemorate this, we have prepared a special campaign for those who visit us during the period from the opening to December 30 (Friday). If you win the lottery at checkout, you can eat and drink for free. We are waiting for many people to visit us with an exceptional setting of 10% winning probability.
[Image 1

Energy charge spot “Steak Lodge” appears in Akihabara!
“Steak Lodge” was born in Dogenzaka, Shibuya in 2018 as a full-fledged steakhouse where you can enjoy delicious meat at a reasonable price in the middle of the city. With support from a wide range of generations, regardless of gender, we are currently operating in Ikebukuro, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture, and Udagawacho, Shibuya.
Support daily life like mountain climbing!
Vitality is indispensable for people to aim for the top of the “mountain”, which is a goal or hurdle in the hectic days, or to overcome it. “Steak Lodge” provides “meat that can supplement the “current lack” that is the source. Beef and pork are rich in protein, which forms the foundation, and iron and vitamins that support vitality. Chicken and lamb are rich in carnitine and imidopeptides that promote metabolism. We support daily life like mountain climbing with various steaks such as unparalleled gibier steak.
Finally appeared in Akihabara!
Just like Shibuya and Ikebukuro, where “Steak Lodge” was born, Akihabara is one of the towns where you can feel “Tokyo today”. It is not hard to imagine that the people living in such a cutting-edge city are aiming for their respective peaks.
In such Akihabara, “Steak Lodge” will provide delicious steaks that can recharge your energy and a warm space where you can take a break, aiming to “deliver deliciousness” together with customers.
1 out of 10 people are free! Open commemorative lottery campaign! [Image 2

To commemorate the opening of “Steak Lodge Yodobashi Akiba”, a special campaign will be held for three days from December 28th (Wednesday) to 30th (Friday). If you come to the store during the period, if you win the lottery at the time of checkout, you can eat and drink for free! We are waiting for you with a high probability setting that 1 in 10 people will be free. How about trying your last luck of the year with a delicious steak!
* Open the lottery on the spot and get a free meal for one person. * Applicable only on the day.
* Up to one lottery can be drawn per visit.
You will also receive a discount ticket!
In addition to the lottery at the time of checkout, the first 1,000 people will receive a 200 yen discount ticket that can be used on the next visit. Whether you win the lottery or not, please enjoy “Steak Lodge” next time.
*Distribution will end as soon as tickets are sold out.
*Open commemorative 200 yen discount ticket is valid until the end of February. [Image 3

Rich Lodge Steak (Glasses) 200g ¥1,375 / 300g ¥1,804 / 400g ¥2,343 / 500g ¥2,882 [Image 4

Juicy lodge steak (shoulder loin) 200g ¥1,375 / 300g ¥1,804 / 400g ¥2,343 / 500g ¥2,882
Steak Lodge Yodobashi Akiba
■ Store name
Steak Lodge Yodobashi Akiba
■ Address
Yodobashi Akiba 8F, 1-1 Kanda Hanaoka-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo ■ TEL
■ Business hours
11:00-23:00 (L.O.22:00)
*Business hours may change depending on the situation
■ Store size
22 seats (counter 4 / table 18)
■ Opening date
Wednesday, December 28, 2022
[What is Steak Lodge]
If you look out from inside the mountain lodge-style store, the people coming and going in the city will be as if they were busy climbing a steep mountain. “Steak Lodge” was born with such a scenery in front of us, where we want you to heal your fatigue and recharge your daily energy in a warm space with a thick-sliced ​​rare steak that is particular about quality.
Carefully selected meat from all over the world is kept at a low temperature without being frozen even once. The meat is cooked with a focus on the thickness and doneness, while valuing the original flavor of the meat. In addition to rock salt and pepper that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients, you can enjoy it with our original homemade sauce. Aiming for “deliciousness”, we are conducting research every day.
Starting with the popular “Juicy Lodge Steak” that has been a staple since the opening, the “Rich Lodge Steak” with an exquisite balance of fat and lean meat, the healthy and crisp “Harami Steak”, and high-protein, low-fat, low-calorie raw meat. We have a popular menu such as “raw lamb Genghis Khan steak raised in the grassland” using lamb, and we are evolving further as a “charge spot for heart and body”.

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