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Sunmax Laser A fiber laser engraving machine that performs delicate metal processing. Introducing the RSD-SUNMAX-FL50 with higher power output

sanmax laser
Fiber laser engraving machine for delicate metal processing. Introducing the RSD-SUNMAX-FL50 with higher power output
A fiber laser engraving machine that is easy to install and requires little maintenance has now achieved higher power output. Faster processing can be expected to shorten the processing time.

Rinsyundo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; Representative Director: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures, develops systems, sells, and repairs laser processing machines, has launched the fiber laser engraving machine “RSD-SUNMAX” from the Sunmax Laser Series brand. -FL50”.
It has higher output than the conventional RSD-SUNMAX-FL30 and contributes to shortening the time for marking titanium seals and metal parts.
[Image 1

Main features of RSD-SUNMAX-FL50
The rotary processing machine, which is a standard accessory, is a single-axis type, and can be used for both side and inner surface engraving. There is no need to prepare a new personal computer because the control software is installed in the built-in personal computer. It is possible to create data with the control software, but it is also possible to import externally created data only in supported formats. The size of the machine is 800mm wide x 700mm deep, including the connector, so it is space-saving and easy to install.
Functions other than output are equivalent to RSD-SUNMAX-FL30. Standard accessories
・ Rotary processing machine ・ Foot switch ・ Transformer
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In addition, it is possible to equip a dust collector that enables indoor exhaust as an option.
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External dimensions: width 800 x depth 700 (including connector connection) x height 1670 mm
Laser type: Galvano ytterbium fiber laser
Laser power: 50W
Standard marking area: 200mm x 200mm
Cooling method: air cooling
Installed operating system: Windows 10 Pro
Control software: EzCad2J
[Video 2:] For details of RSD-SUNMAX-FL50, please visit the product URL See
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[Image 5d25668-25-e3c0382613919592ac0f-5.jpg&s3=25668-25-5738aa2e512ecb9141a1069799fc6ca8-3900x2925.jpg
[Image 6d25668-25-8769c58945d195d5e548-2.jpg&s3=25668-25-7f257a892661d554a648b980c500bae2-2600x1500.jpg

RSD-SUNMAX-FL30 is also available for those who want to reduce the introduction cost as much as possible.
If you would like to check out our diverse lineup, please visit the Sunmax Laser website.
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