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Sunmax Laser All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink start at Gifu Tabi Coin until December 28th at Sunmax Laser PR time

sanmax laser
Gifu Tabi Coin Until December 28, I saw the Sunmax Laser PR time and started all-you-can-drink drinks
A workshop where you can experience the “Gifu Tabi Coin” processing machine Sunmax Laser [Experience Workshop]

Rinshundo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; Representative Director: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures, develops systems, sells, and repairs laser processing machines, is holding an experience workshop at the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall. “Relief, Gifu trip” campaign The first campaign is until December 28th!
Gifu travel coins for trips with accommodation in Gifu prefecture or day trips (limited to recruitment type planning trips) with
destinations in Gifu prefecture using the “Relax, Gifu trip” campaign (national travel support) Available!
[Image 1d25668-40-f710c057f98757f9be58-0.png&s3=25668-40-9dc2926988f7e4b93ed0a4781ceb0288-1499x1631.png
Reservations are not required for the hands-on workshop limited to Gifu Tabi Coins.
Making one-of-a-kind souvenirs using a laser processing machine Explanation of how to operate the laser processing machine
We also support the processing of your own data!
All-you-can-drink start!
We offer all-you-can-drink drinks that can be prepared at the workshop. We also have a rest space, so please feel free to come by.
[Image 2d25668-40-2dbe21897bb15831e225-1.jpg&s3=25668-40-d45f8933ba4d11c06ae9ed4164656a10-1489x837.jpg

Gifu trip coin limited experience workshop processing example ■Making an original bookmark (PP material) 3,000 yen per piece ■Original bamboo bookmark making 4,000 yen per piece
■ Making original stamps 4,000 yen per piece
■ Original golf marker making 3,000 yen per piece
■ Making an original wooden coaster 3,000 yen per piece
■ 2,000 yen per piece for engraving your name or logo on your small items (cannot be used on expensive items)
[Image 3d25668-40-f13a21ff2a1bd5a96ec1-2.jpg&s3=25668-40-7ab7f3680eb48130f956ded6bde1fdcb-1000x1065.jpg
[Image 4d25668-40-f0d5c8ff5c48a94c6f8f-3.jpg&s3=25668-40-b642e4fadc50282e045891e93173985d-1000x1232.jpg
We have prepared an experience set that can be completed in 30 minutes to 1 hour ♪
*You may have to wait when it is crowded.
* The content of the experience may differ depending on the purchase of materials for processing.
Please refer to the “Gifu Travel Guide” for information on how to use Gifu Travel Coins.
The second round of the “Take a Break, Travel to Gifu” campaign (national travel support) has been decided.
For details, please refer to the following URL.
At the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall, the second installment will also be held at the hands-on workshop!

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