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Sunmax Laser Create a granite nameplate with the CO2 laser processing machine “RSD-SUNMAX-RD1290 80W”!

sanmax laser
Create a granite nameplate with the CO2 laser processing machine “RSD-SUNMAX-RD1290 80W”!
This is an introduction to creating a granite nameplate using the CO2 laser processing machine “RSD-SUNMAX-RD1290 80W”.

Rinsyundo Co., Ltd. (head office: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, CEO: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures, develops systems, sells, and repairs laser processing machines, will start selling and renting laser machines as well as a rental workshop in 2022.
We produced a granite nameplate with the CO2 laser processing machine “RSD-SUNMAX-RD1290 80W” that can be used at the rental workshop. [Image 1d25668-30-a2e211ebb6d1d84e39e4-9.jpg&s3=25668-30-1812071110ee9f058380e54f0fdb9df2-400x344.jpg
CO2 lasers can be used to process a wide variety of materials. This time, we will introduce the granite processed!
[Image 2d25668-30-cc7196d8c523f16eb687-3.jpg&s3=25668-30-50b79d0aaaa76066fdd07b3dd46c876f-762x440.jpg
Apply masking tape over the stone before engraving.
[Image 3d25668-30-a3ec894de0f404f33579-7.jpg&s3=25668-30-153b7def7b6c38e62ba357dc1bc868a5-1000x1000.jpg
[Image 4d25668-30-8d44ad6018b5f15d0ef3-8.jpg&s3=25668-30-adade93b970e941dc913d18e13d15e49-1000x1000.jpg
It covers not only the part to be engraved, but also the sides. This will prevent laser burns and make the finishing process easier. [Image 5d25668-30-cc95c64185b1860d9007-5.jpg&s3=25668-30-e9fa13904dc5d4e34459c45610b1f3c0-700x525.jpg
[Image 6d25668-30-f3fd958c449c51dc7a37-6.jpg&s3=25668-30-9b9198d15b86458203e1c99fbe8ada12-700x525.jpg
I used paper for alignment.
Paste the paper on the table with tape, etc., cut the processing range of the size of the stone, and place it on it so that it fits perfectly so that it does not shift. Focus and process.
After the engraving is finished, paint the final color before removing the masking tape.
[Image 7d25668-30-1f6f2dd7d346b6d9d7da-4.jpg&s3=25668-30-53c94c2a641e59d29656417f7da99d2c-768x1024.jpg
[Image 8d25668-30-52e0b2923e2a04026d67-1.jpg&s3=25668-30-8ed1f5a26df02661b7fe0a7cc0a73aa7-768x1024.jpg
[Image 9d25668-30-31494bd90715e317482f-2.jpg&s3=25668-30-1f472e6f061ee1b86a50ef1085aee567-768x1024.jpg
For detailed product information, please visit the Sunmax Laser website. Sunmax Laser URL:
rental studio
In addition to the purchase, rental, and laser processing
demonstrations, a rental studio opened in 2020.
[Image 10d25668-30-39ce433012c9e60f18ce-10.jpg&s3=25668-30-a83318f32e33d09902e9cdadf4afb630-1449x700.jpg
We opened a rental workshop where anyone can enjoy manufacturing. You can choose the model and usage time according to your purpose. You can make a reservation from our own EC site
Usage fee: From 660 yen per hour (after the second time).
*Reservations can be made in units of 30 minutes from the second time onwards! For the usage fee, please check the usage fee list of the Sunmax Laser Rental Studio.
The rental workshop is a reservation system. For reservations, please check the reservation site of Sunmax Laser Rental Studio.
If you would like to check out our diverse lineup, please visit the Sunmax Laser website.

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