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Sunmax Laser Laser processing machine maker “Sunmax Laser” has newly opened the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall! !

sanmax laser
“Sunmax Laser”, a laser processing machine manufacturer, has newly opened the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall! !
Free tours, hands-on experiences, rentals, and demonstrations of laser processing machines in a “space for manufacturing”

SUNMAX LASER, a laser processing machine brand operated by Rinshundo Co., Ltd. (Nakagawara, Gifu City, CEO: Eiji Hayashi), has opened a new SUNMAX laser exhibition hall.
In addition to fiber laser processing machines, CO2 laser processing machines, as well as UV laser processing machines are always on display, so anyone can feel free to experience them.
[Image 1d25668-23-0a7f3292f1d26c24f072-4.jpg&s3=25668-23-cd2d320ba0b6af811c99b8e6188c38c7-1423x800.jpg

Service contents at the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall
・Laser processing demonstration/tour
If you bring the material to be processed and come to our company, we will perform a demonstration of laser processing.
It is ideal for those who want to know about laser processing, those who are considering introducing a laser processing machine, and those who want to check the finish of processing.
It will be an individual demo with a complete reservation system. Holding cost: Completely free. Usage fee: From 660 yen per hour ・Visitor training
In cases such as “the person in charge has changed” or “we are planning to introduce a laser processing machine but would like to know how to operate it in advance”, we invite you to come to our company and conduct a training session on the actual machine. ・Rental Studio
We have created a rental studio where anyone can enjoy making things. You can choose the model and usage time according to your purpose. You can make a reservation from our own EC site
Usage fee: From 660 yen per hour.
*Reservations can be made in units of 30 minutes from the second time onwards! [Image 2d25668-23-6ebf5c35452b7c65f7c3-2.jpg&s3=25668-23-889c7efca8c4437fad6be859075e4ce3-1500x844.jpg
At the Sunmax Laser Exhibition Hall, we also have a cafe space where you can take a break between work. Please feel free to use it.

[Image 3d25668-23-cd74d5c2fac0022e810b-3.jpg&s3=25668-23-1f665b3ba4e0d5b96722d5dcdf799d4f-1391x783.jpg
[Image 4d25668-23-3f9cccfd418381b96f43-1.jpg&s3=25668-23-dfc02945361660e3d816814397f5c569-1489x837.jpg

What is Sunmax Laser?
We aim to create new value and create a beautiful and healthy daily life with its benefits.
■ Overview of Sunmax Laser
The Sunmax Laser is a laser processing machine designed and developed to be easy to use even for first-time users and to be introduced at a reasonable price.
■ An example of a laser processing machine
CO2 laser processing machine
fiber laser cutting machine
UV laser engraving machine
fiber laser engraving machine
Fiber laser welding machine, etc.
We will propose a processing machine according to the processing application. Please feel free to contact us.
[Image 5d25668-23-c3af1aa01be45519934d-0.jpg&s3=25668-23-79f29baf649fdd6d2f3786fe51a15d55-1270x715.jpg
[Image 6d25668-23-22bcfeace9bdefccad52-5.jpg&s3=25668-23-a4b3ccf8a6c42ccc061cb63715dfa5a3-2048x1152.jpg
If you would like to check out our diverse lineup, please visit the Sunmax Laser website.
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