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Sunmax Laser Logo and name processing with fiber laser Create a special item with an original design ~RSD-SUNMAX-FL30~

sanmax laser
Logo and name processing with fiber laser Create a special item with an original design ~RSD-SUNMAX-FL30~
Processing is completed in 1 minute per piece! Created with a model that can be used in the rental workshop

Rinshundo Co., Ltd. (head office: Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture; CEO: Eiji Hayashi), which manufactures, develops systems, sells, and repairs laser processing machines, will start selling and renting laser machines, as well as a rental workshop in 2022.
This time, we will introduce logo processing using the fiber laser engraving machine “RSD-SUNMAX-FL30”.
[Image 1

The fiber laser engraving machine “RSD-SUNMAX-FL30” can be widely used for marking titanium seals, ring names, and metal parts.
This time, we will introduce an example of a ballpoint pen that was created using the “RSD-SUNMAX-FL30” and the standard accessory rotary processing machine.
[Image 2

The attached rotary processing machine supports processing materials of φ25 to φ80 for both inner and outer jaws.
However, if the outer claws are used to hold the processing material inside (stamping material, etc.), a thin object of about φ3 can also be fixed.
[Image 3

[Image 4

Main flow of company logo engraving
[Image 5

Produced with this design (outlined AI data).
Fiber laser processing engraves by engraving the surface.
[Video 2:] Even with the same data, just by changing the color of the main unit, you can create a unique atmosphere after completion.
[Image 6

[Image 7

[Image 8

For detailed product information, please visit the Sunmax Laser website. Sunmax Laser URL:
[Image 9

In addition to the purchase/rental/laser processing demo, the rental studio will open in 2022.
You can choose the model and usage time according to your purpose. You can make a reservation from our own EC site
For the usage fee, please check the usage fee list of Sunmax Laser Rental Studio.
[Image 10
Details about this release:

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