Suntory Holdings Ltd. New release of “Nonaru Mood

Suntory Holdings Limited
New release of “Nonaru Mood – Gin Tonic Non-alcoholic -”
-New standard from the “Nonaru Kibun” brand–Renewal package of 6 types of “Nonaru Kokubun” classics-

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Suntory Co., Ltd. will release “Nonaru Mood-Gin Tonic Non-Alcohol-” nationwide from March 22, 2023 (Wednesday). In addition, 6 standard types will be renewed and released nationwide from late January. “Nonaru Kibun” has been well received as a non-alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed with zero calories * 1 and zero sugar * 2 by our original “real taste manufacturing method” with a taste like alcohol and a refreshing fruit taste. I’m here.
*1 Based on food labeling standards, less than 5kcal per 100ml is considered “zero calorie”
*2 Based on food labeling standards, less than 0.5g per 100ml is considered “zero sugar”
This time, we will release “Non Aru Mood-Gin Tonic Non-Alcoholic-” as a new standard, and renew the package of six standard types to further expand the fans of the brand and revitalize the non-alcoholic beverage market.
●About “Nonaru Kizuki -Gin Tonic Non-alcoholic-”
The contents are Suntory’s original “real taste manufacturing method”, and even non-alcoholic beverages have achieved a full-fledged taste like gin and tonic. It features a refreshing aroma, a faint sweetness, and a sharp bitterness. The package is based on a refreshing green color, with an illustration of gin and tonic and lime poured into a glass, and a handwritten flavor name to express a relaxed atmosphere. About the renewal of the 6 standard types
An illustration of a large glass is arranged on the package to express the taste of sake. In addition, we designed the new brand logo and handwritten characters of “Nonaru Kibun” because we want you to relax and enjoy the feeling of drinking even with non-alcoholic beverages. [Image 2d42435-785-a5ba66cff63d6fd1e453-1.jpg&s3=42435-785-282092186f183d35a60bcc6767ed07f2-2000x621.jpg
– Record –
▼ Product overview
Product name, capacity, suggested retail price (excluding tax), alcohol content Relaxed feeling -Gin and tonic non-alcoholic-
Same -Cassis Orange Non-alcoholic-
Do-Umeshu Sour Non-Alcoholic-
Same -White sour non-alcoholic-
Same -Kyoho Sour Non-alcoholic-
Same – Lemon sour non-alcoholic –
Same -Graffle sour non-alcoholic-
350ml, 129 yen, 0.00%
*Prices are not intended to restrict retailers’ voluntary pricing. ▼ Release date
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
“Relaxing feeling -Gin and tonic non-alcoholic-
Sequentially after late January 2023
“Relaxing feeling -cassis orange non-alcoholic-”
“Same – Plum wine sour non-alcoholic -”
“Same-White sour non-alcohol-”
“Same-Kyoho sour non-alcoholic-”
“Same-lemon sour non-alcohol-”
“Same-Graffle sour non-alcoholic-”
▼Release area: Nationwide
▼ Items: Carbonated drinks
▼ “Nonaru Kibun” homepage
▽ Inquiries from customers regarding this matter
Suntory Customer Center
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